Snow White and the Huntsman

Oh I suck it took me a month to get this review out.

My movie experience was a little different this time.  Nu Metro Waterfront held a pre-release screening on Thursday, 31st May. It’s their Ladies Night event, where ladies have a night out, being served by shirtless men and eating glittery cupcakes and having free things thrown at them and entering a raffle for a small army of fantastic goodies. My friend made this awesome discovery and we went together along with her sisters and two of their friends.  My ambition was to be served pretty cupcakes by shirtless men that I could ogle.  Sadly the shirtless men arrived late, and by then I had already eaten a glitter drenched cupcake and received a free box of Jaffa Cakes.  It was easy to see who had eaten cupcakes because suddenly almost everyone had glitter on their lips and cheeks.  It was very cute.

On entering the cinema we were given a magic show followed by the raffle.  I had made jokes about winning a prize, and had a horror filled moment were I might have won 3 six packs of booze, but thankfully it was a slightly different surname to mine.  So I was over hoping to win something when my name was drawn.  Well I was completely shocked, yes I entered and I joked about winning but I didn’t really expect to, especially when someone else who has the same first name as me had already won the booze.  I won a huge packet of fantastic goodies, lots of biscuits, more Jaffa Cakes, and toffees.  Mmmm I like chocolate covered toffees, I did have visions of my filling getting ripped out, but fortunately that didn’t happen.  So, with a packet full of nummie goodies on my lap, I proceeded to watch Snow White and the Huntsman.

It should really be called The Huntsman and Snow White or Thor 2 or Thor was involved in the medieval tale that will give rise to the Snow White fairy tale!  I’m totally in love with Chris Hemsworth, his death at the beginning of JJ Abrams Star Trek movie still makes me cry, and he is fantastic at playing a god. He plays the warrior role well; I foresee a new action star with more acting talent than Sylvester Stallone, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jean-Claude Van Damme, Steven Seagal, Chuck Norris …. basically the entire cast of the Expendables 2, (which I am so excited for) put together. Unfortunately, while Snow White and the Huntsman was a treat to watch, the script had some serious issues.

Firstly may I say that Charlize Theron is a FANTASTIC Evil Queen.  She and Regina, the Evil Queen from Once Upon a Time TV series, are the most evil and fleshed out fairytale Queens I have ever seen.  You could see that Revanna had a warped view of the world due to a trauma in her childhood, and that while her motives for what she does and her hate for Snow White are unfounded, you can see they stem from her own insecurities and neuroses.  That being said she yelled a bit to make her point, which I guess might be to indicate that her moods aren’t entirely stable.  But if you are an all powerful witch queen you wouldn’t need to yell.  If she were as scary as everyone around her is acting, she would have no need.  Her yelling makes her look weak, like she has no control over her subjects.

As I’ve said I love the Huntsman.  So yummy, so…….. unwashed!  He played the semi drunk warrior well.  At one point in the film my friend got the giggles, all she could see when he was fighting was Thor, not the huntsman.  The poor prince, he really didn’t stand a chance with Thor in this film.

Kirsten Stewart.  I really want to be nice about her, but she was really wooden.  Don’t get me wrong, she is good at showing grief and pain, but I don’t think she knows how to convey any other emotions, so all that’s left is this confused constipated look on her face. (very many of my friends have used the word constipated to describe Kirsten Stewart, it’s not just me who see’s it.)  I also think that she wasn’t given much to work with in this film. I think her dialogue is even less than the rest of the cast, like they didn’t want her to talk, they just needed someone to look pretty and sad.  Her accent was very good, I quite enjoyed her sounding different, but the personality wasn’t a big enough change from what we saw in Twilight or in her interviews.

