EPIC!!!!!! the trailer

I remember reading the synopsis for this film a couple of years ago. It sounded too cool to be true.

I must say the trailer doesn’t look ‘epic’ but it does look exciting.  For me I reserve the term ‘epic’ for sci-fi and action films, like Star Trek or Avengers or How to Train Your Dragon.  I think the title it lazy, but the film looks promising.  Little humming birds with saddles, SO CUTE.  If you are going to have a fantasy movie that reminds people of Thumbelina, Narnia, The Spiderwick Chronicles (yeah it reminds me of that movie, strange fit), Arthur and the Invisibles, give it a fantasy type name.  The only other issue I have is the main guy looks like Flynn Rider aka Eugene.  Come on at least make the guy blonde, or a red head, or black or green, but must it be the same shade of brown along with the same facial structure?!

Had my gripe.  I look forward to watching this next year MAY!!!!!!!  Why must they torture me so?



So I have a couple of new film trailers that made me squeal.

Firstly Perfect Pitch, it looks like fun, the music sounds good, and I love Fat Amy, all the giggles I got from this trailer were caused by her. My favourite scene is the ending scene. Hysterical. Anna Kendrick seems to be working solidly, I hated her in Twilight, but I’ve started to warm up to her, she was quite funny in Scott Pilgrim versus the world, and I really enjoyed her performance in 50/ 50, although I’m still not sure why I watched that film.

Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 2

YES finally a decent trailer! Well looks like a fun, action packed conclusion to the franchise. I can’t remember any vampires being able to manipulate water, so think I may have to read the second half of Breaking Dawn to refresh myself. Really long wait for the conclusion.

Resident Evil Retribution

I’m deathly afraid of zombie films, they give me nightmares. That being said, I love the Resident Evil franchise. It is such fun, and Milla Jovovich is so awesome. I only found the first one scary, the rest I just view as action films. So this trailer is awesome, it looks like all characters who died in previous instalments are alive! YAY Carlos and Alice can get a second chance J and Rains alive, she had such potential.

Monster University

I thought this was a rumour! Monsters Inc is one of my favourite movies and I am very excited for a sequel, what saddens me is that Boo isn’t in this film, but, this trailer shows me that even without Boo Monster University is going to be a wild ride!

Wreck-It Ralph

So I’m not a gamer, my sister and I need a walkthrough just to finish a game. We don’t have a ‘gamer brain’ as I like to call it. We are inept. That being said, a lot of my friends are gamers in some form or other, so often they’ll give me long in depth discussions of the games they are playing. Which I love, computer games/ playstation/ xb0x games sound so creative and exciting from the outside. Final fantasy is my favourite game, even though I haven’t played the games, the storylines are fantastically complex and original and different, and boy do they look good. so it’s understandable that I’m excited for Wreck it Ralph. Its different for Disney, it looks fun, and there’s a small army of video game references. It would be so awesome if Cloud from Final Fantasy ran across the screen, although highly doubtful.

Another highlight for me is that Jane Lynch is voicing a kickass space babe, and while I can’t say I’m a huge Glee fan, and find Jane Lynch’s Coach Sylvester a horrible mean bully, I must admit she can be funny and she fits this character perfectly. I also hate hate hate John C Reilly, I hate the type of comedy he does. I was subjected to Step Brothers, it was horrendous, and I’m scarred for life. That being said, his Ralph looks like a sweetie.

That little girl in the Candy land game looks like Agnes in Despicable Me. I think Disney should have tried a bit harder with her character design. And then there’s the zombie. Zombies give me nightmare, ridiculous I know but we are all afraid of something and mine would be the zombie apocalypse. But I find the zombie in Ralph’s support group oddly endearing.

Well this movie excited me, something decent to watch in the latter half of this year.

Chun Li from Street fighter in the left corner

Zangief from Street Fighter and Doctor Robotnik from Sonic the Hedgehog I dont know who the monster is.

Dark Shadows

Oh my. This…is….just…… words fail me. THIS LOOKS RIDICULOUSLY AWESOME!!!!!! Ok now Tim Burton is living up to my expectations of the weird and macabre, his last few films either didn’t interest me and I haven’t watched them, or they weren’t as amazing as the hype surrounding them suggested. I truly wasn’t expecting a comedy; I thought this was going to be some grisly, bloody horror film. Woof, was I mistaken.


