Red Dawn



So, they finally got this film off the ground!  It was filmed in late 2009 for a 2010 release, but then MGM hit financial difficulties, and didn’t have the money to release and promote it.  Considering the cast, it’s a pity; it would have brought them to the attention of the world a lot quicker.  We have the lovely, the handsome, the twinkly smiling THOR aka Chris Hemsworth, Josh Peck from Disney’s Drake and Josh fame, Josh Hutcherson who went on to star in Hunger Games with Liam Hemsworth – TEAM PEETA, Jeffery-Dean Morgan aka Daddy Winchester from Supernatural, Adrianne Palicki also from Supernatural, Isabel Lucas – Athena from The Immortals and Conner Cruise famous for being Tom Cruise’s adopted son.

So, Red Dawn is a remake of the 1984 movie of the same name. The original was about Soviet and Cuban troop’s invading Colorado, forcing a group of teens to become rebel freedom fighters – called the Wolverines.  It starred a young, very young, Patrick Swayze and Charlie Sheen and a cast of other well know young actors (I just don’t recognise them).  I know that Baby from Dirty Dancing is in it.  I really enjoyed the original, but it was a fairly bleak movie story wise, and not much character development happened, so sometimes, when the kids were all wearing the same army fatigues, you couldn’t tell them apart!  From the looks of the remake, that doesn’t seem to be a problem, but it also looks more sensationalised.  While in the original the Wolverines fight didn’t make a difference to the bigger picture, this version makes it appear that this small band of kids will save the day for all America!  Which is completely stupid.  It makes the film your typical Hollywood blockbuster. I hope I’m wrong.

Interesting fact, the original villain for the remake was the Chinese!  But because the Chinese are slowly taking over the world and because MGM want better box office sales for the China release, every Chinese symbol and reference was digitally removed, altered or dubbed, and the new villain is North Korea.  Which they should have just gone with from the beginning!

Now here’s an interesting fact from the original film that tickled my funny bone.  Apparently the Soviet T-72 tank replica made for the film was so accurate that while it was being transported to the set, two CIA officers followed it and wanted to find out who they got the tank from!


The Karate Kid

So who hasnt watched the original Karate Kid or at least heard about it?

Well guess what? They’re remaking it!

Yes its true that Hollywood is stuggeling to come up with its own original ideas and has taken to making ‘remakes of classics’ and cashing in on the ‘based on a book’ trend, BUT this looks cool.

Jackie Chan plays Mister Miyagi, wasn’t sure whether Jackie Chan was capable of keeping a straight face. The original Mister Miyagi was stunning, so I hope that Chan takes the character and makes it his own rather than trying to compete with the original.

It is Daniel-san that has had the biggest make over. Firstly, we actaully get a kid playing the correct age, not a 20 year old trying to be 13! (I might be exagerating the ages, but its something along those lines).  Secondly, Daniel-san is black and has been renamed Dre.  Ok, now I’m a bit worried, I don’t want to see a little ‘wannabe gangsta’ learning karate, that’s just wrong! Well fear not, Dre is played by the ever cute ever talented son of movie royalty, JADEN SMITH. If you have no clue who he is or who his parents are, please just leave! Another change is that instead of being set in America, our Dre travels to Beijing ( I think thats right). Somehow that just feels more appropriate a setting.

So whithout further ado, I present to you the trailer. It looks to be a fun and exciting movie. I might even pretend it’s not a remake. 🙂