When all’s said and done my biggest gripe with the film is the script.  It’s as though they weren’t entirely sure what kind of narrative they were trying to create.  They’re trying to build up this magical lore around Snow, like she’s holy, but they can’t really decide what, so they call her the ‘One’ in several different ways, imbue her in magic but don’t indicate whether it’s something she can use; she’ll bring balance to the force; her mere presence heals people; which is then followed by a character dying, make up your bloody mind.  Then we get some Lord of the Rings visual references, which I get. They created the iconic travelling over the mountains scenes but one of the earlier horse chase sequences was too similar to Arwen’s horse chase in Fellowship, right down to the camera angles. Then there’s a Narnia reference when they walk into a magical hidden forest. There are several walking over the mountain travel scenes that again look straight out of Lord of the Rings, granted when it comes to fantasy forest travel scenes they will all look a tad similar, the birds eye shot used to give a sense of how big the forest/ world your travelling in.  Truly the only thing that differentiated those travel scenes from the Lord of the Rings scenes was that you could see the terrain was different.  Well I would because I try to watch the trilogy extended edition at least once a year.  Then we get something really interesting, the magical creatures. The fairies are different, and oh so cute. They remind me of something, but I still can’t figure out what just yet.  We get some moss covered tortoises, nice and ancient looking, and then we get a white stag, who can turn into butterflies and has antlers that look like huge tree branches.  It’s a very cool visual, but not one that really fits itself into any western mythology.  I don’t know any stories, myths or fairytales about magical/holy stags with weird antlers.  So the stag was nice and different, not necessary to the story, but I’m pretty sure some people watching it thought, ‘huh it’s the Forest Spirit from Princess Mononoke’.

I think in general there wasn’t enough in this film. It fell short on its characters except for the Huntsman and The Queen.  The rest of the cast wasn’t given enough to work with. Sometime’s all it takes is one perfect line to bring a character across.  Especially the dwarves, they had a group of really good actors, and they could have done a lot more with their characters, but they just weren’t given a chance to shine.  However, I enjoyed the movie, but I seriously can’t see how they can turn this into a franchise.


The Hunger Games

Warning, I will be mentioning a few spoilers, just little things that were in the book but never made it into the film.

Believe the hype.  Well when it comes to the books, The Hunger Games Trilogy is the most amazing series I have read.  It actually has a plot, and proper angst, and action, a love triangle that doesn’t dominate the storyline, and horror that actually affects your characters and a definite lack of sparkling vampires and messiah wizards.  Hunger Games was an amazing read, I have never had a character so thoroughly abused, I loved reading as my character suffered multiple horrors and tried to pick up the pieces of their lives afterwards.  It’s not often that young adult fiction authors traumatise their characters so thoroughly, and then let the reader witness their characters put themselves back together as Suzanne Collins does.

Yes, since reviewing the trailer I was given the trilogy as a present and devoured them.  Hmmmm they tasted good.

Now here’s the problem:  I know the story therefore I can’t watch the film unbiased, and I have more information on the story than the viewer who hasn’t read the book, so I can’t say whether the film is good from their point of view.

Katniss Girl on Fire

This film is the most faithful book adaptation I have seen yet.  I know I said that about Twilight, but then Twilight has so little in it that when adapting it to film very little gets left out.  The Harry Potters (to my mind) are the worst adaptations, there was just too much left out.  Yes I know adapting them to film would have been incredibly difficult since they are so detailed, and it would have been especially since each film had a different director who wanted to do something different.

Peeta The Boy with the Bread

Ok so there were some minor alterations, and little bits and bobs that had to be left out.  Yet the biggest change to the story, yet it feels so right, was seeing the audience’s reactions and activities happening outside the Hunger Games when the tributes are in the arena.  Considering that Suzanne Collins took the idea for the Hunger Games from reality TV, the live commentary in the film felt right, even though it wasn’t present in the book, although it was needed.  In the book Katniss gave the reader information on things that she came up against in the Hunger Games like the killer wasps and the rules of the games, whereas in the film, the presenters gave us that information because as we all know, internal monologues don’t really work well in film.

My biggest gripe with this movie is:  THE FRIKKIN MOVING CAMERA TECHNIQUE.  I loathe it with the passion of a thousand suns.  I want to be able to SEE all the effort put into the film, not miss it all because all I see is motion blur.  Can you imagine what Lord of the Rings would have been like if they had used a moving camera for all its action?  That being said, it was a very useful technique to use during the Cornucopia scene, where we have the bloodbath.  It allows the film maker to somewhat shield the viewer from the brutality of 24 children trying to kill each other in order to survive.  Trust me, as violent and bloody as that scene was in the film, it tame compared to the book.  In fact a lot of the brutality and violence is dialled down for the film, I’m not saying the books are explicitly violent, but it was bloodier.  For instance the end, where Katniss and Peeta fight first the mutts and then Caito, those two get heavily injured, by the time they get to swallowing the berries, Peeta’s already received another serious injury to his leg, he’s gushing blood, practically at deaths door already, and Katniss hadn’t gone unscathed either.  In fact Peeta loses his leg, and receives a prosthetic limb.

