Red Dawn



So, they finally got this film off the ground!  It was filmed in late 2009 for a 2010 release, but then MGM hit financial difficulties, and didn’t have the money to release and promote it.  Considering the cast, it’s a pity; it would have brought them to the attention of the world a lot quicker.  We have the lovely, the handsome, the twinkly smiling THOR aka Chris Hemsworth, Josh Peck from Disney’s Drake and Josh fame, Josh Hutcherson who went on to star in Hunger Games with Liam Hemsworth – TEAM PEETA, Jeffery-Dean Morgan aka Daddy Winchester from Supernatural, Adrianne Palicki also from Supernatural, Isabel Lucas – Athena from The Immortals and Conner Cruise famous for being Tom Cruise’s adopted son.

So, Red Dawn is a remake of the 1984 movie of the same name. The original was about Soviet and Cuban troop’s invading Colorado, forcing a group of teens to become rebel freedom fighters – called the Wolverines.  It starred a young, very young, Patrick Swayze and Charlie Sheen and a cast of other well know young actors (I just don’t recognise them).  I know that Baby from Dirty Dancing is in it.  I really enjoyed the original, but it was a fairly bleak movie story wise, and not much character development happened, so sometimes, when the kids were all wearing the same army fatigues, you couldn’t tell them apart!  From the looks of the remake, that doesn’t seem to be a problem, but it also looks more sensationalised.  While in the original the Wolverines fight didn’t make a difference to the bigger picture, this version makes it appear that this small band of kids will save the day for all America!  Which is completely stupid.  It makes the film your typical Hollywood blockbuster. I hope I’m wrong.

Interesting fact, the original villain for the remake was the Chinese!  But because the Chinese are slowly taking over the world and because MGM want better box office sales for the China release, every Chinese symbol and reference was digitally removed, altered or dubbed, and the new villain is North Korea.  Which they should have just gone with from the beginning!

Now here’s an interesting fact from the original film that tickled my funny bone.  Apparently the Soviet T-72 tank replica made for the film was so accurate that while it was being transported to the set, two CIA officers followed it and wanted to find out who they got the tank from!


The Avengers

Only the most anticipated movie EVER! Fans everywhere have been waiting since 2008, when at the end of Iron Man not only did we get Samuel L Jackson’s Nick Fury, but the hint of an Avengers movie! Iron Man was Marvels first movie that was written and produced by them, so fans accepted that if they were going to make such a promise they would try their hardest to ensure that it would happen. Four years later and an Iron Man sequel another Hulk movie, a Thor and a Captain America film with a sneak peak of the Avengers film later, The Avengers was finally released a week earlier world wide than its American release. I don’t know why this appeals to me, it just does.

So we have a star studded cast, an amazing director and the assurance of stellar special effects. So the question is does Avengers do justice to the hype that surrounds it? My answer is: HELL YES AND A BAG OF CHIPS!! It’s been a long time since I went to a film that not only lived up to its hype, but surpassed it! The Avengers hit the spot, with equal blends of action, comedy, suspense and gob-smacking special effects. I guess that’s the only thing that has really been holding back the superheroes movie genre, the special effects, but Iron Man, Thor and X-men movies have proved that they can been done.

I was really worried that the Avengers wasn’t going to live up to the mass amounts of hype started for it until Joss Whedon was brought on board. Then I didn’t have a single worry, why because: JOSS WHEDON IS GOD. Now not only was I getting and Avengers movie I was getting an Avengers movie scripted and directed by Joss Whedon. We know his genius from Buffy, Firefly and Dollhouse, and I’ve read his run on Astonishing X-men and the Buffy Season 8 comic series, so I know that this guy will know how to deal with superheroes.

One thing that really irritated me was the advertising campaign for the Avengers. Ok so here in SA we didn’t really get much of it, but the internet was lit up lit a Christmas tree with all the trailers for America, Russia, Japan, all the TV spots, there was just too much. I didn’t watch any of it, well maybe 4 no 5 of the earlier trailers, but you have to stop at some point before you spoil the movie for yourself. Like I tried very hard not to watch trailers with the alien enemy in them because I wanted to be surprised, I still haven’t managed to figure out who they are. Obviously alien villains I haven’t read. Oh well. BUT I have finally figured out who the villain is that was shown during the credits! Would you like to know?