I feel that name should be yelled, I think it’s an awesome word to yell, with an inflection of horror in your tone.  Like Frankenstein, of which Frankenweenie is a parody.

In the beginning there was Tim Burton’s original live-action short film – Frankenweenie, filmed in 1984, in black and white, while Tim Burton was still working for Disney.  Disney in fact fired Burton for wasting their money on projects like this because they deemed them too scary for children.  I agree, Frankenweenie is not appropriate for children, but that doesn’t mean that adults can’t watch it.  Frankenweenie was not released by Disney until the DVD release of Nightmare Before Christmas, along with Burtons stop-motion short, Vincent.  Both shorts are utterly ridiculous, macabre and downright inspired.  They perfectly complement Nightmare Before Christmas.  Now Tim Burton is taking his half-hour short and turning it into a stop-motion film.  Personally I don’t think it is necessary, since the live-action short was magnificent because it was live-action.  But, the story does lend itself nicely to animation, and since stop-motion and 2D animation are dying arts, I’m excited to see it.  Stop-motion lends itself nicely to Tim Burton’s ‘style’, which I think is becoming a genre in its own right.  Who doesn’t want to see a new Tim Burton stop-motion film?  We haven’t had one since The Corpse Bride, which was good, but to me I found it fell a bit short of Nightmare Before Christmas.

Doesn’t Frankenweenie look amazing!  The dog looks like the dog in Brad Bird’s animated series Family Dog, which I vaguely remember from my childhood.  Shame that poor dog had a horrible family;  he was even more longsuffering than Courage the Cowardly Dog!  (my favourite animated dog, and cartoon).   I have just read that Tim Burton was the character designer on the Family Dog series.  I love the Igor looking kid in Frankenweenie, his teeth, his face; he just looks so ugly he’s actually adorable!  I love those teeth.  My only gripe is that Vincent Frankenstein, Frankenweenie’s master/owner looks too similar to Victor from Corpse Bride.  That being said, I suppose the main protagonists look is another Burton trademark.

Since we are on the topic of zombies, the supernatural and stop-motion, there’s another film coming out this year called ParaNorman. ParaNorman is being released by Laika, the company that made Coraline.  ParaNorman is about Norman, a boy who can talk to the dead, who is the only line of defence for his hometown when they come under siege by witches, ghosts and ghouls.  It looks fantastic, weird and quirky.  This promises to be a highly original and entertaining film.

I love the first trailer, the song Season of the Witch by Donovan creates this really surreal, supernatural feeling.  I also love the zombie toothbrush, it’s just stunning!

The second trailer gives you a better idea about the film, what our characters are like, the mood of the actual film rather than the mood created by the music used in the first trailer.  It appears to be more comedy based.

Underworld Awakening

The first Underworld movie is one of my favourite movies of all time;  I find it cinematically gorgeous, and Selene played by Kate Beckinsale is just so awesome.  Kate Beckinsale with short hair and those bright blue contacts makes her look absolutely stunning, and then you stick her in that black skin tight leather outfit, with all the intricate detail in the bodice,  stick a gun in her hand, and you get quite possibly the most kick ass female character ever, followed by Milla Jovovich as Alice in Resident Evil.


I loved the aesthetic of the world created in Underworld.  The opulent Vampires and the ragged Lycans, it’s your typical star-crossed lovers story, although instead of one being a human and the other a vampire, the other is a human turned werewolf who then ends up turning into a vampire-Lycan hybrid.