I must admit my biggest gripe about the film, apart from movie reviewers who write terrible reviews because they don’t understand the complexity of the story and liken it to Twilight, was the Mutts and Caito.  Now with the Mutts they were described more as wolf-like, and I imagined them as werewolves, especially when they mentioned that they could balance on their hind legs and display human like intelligence, not to mention that the Mutts had the eyes of the deceased tributes, also their fur and colouring matched that of the tributes.  And then there’s Caito, a sadistic killer who has no qualms about killing children, and has this belief that he will win. He had no conscience and no problem that he was merely an object for the Capitol to use for entertainment.  So his little breakdown at the end of the film was just wrong.  It made Caito look somewhat human, suddenly realising he may actually die, and makes the viewer feel slightly sympathetic.  WRONG WRONG WRONG!  Caito has no humanity, up until the moment he dies in the book, he truly believes that he is going to win, he didn’t care that he was there for entertainment, he had spent his entire life training for the Hunger Games, and he loved every minute of it.  I think the only reason they put Caito’s little crises of faith in was to make him look more human and to remind the viewer that he too is a child.  But the thing about the Hunger Games is that it shows us how survival brings out the worst in humans, and how humans will kill for enjoyment.  Also studies have shown that children only stop mentally developing at the age of 25, and Caito has been trained all his life for killing, there’s no way he would have had that little meltdown.

The little monsters on break from killing each other. Aw their so sweet!

Another pet hate I had in the film was the way Katniss pulled her bow.  She would bring it right up to her check, mashing it against her lips, making her look idiotic.  I like archery, I’ve studied how people are posed in film, the use of composition in archery etc, I even took a couple of lessons, and there is no reason to mash the string of your bow to your face! In my opinion it looks amateurish, it’s bad for the composition of the scene and it lessens Katniss in the eyes of the viewer.  But that’s my only complaint about Katniss, Jennifer Lawrence was fantastic, she showed true terror in the scene where she and Cinna are waiting before the games begin.  It was amazing.  I haven’t seen someone that good at showing terror in some form since Jurassic Park (don’t laugh) and the blond girl who screams a lot, and spends most of the movie terrified, that kid was good, fantastic facial expressions.

My favourite part of the book is the Tribute Parade, and Katniss and Peeta’s flaming costumes.  I had been dying to see it since the moment I read it in the book.  It’s a powerful scene and I couldn’t wait to see how they translated it into film.  Admittedly I imagined the flames a bit more all consuming, but I loved the films interpretation of it, and I also loved Katniss’s hair, it was so elaborate.

The Hunger Games is a really detailed book with an incredible amount of back story that is needed to understand everything that’s even mentioned in the film.  I think the film is more fan friendly than anything else because those who have read the books will follow and understand more easily than those who will wonder about certain gaps in the explanations.  I found a blog that outlined some of the most gaping holes in the story, read it;  it doesn’t give spoilers for the next books and explains the logistics of the Hunger Games world a bit more:

I really love the books, and if someone likens them to Twilight I will hurt them.  Yes there’s a love triangle, but it’s not the central theme of the story, friendship, loyalty, freedom, rebellion, good and evil and the grey bits in-between are more integral parts of the story.

This is all the Tributes costumes, you dont get to see them in the film

It's such a brief scene for so much effort, it needs to be seen.

Shame they're such silly outfits, poor boys.


There is a saying in my family when it comes to watching movies, and that is ‘if it has an Oscar or was nominated for one, it’s either a tear jerker or downright boring!’  The only exceptions to the rule are films that fall under the animation and special effects categories.  As you know Hugo is nominated for 11 Oscars, but I wanted to see it because it looked like a beautiful enchanted adventure.  Well my sister and I got bored, and I don’t get bored at the movies often.  Half way through the film my sister and I had a conversation about the piece of tissue I had my 3d glasses resting on because I didn’t want a mark left on my nose by the glasses.  The film operates in two halves, the first part focusing on Hugo, the second part focusing on the mystery of Georges Méliès.  To my mind the story could have been greatly condensed, especially the leading up to Georges Méliès back story.  I really enjoyed the second half of the film, especially the referencing of early cinema.  My sister and I have Bachelors Degrees in English and Film and we enjoyed the references to the early years of film.  Especially seeing actual footage from other of Méliès works, and then seeing the fictional production of these works in the film, I really enjoyed that.  Unfortunately by then I was really bored, the pace was just too slow, so no matter how enjoyable I found the second half of the movie, I was still bored and restless.  I couldn’t help but think ‘I should have gone to see the Phantom Menace in 3D’.  The only thing stopping us from leaving the cinema was the fact that we had spent R65 to watch it, and couldn’t justify wasting the money by walking out.  Hugo was beautiful to look at, the scenes of Paris, the train station was a stunning set, and the many scenes that take place in the under belly of the station, with all its steam pipes, and the repairing of the big clocks, showing all the gears, made stunning visuals, but pretty to look at doesn’t mean enjoyable.  And I love Asa Butterfield, I’ve watched him in BBC’s Merlin, where he plays the cutest little ‘future doom’ for Arthur.  I also enjoyed him in Nanny McPhee Returns, and yes while I enjoyed his performance in Hugo, it still doesn’t save the film from the fact that I found it boring.  I was surprised and disappointed by Hugo, with equal amounts of boredom and enjoyment, but overall, I wasn’t very impressed by the narrative of the film.  It could have been told in a less meandering way, and the only excuse I can find for allowing this story to plod along as it did, is the fact that it is a Martin Scorsese film, and we all know that he doesn’t know how to make shorter films.