So I can’t really speak about the film because most of my favourite bits are kind of spoilery. One of my absolute favourite little moments is during the epic battle at the end of the film, between Thor and Hulk, in Grand Central Station. Let me just say, it was taken straight out of the Avengers cartoon series. Which by the way is a fantastic series, brilliant stories and character development, I can’t wait to watch the second season. I also loved the Shield Base. Was such an epic scene to see in live action!

I loved this film; I cannot wait to see what they have planned next! What would really make my day is if Luke Cage and his wife Jessica Drew, Spiderman and Wolverine were on the cast for the next film. This won’t happen because Marvel doesn’t have the film rights for Wolverine. Wolverine and Spiderman on the Avenger’s roster are such fun. Spiderman is such a fan boy, and brings a lot of witty one liner’s that eases the tension. Wolverine is just awesome, and can be quite funny in his own dark and brooding way. Well one can hope and dream.



Now I’m not a big fan of the comics, I find Thor to be a bit like Captain America, big blond infallible guy with virtually no personality. Actually I’m not being fair, Thor’s not so bad, he’s actually quite interesting, or maybe he’s interesting because of all the characters that surround him. Whatever, I don’t know.

So I was really looking forward to this movie, I really wanted to see how on earth they were going to turn Thor from a fantasy comic book, into a realistic movie, set within the reality of the Marvel live action film franchise. I also wanted to see how they were going to pull off Thor’s helmet, which has wings on the side. Personally I didn’t see how they were going to pull off Asgard, or a fight scene between gods, I didn’t think movie special effects were advanced enough.

Well don’t I feel stupid.  Just visually Thor is a triumph, we are now technologically capable of pulling off proper super hero movies. Yes there have been several super hero movies before Thor that have rather big gobsmacking special effects, but I mean a full on power brawl, liiiiiiike those double comic page  spreads where everyone is throwing energy balls and lightening. Yeah, I’m sounding like an idiot, shutting up now.


So Thor, great movie, wish he had taken his shirt off a bit more. WHOA BABY what a bod. Perving complete. I really enjoyed the movie, like I said, I was curious to see how they were going to pull Asgard off, like the rainbow bridge that connects Asgard to Earth, or what Volstagg would look like, (such a sweet, huge character in the comics) how they would do all those Norse helmets, I mean they look great in the comic but how the hell do you make helmets look cool in a live action movie. Heimdall is super awesome in the movie, has such an awe inspiring look, he looks so much cooler than in the comic, my sister is totally in love with him and thinks he should have his own film.

I really enjoyed Anthony Hopkins as Odin the All-father, god of gods, he just had the right aura and gravity for the part, properly portraying an ancient ruler who has ruled for millennia and is wise and all powerful.  That’s where Liam Neeson failed in Clash of the Titans, but to be fair, it was a bad script and Zeus is a fairly juvenile, petulant, stupid, cocksure god who got totally owned by Hades. So Odin/ Anthony Hopkins = awesome god.

Loki, an emo god. They didn’t really explain Loki’s personality to the viewer. What I know from the comics is that he is a trickster (duh everyone knows that) what I mean is that his mischievous ways show more, whereas in the film he’s more……….. sadistic? unhinged? He’s definitely less light-hearted than the comic version of him .

Thor, woof what a bod, he should have been shirtless throughout the movie. I don’t think they had enough time in this movie to properly show the changes that happen to Thor, he’s just suddenly – after one night – nice and humble.  The changes should have occurred far more subtly and over a greater period of time, but it is a movie and one does have time constraints.  I think Chris Hemsworth did a pretty good job of portraying the all-powerful, vain, pigheaded god. Exactly how I would imagine one. Also, he was in the Star Trek movie, as Kirk’s daddy, he dies in the first 10 minutes, but what an awesome 10 minutes. My sister and I cried the first time we saw it (and several time since, what and emotionally charged scene).

I had a couple of fan-girl squee moments. One of the most exciting moments for me is when Thor’s breaking into the SHIELD compound and Agent Coulson calls for some eyes in the sky, and out comes HAWKEYE!!!!! WOOOOOOOOOOT Hawkeye is played by Jeremy Renner. I like Hawkeye, and it got me really excited because, featuring him in the movie, even if it is an unaccredited 3 minutes,  just makes the Avengers movie that much closer to a reality. They’ve been setting up the Avengers movie since Iron Man in 2008, all those little after the credit clips that set the fans foaming, most epic of them all was the Iron man one which has Samuel L. Jackson playing Nick Fury. (I mentioned in my Iron Man 2 review how the Ultimate Marvel series based their Nick Fury on Jackson). Anyway the after credits scene for Thor was very exciting, it had THE COSMIC CUBE. Here’s the funny thing, I have no clue what it is exactly, it was part of a very big Captain America story arc a couple of years back, like it was seriously epic, and I followed blogs on it vaguely, but I cant say more cause it will spoil Captain America: The First Avenger  (I think).

