So I have a couple of new film trailers that made me squeal.

Firstly Perfect Pitch, it looks like fun, the music sounds good, and I love Fat Amy, all the giggles I got from this trailer were caused by her. My favourite scene is the ending scene. Hysterical. Anna Kendrick seems to be working solidly, I hated her in Twilight, but I’ve started to warm up to her, she was quite funny in Scott Pilgrim versus the world, and I really enjoyed her performance in 50/ 50, although I’m still not sure why I watched that film.

Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 2

YES finally a decent trailer! Well looks like a fun, action packed conclusion to the franchise. I can’t remember any vampires being able to manipulate water, so think I may have to read the second half of Breaking Dawn to refresh myself. Really long wait for the conclusion.

Resident Evil Retribution

I’m deathly afraid of zombie films, they give me nightmares. That being said, I love the Resident Evil franchise. It is such fun, and Milla Jovovich is so awesome. I only found the first one scary, the rest I just view as action films. So this trailer is awesome, it looks like all characters who died in previous instalments are alive! YAY Carlos and Alice can get a second chance J and Rains alive, she had such potential.

Monster University

I thought this was a rumour! Monsters Inc is one of my favourite movies and I am very excited for a sequel, what saddens me is that Boo isn’t in this film, but, this trailer shows me that even without Boo Monster University is going to be a wild ride!


Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 1

Oh ugh, I spent two hours and 3 minutes watching Bella and Edward sucking face.  Well not a full two hours, thank goodness, at least something did happen.  That being said, this Twilight wasn’t so bad.  Cringe worthy as all hell, but the acting was at its best yet.  The film wasn’t so bad if you cut out everything from after the wedding to when Jacob finds out that Bella’s back.  I think what really ticks me off, other than Bella and Edward tonguing each other, is that Bella is the horny one in the relationship.  I just find it embarrassing.  Ok coy Edward was cute, for like a second, and then one begins to wonder whether he isn’t perhaps gay.  I know, I know it’s not how the story goes but it’s what I see.  I’m more interested in the second half of the book / movie, when we get all the excitement, like more vampires, Volturi threat, Bella’s first hunt, but the first part deserves some praise.

Bella’s dress was stunning, I loved the back, and I loved her hair clip, and those shoes were stunning.  One of my favourite little scenes in the book, is when Bella and Edward are waiting to tell Charlie that they’re engaged and Bella tells Edward to wait until Charlie has put away his gun.  I find the scene hilarious and wished they had put it in the film.  Although it doesn’t really fit anywhere the way the movies have been scripted.  *skips over Esme Island and all the smooching*  right onto Jacob and his angst.  I don’t think Jacob can really act, but hey he’s hot and doesn’t really wear much, so who’s complaining.  Come to think of it, Jacob and the rest of the pack have been remarkably clothed in this film.  😦   I also noticed that a lot of the conversations that the wolf pack have are done in human and not in wolf form.  Now I wanted to see them wolf speak more, but it was pointed out to me that the actors would want more face time, which makes sense, so I don’t object too much, they’re all just too gorgeous to waste!  I think the most amazing thing in this move is the special effects, especially how they aged Bella, and made her look like a skinny twig.  That was impressive, but what was absolutely amazing is when they reverse the effects at the end, when Bella is becoming a vampire, it was so natural, special effects have really come along way.  I was very interested to see how they would show Jacob imprinting on Renesmee.  It was nicely handled, not corny at all, unlike the scene in New Moon where Alice shows her vision of Bella being a vampire.  Oh crikey that was a corny scene.  What’s funny is that the director said that when he filmed it he thought it was perfect, and then seeing it in the final product he admitted to finding it extremely corny himself.  Back to the imprinting, nicely handled, and I loved getting an early look at Renesmee as she ages, especially seeing an older version of her, which apparently is a digital aging of the little girl playing Renesmee.  Wow she’s gorgeous.  My biggest question was how were they going to handle Renesmee’s birth, because it’s quite gory in the book.  Well it was impressive, they were very religious to the book, and dealt with it in such a way that it was tense but not too gruesome.  We don’t see much, which is quite the opposite to a lot of films out there.  I’m thinking of horror movies, ones I have and haven’t seen, and considering this is Twilight they couldn’t really be too graphic otherwise they won’t be able to get a low enough age restriction.

At the end of the day, Breaking Dawn is the most ridiculous book I’ve ever read, vampires having ‘gentle’ sex with humans and then producing a half-human half-vampire baby immortal whose mothers’ best friend, who has been totally in love with her, but was in actual fact in love with her ovaries, and is the soul mate of her child.  It must have been very difficult to turn the book into a script without making it look absolutely ridiculous, but it was well handled.


Jacob and Bella are standing on the top of a mountain, waiting for the coming battle between the pack and the Cullen clan versus Victoria’s newborns. Jacob has finally gotten Bella to admit that she is in love with him. They kiss. In the silence of the cinema someone yells “SKANK”. *ahem* what can I say, the opportunity was too good to miss 🙂

So yes I admit I have a love hate relationship with the Twilight Series. I find the books fluffy, the writing bad and the vampire lore just insulting. Sparkling vampires!? Glittery Vampires!? Dear God, I’m from the generation that grew up on Buffy The Vampire Slayer, this generation will grow up believing that vampires are meant to sparkle. *gags* as I was saying the Twilight books are fluffy, in what it’s about, in that fact that their poorly written, and yet Stephanie Meyer has managed to brainwash the world! MYSELF INCLUDED! In the books practically nothing happens, and then some action happens in the last 40 pages of the book.