The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey Part 1

NEXT DECEMBER!  Seriously?   Why do they feel the need to dangle this in our faces a full year before the FIRST film comes out!  That’s just plain mean.

I love the Lord of the Ring’s films.  I try to watch them at least twice a year, the extended editions, they’re far better than the theatrical versions, except for the first film, they butchered it in the extended edition, especially in the introduction of Hobbition, and they lost the charm.  Now I haven’t read the Hobbit, my sister did, and she did not enjoy it.  She gives me this terrified look every time I mention the movie, she found the book either painful or boring to read.  I’m the opposite, I’ve only read the first Lord of the Rings Book, and my it was long!  But Peter Jackson made some truly magnificent movies, so I’m psyched to see The Hobbit.  Martin Freeman plays young Bilbo, you may know him as Arthur Dent in Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy (I absolutely love that movie), or as Dr Watson from the BBC’s modern retelling of Sherlock Holmes – Sherlock Series, apparently it’s really good.

Apparently Evangeline Lilly’s elf character, Tauriel, was created to join the Hobbit’s ‘fellowship’ because otherwise there would be no female characters.  I don’t have any objections to having no female characters, but I also have no objections to adding a character in that was not proper LotR canon, just don’t tell me.  LotR needed some girl power, which we got with Eowyn, so I’m happy we are going to get a kickass female elf, if the rumours are true…..

Anyway, new adventures from Middle Earth, can’t wait.

Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 1

Oh ugh, I spent two hours and 3 minutes watching Bella and Edward sucking face.  Well not a full two hours, thank goodness, at least something did happen.  That being said, this Twilight wasn’t so bad.  Cringe worthy as all hell, but the acting was at its best yet.  The film wasn’t so bad if you cut out everything from after the wedding to when Jacob finds out that Bella’s back.  I think what really ticks me off, other than Bella and Edward tonguing each other, is that Bella is the horny one in the relationship.  I just find it embarrassing.  Ok coy Edward was cute, for like a second, and then one begins to wonder whether he isn’t perhaps gay.  I know, I know it’s not how the story goes but it’s what I see.  I’m more interested in the second half of the book / movie, when we get all the excitement, like more vampires, Volturi threat, Bella’s first hunt, but the first part deserves some praise.

Bella’s dress was stunning, I loved the back, and I loved her hair clip, and those shoes were stunning.  One of my favourite little scenes in the book, is when Bella and Edward are waiting to tell Charlie that they’re engaged and Bella tells Edward to wait until Charlie has put away his gun.  I find the scene hilarious and wished they had put it in the film.  Although it doesn’t really fit anywhere the way the movies have been scripted.  *skips over Esme Island and all the smooching*  right onto Jacob and his angst.  I don’t think Jacob can really act, but hey he’s hot and doesn’t really wear much, so who’s complaining.  Come to think of it, Jacob and the rest of the pack have been remarkably clothed in this film.  😦   I also noticed that a lot of the conversations that the wolf pack have are done in human and not in wolf form.  Now I wanted to see them wolf speak more, but it was pointed out to me that the actors would want more face time, which makes sense, so I don’t object too much, they’re all just too gorgeous to waste!  I think the most amazing thing in this move is the special effects, especially how they aged Bella, and made her look like a skinny twig.  That was impressive, but what was absolutely amazing is when they reverse the effects at the end, when Bella is becoming a vampire, it was so natural, special effects have really come along way.  I was very interested to see how they would show Jacob imprinting on Renesmee.  It was nicely handled, not corny at all, unlike the scene in New Moon where Alice shows her vision of Bella being a vampire.  Oh crikey that was a corny scene.  What’s funny is that the director said that when he filmed it he thought it was perfect, and then seeing it in the final product he admitted to finding it extremely corny himself.  Back to the imprinting, nicely handled, and I loved getting an early look at Renesmee as she ages, especially seeing an older version of her, which apparently is a digital aging of the little girl playing Renesmee.  Wow she’s gorgeous.  My biggest question was how were they going to handle Renesmee’s birth, because it’s quite gory in the book.  Well it was impressive, they were very religious to the book, and dealt with it in such a way that it was tense but not too gruesome.  We don’t see much, which is quite the opposite to a lot of films out there.  I’m thinking of horror movies, ones I have and haven’t seen, and considering this is Twilight they couldn’t really be too graphic otherwise they won’t be able to get a low enough age restriction.