So Thor was a very satisfying movie, amazing special effects, stunning sets, killer helmets, an awesome bod, and some really good gags. Thor was a really pleasing movie, in fact it left my sister wanting to go read the comics, and she’s never said that about any other comic book based movie we have watched together ergo, VERY GOOD MOVIE!!!!

OOOOOOOOOOO and since Thor is setting up Captain America and The Avengers here’s the new Captain America: The First Avenger full trailer. I’ve been meaning to put this up for a while. I’m getting very excited for this movie, it looks fun.

I suck and the X-men

Ok I seriously suck, it’s been a VERY long time since I posted. I apologise, it was a mixture of laziness and other activities.

So first up:

The X-Men: First Class trailer has just been released, and I must say, it looks cool.  BUT I’m pissed with this movie, and here’s why:

THIS IS NOT THE FIRST CLASS OF X-MEN!!!!!!!!  Firstly, the original X-men were Jean Grey, Cyclops, Beast, Iceman and Angel (Warren Worthington).  This movie has Xavier (sporting hair) and Magneto with Beast, Emma Frost (who was only introduced as a villain when Uncanny X-men debuted in 1963), Angel Salvadore (who has only existed for the last 10 year,s and was by no means a pleasant character) and a mish-mash of other characters, villain and hero alike, which just don’t mix.  Just looking at the character line-up leaves me speechless.  What the hell are they up to?  One of my peeves is that they’re introducing Havoc, aka Alex Summers, little brother of Scott Summers aka Cyclops, the problem is that this movie time wise predates Wolverine Origins where we get a young Cyclops.  This movie seems to be set in the time of Kennedy, which is I don’t know when!?

Just looking at the characters I feel this movie could be a possible disaster, I don’t know how it will work, but the trailer looks damn cool.

AND some more X-men. This time its X-men the anime!!!!!!!!  KAAAAAAYYYYY SO COOL.  This year a lot of the Marvel stuff has been turned into anime.  Iron Man was the first, it looks pretty good but I haven’t found the time to watch it; now there’s Wolverine.  The preview trailer made me shriek in horror and I can’t bring myself to watch further than the first 5 min of the first episode. Wolverine looks too pretty, it’s just not natural.  The X-men anime looks awesome.  I was worried that they would take the idea of the X-men and totally deviate from what it is, but it looks like X-men, smells like X-men, hey maybe it will even taste like X-men.  I can’t wait to see Storm’s look, she’s got her modern punk hairdo, from Ultimate X-men.

X-men the anime teaser

Iron Man Teaser

I think this was just a demonstration of what they could do, what their style would look like.

This is the opening intro for the anime:


Waaaaaaay too pretty, this is the opening intro to the anime, which is a hell of a lot better than the teaser, which still makes me cringe.

I honestly don’t know what they were trying to do with the character here.

RIGHT onto more goodies from Marvel:

Next up the second Thor Trailer:

HooooWeeee this looks AWESOME!!!!!  I especially loved the bit with the taser, that was hysterical. As I’ve said before, I had serious doubts about a Thor movie, but this looks INSANE.


Well actually it’s just a TV Spot, not a full on trailer. 🙂  This looks good, but I have a small problem with them using Chris Evans.  Firstly he’s already in a Marvel franchise; he plays the Human Torch in the Fantastic Four.  Secondly he’s too funny an actor to play such a straight laced Boy Scout.  It’s like taking a comedian (can’t think of a good example) and making him Batman!!!!  Or Superman!!! These particular characters are so straight laced and up-tight do-gooders, comedy just isn’t their strong point. That’s why they have sidekicks.

Still I can practically taste the future Avengers movie.  That had better be epic.  What am I saying – it’s Joss Whedon on the script and directing, it’s going to be AWESOMLY EPIC!!!!!

THOR the trailer

Homma homma homma, I’m drooling. Now I’m a Marvel girl, but Thor I have always felt is a little ridiculous, (but far more believable than the hulk movies, how that series has sun for so long is beyond me). Its directed by Kenneth Branagh and stars Chirs Hemsworth who plays Thor (he played James Kirks Father in the Star Trek) his love interest is Natalie Portman, also starring Anthony Hopkins and Rene Russo, and other familiar faces. This trailer has gotten me really excited for the movie.