Anyway, the movie is just sop. Even the worst romantic comedy is better than this drivel, and yet it is so addictive. But what made watching the movie fun (apart from getting to watch half naked guys for 2 hrs and 4 min) was the running commentary my friend and I kept up during the movie. What’s more fun than dissing what ur watching? 🙂 The movie, nay the series is incredibly corny. At the moment I’m having such fun reading a message board thread on entitled: “Funny things people said in your theatre” go read it, there are some beauties.

P.S. I’m Team Jacob 🙂

Toy Story 3

So I was a bit of a moron this week and arranged to go to movies with friends last night. My sister and I book the tickets online with our credit cards and our friends pay us back. It’s a nice system; we miss the ticket queues and get more time to chat before the movie. Anyway I messed up, I didn’t realise that last night was the 30th of June (I’m on holiday, dates don’t really matter) if I had bothered to pay attention I would have realised that Twilight: Eclipse started last night! Now I have no issue with movies starting, but I try to avoid the opening of the Twilight movies, that’s just plain insanity! The movies were packed! Filled with little Twilighters! (actually I can’t be too mean, I’m going to see it next week.) so there was this ridiculously huge, long queue, which we jumped ahead of because my little posse was going to see Toy Story 3!

Toy Story 3, what I am assuming is the final chapter in the Toy Story franchise, was absolutely AMAZING! I love the beginning of the movie.  Like the second movie, it is our favourite toys acting out their adventures. In the first movie we see Andy playing with them, in the second we see Buzz in action, only to find out its Rex playing a Buzz Lightyear computer game. Well the third movie starts off with a classic train heist spear headed by the evil Mr Potato Head, and culminating in a giant MONKEY BOMB!!!!!! (this won’t make sense until you watch the movie).

 I’d actually like to pay some attention to the MONKEY BOMB. From someone who has worked with a 3D computer package and knows a little about what they can do, I will readily admit that Toy Story 3, like its predecessors pushes their capabilities to the max! With the first Toy Story it was the sheer fact that you could make a full feature length computer animated movie, with the second it was the development of newer and better special effects and rendering and animation techniques. With each movie Pixar learns and develops new ways of using 3D, Toy Story 3 pushed the envelope as well, in the sheer size of their sets, props and backgrounds. I assume you have all watched Wall-E (I love that movie) well Wall-E was amazing because of the sheer size of the junkyards! I had a group of friends who were trying to make a junkyard in Maya (that’s the 3D package we use) it totally killed them having to model all sorts of different shapes and objects to contribute to their junk piles. What I’m trying to say is that the scope of their movie is huge, from the giant Monkey Bomb, to the multitudes of toys at Sunnyside Day Care, to a climactic scene at a junk yard……… but I can’t say more than that, just that it is a thoroughly amazing scene.

I totally loved the new additions to the cast, especially my childhood favourite toys, Barbie and Ken. Complete airheads who are designed to automatically fall in love with each other. Then there’s Big Baby, your classic girls baby doll, but this baby doll is just downright disturbing as it plays the role of the muscle, a cooing baby that’s intimidating, made even more disturbing by having a broken eye. Well this doll made me want to cry throughout the entire movie. I wanted to go home and hug my own baby doll. (yes I still have my first baby doll, her name is Candy and she has a broken finger and I will never ever ever be too old to love her, and need to give her away)

My favourite part in the entire movie is when Buzz gets reset, (you see it in the trailer) and is set to Spanish!!!! Totally the most hysterical thing ever, especially when he tries to woo Jessie. The animation of buzz in that scene is just brilliant! Who knew that a space toy could move so rhythmically and elegantly!  Here’s the trailer, look out for Spanish Buzz.

Werewolves, Wannabe’s and Airhead’s

Ok so quite possibly the funniest things i have ever read and watched.

I love werewolves, so to read and watch something as ridiculous as this is just….. i don’t know whether to howl with laughter or cry in horror.

The first article is some airhead girl’s response to The Wolfman remake when it came out earlier this year.

Seriously, if i ever write stuff i try to make sure i have all the right information, youd think this kid would have looked up The Wolfman movie before writting something like that! Poor Airhead, she’s most probaly 12 and blonde!

The second is a video that my friend had on her facebook page. This is equally hysterical and sad.

Teen werewolves? Don’t you find this a tad sad? Or am i just feeling mean? They’re basically Goths and Emos. Well at least they have friends?

If i wore coloured contact lenses they would be purple or electric blue like the vampire eyes in Underworld, those were cool eyes 🙂

In other news:

Movie remakes The Karate Kid and The A-Team have started in America.  The Last Airbender premiers 2nd July. AND IT WOULD BE WAAAAAAY TO CONVINIENT IF THEY SCREENED THEM HERE AT THE SAME TIME!!!!!!!! I get 2 month of holiday, and there is practically nothing to go watch at the movies, i have to wait till August/ September for them to be released here and then I’m back at varsity! Life is so unfair!

I need to go feel miserable somewhere.