At the end of the day, Breaking Dawn is the most ridiculous book I’ve ever read, vampires having ‘gentle’ sex with humans and then producing a half-human half-vampire baby immortal whose mothers’ best friend, who has been totally in love with her, but was in actual fact in love with her ovaries, and is the soul mate of her child.  It must have been very difficult to turn the book into a script without making it look absolutely ridiculous, but it was well handled.

Harry Potter The End

And so the end of an era has arrived.  I remember a time when Harry Potter was just a book that you had to beg and grovel to get your friends to read.  The ending of Harry Potter 7.2 finally brings to a close the world of Harry Potter.  No new Harry Potter after this *sniff*.  I guess this means I have to grow up now…………….. NAH.

Considering the detail in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, the movie dealt with the book fairly well BUT like any Potter fan, it just wasn’t enough.


So push off you cheaters

I think what irks me the most was the ham handed way that Tonks and Lupin were handled in the series.  They didn’t even show Tonks and Lupin flirt or anything, suddenly they’re a couple, they don’t even mention when they married or that Tonks is pregnant, and then we get to the end of 7.2 and we get Harry talking to his dead loved ones (which is almost word for word) and Harry says ‘Remus – your poor son.’  WHAT WHEN DID THEY HAVE A BABY?????  Well I knew what was going on but what about the illiterate masses who couldn’t bother to pick up the book but will watch the film?  I’m pretty sure they had no clue about Teddy, yes Teddy – they won’t even know that baby Lupin had a name!  And Tonks and Lupins death *sob* we see them for like a second and then they’re dead, I wanted more of them.  Cried again just as hard as I did in the book.

I acknowledge that a lot of the book has to be cut out for the films, but I do feel that the books could have been handled better.  Especially the final 200 pages of Hallows.

The whole Dumbledore and his family issue was practically forgotten, only slightly hinted at.  Either include it – or don’t, don’t give us a half-assed attempt.  That goes for the whole Hallows part of the story too, it played such a major role in the first half of the movie, and then was almost forgotten in the second.  In fact,  I’ve always wondered whether Harry actually needed the Hallows before facing Voldemort.   (I’m referring to the book).

But my biggest gripe with the final movie is how the invasion of Hogwarts was approached, cinematically, narratively and tactically.

First off, the beauty of the final battle in the book, apart from bringing every HP character from the last 6 books in, we get to see the battle from several different points of view. Iit’s exciting, intense, funny and heartbreaking and it brings far more impact to the story by following different characters.  Now I acknowledge that the movie is called Harry Potter so it should focus on Harry, but I would have liked a bit more screen time for other characters.  By not following the other characters in their individual battles, when their deaths are revealed later, there is less of an impact.  (I complain but a blubbed for the last 20 minutes of the film, in a crowded cinema, and I could only hear me sniffling, heartless bastards.

My main bone of contention is how the ultimate battle was handled in general.  Tactically, ignoring how it was handled in the book, the first thing you do is get rid of non-combatants, so why on earth they had students running around aimlessly is beyond me.  Yes, cinematically it increases the atmosphere of tension and fear, but my god those kids are going to get slaughtered!   The battle was just too chaotic, which yes, it was chaotic in the book, but there weren’t any useless children running around.  The battle was structured, where older students, teachers and the Order were strategically placed around Hogwarts.  The stone Knights, awesome idea, looked fantastic, but good gracious how stupid can you be when you stick your entire force on a bridge!  A bridge!  They should have just opened the gates and let the bad guys in.  Battle tactics people! I’m not a very logical person but even I could plan out a battle better than this one.  The bridge limits manoeuvrability for both parties, but it also makes it easier for the stone knights to get swept off the bridge by giants.  If you’re outnumbered you don’t stick your fighting force in one spot, you spread them around to protect the areas not covered by the wizards.

