So I have a couple of new film trailers that made me squeal.

Firstly Perfect Pitch, it looks like fun, the music sounds good, and I love Fat Amy, all the giggles I got from this trailer were caused by her. My favourite scene is the ending scene. Hysterical. Anna Kendrick seems to be working solidly, I hated her in Twilight, but I’ve started to warm up to her, she was quite funny in Scott Pilgrim versus the world, and I really enjoyed her performance in 50/ 50, although I’m still not sure why I watched that film.

Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 2

YES finally a decent trailer! Well looks like a fun, action packed conclusion to the franchise. I can’t remember any vampires being able to manipulate water, so think I may have to read the second half of Breaking Dawn to refresh myself. Really long wait for the conclusion.

Resident Evil Retribution

I’m deathly afraid of zombie films, they give me nightmares. That being said, I love the Resident Evil franchise. It is such fun, and Milla Jovovich is so awesome. I only found the first one scary, the rest I just view as action films. So this trailer is awesome, it looks like all characters who died in previous instalments are alive! YAY Carlos and Alice can get a second chance J and Rains alive, she had such potential.

Monster University

I thought this was a rumour! Monsters Inc is one of my favourite movies and I am very excited for a sequel, what saddens me is that Boo isn’t in this film, but, this trailer shows me that even without Boo Monster University is going to be a wild ride!


Pixar’s Brave New Trailer

You can’t see it, but I’m jumping up and down with excitement.  YES, THIS MOVIE IS GOING TO BE AWESOME!!!!!!  Would you look at Merida’s hair!!!!  (That’s the princess)  It looks fantastic;  wow 3D animation is improving in leaps and bounds.  And those wee little bears, just so CUTE!!!!  And it’s a new Disney princess more awesome and capable than any we have seen. Tiana and Rapunzel were very capable, but look;  we finally have a princess that has a proper weapon!  Also very impressive is the fact that the cast isn’t American;  it consists of top British and Scottish talent.  Kelly Macdonald does the voice of Merida, she’s Scottish, and we know her as Helena Ravenclaw from the Harry Potter franchise.  Emma Thompson does the voice of Queen Elinor, Robbie Coltrane aka Hagrid does the voice of Lord Dingwall, Kevin McKidd from Grey’s Anatomy voices Lord MacGuffin (I didn’t know he was Scottish!?), we also have Julie Walter aka Molly Weasley, Craig Ferguson the voice of Gobber from How To Train You Dragon (I loved Gobbers voice in HTTYD) and last but not least the one the only, the epic BILLY CONNOLLY as King Fergus.  Billy Connolly has such a magic Scottish accent, he hasn’t done nearly enough voice acting in my opinion.  To have such top notch UK voice talent in an American created and produced film is quite unusual, usually American films take on other countries and cultures films, and place American accents within.  Like Kevin Costner’s nonexistent British accent in Robin Hood.  (love the movie anyway)  This is a very clever movie by Pixar, by having the correct accents it adds character to the story telling, plus it’s written by Pixar, so the story is going to be original and multilayered, and comedicly brilliant.  I am so excited for this movie;  I’m frothing at the mouth!

Pixar’s Brave

OH MY GOSH OH MY GOSH OH MY GOSH it’s the next Pixar movie!  I didn’t realise we were so close too seeing previews for their next movie.  It’s only out in 2012, and most probably a June/ July release, but still EXCITING.  It’s about a Scottish princess, Merida, who defies her parents by pursuing an interest in archery, and inadvertently jeopardizes her father’s kingdom in the process.  The story sounds exciting, different to the usual Pixar, when I say different I mean ………… crud I don’t know.  If we look at what Pixar has previously produced, this movie is different because firstly it’s not about toys, insects, animals, monsters, cars or superheroes.  Brave will be Pixar’s second fully human cast, fourth movie to have humans (Monster’s Inc, The Incredibles and Andy in Toy Story 3).  This movie will also be different because it is drawing on cultural history.  If you look at the worlds which Pixar has created, most of them are in nature, the ocean of Nemo, the rocky mountains of Cars, the anthill in Bugs, they have not used places or things that possess a cultural history, except maybe Barbie, she has a history.  Brave’s story seems to follow a more Disney approach, that of a fairytale, although one could say that Brave is different because it could be viewed as something imitating a myth or a legend rather than a fairytale.  But I’m getting waaaaaaayy ahead of myself, let’s just look at the trailer and artwork for now and squeeee at its awesomeness.

……..are you excited yet? 🙂