If this attack happened for real, book battle set-up versus movie battle set-up, the movie battle would have a far higher body count with many unnecessary deaths.  It just kills me how they had all those kids running around, I’m unable to articulate my frustration about this battle, and I haven’t even got to Harry and Voldemorts final battle!

WRONG WRONG WRONG WRONG!!!!!!!  It’s like they ignored one of the most important facts about the battle and just went and made something that looked cool.  The most important point about why Harry willingly sacrificed himself to Voldermort, apart from him inadvertently killing part of himself, is that Harry is then casting the same ancient spell that his mother did for him. (it’s not technically a spell, Dumbledore explained it quite nicely in one of the books, I forget which).  In the final climactic battle, after Voldemort has killed Harry, Harry has his talk with Dumbledore and then resurrects, but pretends to be dead until Neville kills Nagini and all hell breaks loose.  Harry and Voldemort square off, Harry point’s out that his killing curses won’t hurt anyone because Harry willingly died to protect everyone thus casting the protection charm he has on everyone.  I just loved that idea; it makes Harry’s victory more heartfelt, more epic.  And it’s completely ignored. *sob’s even harder*  By completely ignoring this amazing awesome point in the book, they can’t separate Harry from everyone and have a traditional cinematic one-on-one battle.  This takes away something very symbolic from Harry’s final battle.  The way it’s done in the book, Harry facing off against Voldemort in Hogwarts, his real home, the only place he has been accepted, surrounded by many people who love him and believe in him, it shows how far he has come since that little unloved orphan who lived under the stairs.

And then there’s the epilogue.  I felt it was nicely handled BUT it could have been longer and had more dialogue.  According to my movie buddies they feel that they could have aged the cast more. Since I can’t correctly guess a person’s age to save my life I had no issue, I thought they looked nicely aged.  Except Hermione she didn’t look aged at all.  I loved the epilogue, it gave closure, and it was a very touching scene between father and son.  Now all those who read the books know exactly what the children’s name’s are, but they could have at least said them in the movie for all those who haven’t read the books.  It was also very random for little Albus to suddenly have an issue about being sorted.  The whole scene just felt like the middle of a conversation, which it was, but it wouldn’t have killed them to do the scene with dialogue, it’s not like it would have slowed it down, in fact if the scene had started with them talking and walking towards Platform 9 ¾ the scene would have had more energy.

Well, after ranting about my problems I feel much better.  I acknowledge that they had limited time to take a 600 page book and turn it into 2 hours. I know that certain things need to be left out, they handled the book very well;  I just would have done it a bit differently.  All in all Harry Potter 7.2 was a riveting, engaging climactic finale.

Its the end of the world!…….again!

Because today is the end of the world, again, I thought it appropriate to show these two trailers.

Now Transformers 3 is very much an end of the world themed trailer. Ooooooh I’m getting excited, I pray this one is better than Transformers 2 (I like to pretend that movie never happened).

However, what does not bode well for this movie is Megan Fox’s replacement. The few scenes in which the twig is shown, in this trailer, do not make her look good. I mean yes, she looks super hot, but that’s not helping the utterly stupid expression she has on her face, I’ve seen cows with better facial expressions than this girl! Hell they should have stuck with bitchy Megan Fox, she may have bad mouthed Michael Bay, but at least she had some acting talent. Just look at the first shot we see of the twig (shame I know the girl has a name, but its long, and she’s a supermodel, I take issue with Sam dating 2 supermodels) her face is getting mushed in Sam’s hands, and the expression on her face isn’t even remotely scared, terrified, deer in front of head lights like, it’s the kind of expression an airhead who can’t act would make! If you want to see a supermodel who can act go watch anything with Milla Jovovich, now she can act and she was a supermodel. Even Devon Aoki can act – her acting isn’t great but it’s acceptable and she is a model.

Now Harry Potter 7.2 isn’t technically an end of the world themed movie, but the trailer sure makes it look like one, plus it is the LAST Potter movies, so technically you could say the world is ending. I’ve tried to avoid trailers for this movie because I could see that they interpreted the battle of Hogwarts differently to how it is depicted in the book. I’m not nitpicking here, Voldemort and Harrys big duel happens in front of everyone, in the main hall of Hogwarts. So why are they duelling alone? I’m greatly vexed. But that gripe aside this movie looks soooooo EPIC. Cannot wait to see it on the big screen.