I must be quite frank when I say I was utterly disappointed with the sequel.  Admittedly I may have been slightly biased since the first film was just so beautiful and then the second was disappointing because there were no beautifully shot scenes or stunning costumes.  While the second film doesn’t have any striking shots, Selene strikes some really cool poses, in fact in every movie Selene always strikes awesome poses in battle.  I just felt the storyline of the second film was a bit weak, especially the driving force behind Marcus, I had been dying to see who would play him.  I enjoyed Tony Curranas Marcus, until he went all weird ugly bat-thing crazy at the end.  Another thing that really bugged me in the second film was Sonja’s necklace, and how it goes from a flat 4cm by 4cm pendant in the first movie, to being double sided like a locket, that grows in size throughout the film until it’s this huge cumbersome thing that they no longer wear but carry around by the chain, because it’s so big if either of them wore it they would fall over.  I really liked Corvinus travelling around on his boat, an ancient immortal doing damage control for his descendants, then giving Selene his blood so that she becomes a vampire who can live in sunlight and god know what else.  I was pretty angry when they blew up the ship;  I thought Selene and Michael could inherit it from Corvinus and start their own weird little coven.

When Underworld:  Rise of the Lycans came out I was dying for a decent Underworld film.  I was really excited because this was a prequel movie about Lucian and Sonja;  I was also disappointed because it was a prequel movie and not a threequel for Selene.  Truthfully I didn’t mind too much that it didn’t have Selene in it since I’m totally in love with Lucian, not Michael Sheen the actor, but his character.  Rhona Mitra was a perfect choice for Sonja since she looks uncannily similar to Selene, and she has a strong presence.  It also had some of the first Underworld’s magic, which I didn’t feel in the second film.  The second films premise just felt so weak.

Underworld Awakening was a surprise, I was not expecting another Underworld anytime soon.  The story felt fresh, different for the Underworld franchise, it finally took the story away from the vampire covens and gave us a new villain, humanity.  Now I am going to give a little spoiler, Scott Speedman who plays Michael, is not in this film.  Well he is but he isn’t, we see him once at the beginning of the film, and then once at the end. The rest of the film Selene runs around heartbroken and tortured because she thinks Michael is dead, but we all know he isn’t.  What bothered me was I couldn’t decided whether the man I was seeing was Scott Speedman or whether it was a stand-in with Scott Speedmans’ face edited in.  Well that’s about as much as I can say about the film without giving it all away.  I’m sure you can figure out the basic storyline by watching the trailer.  I really enjoyed the twists in the plot, because I honestly wasn’t expecting them.  There was some new eye candy, vampire David played by Theo James.  I was also very excited to see Kris Holden-Ried, Dyson the wolf from Lost Girl, whom I totally love in that series.  I did feel his character was slightly wasted, but I was happy to see him.  The action in this film was fantastic, Selene looks awesome in every frame of her battles, but I did notice that Selene seemed to be taking harder hits, and she spent a lot of her time being flung hard against walls, in between her gravity defying stunts.  I will say that I thoroughly enjoyed watching this film, and while I really did miss Michael, I enjoyed watching Selene grow more emotionally.  It felt ‘fresh’ in the sense that you can see the franchise expanding in a different direction and growing.  I believe if handled correctly the next movie could be brilliant.

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey Part 1

NEXT DECEMBER!  Seriously?   Why do they feel the need to dangle this in our faces a full year before the FIRST film comes out!  That’s just plain mean.

I love the Lord of the Ring’s films.  I try to watch them at least twice a year, the extended editions, they’re far better than the theatrical versions, except for the first film, they butchered it in the extended edition, especially in the introduction of Hobbition, and they lost the charm.  Now I haven’t read the Hobbit, my sister did, and she did not enjoy it.  She gives me this terrified look every time I mention the movie, she found the book either painful or boring to read.  I’m the opposite, I’ve only read the first Lord of the Rings Book, and my it was long!  But Peter Jackson made some truly magnificent movies, so I’m psyched to see The Hobbit.  Martin Freeman plays young Bilbo, you may know him as Arthur Dent in Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy (I absolutely love that movie), or as Dr Watson from the BBC’s modern retelling of Sherlock Holmes – Sherlock Series, apparently it’s really good.

Apparently Evangeline Lilly’s elf character, Tauriel, was created to join the Hobbit’s ‘fellowship’ because otherwise there would be no female characters.  I don’t have any objections to having no female characters, but I also have no objections to adding a character in that was not proper LotR canon, just don’t tell me.  LotR needed some girl power, which we got with Eowyn, so I’m happy we are going to get a kickass female elf, if the rumours are true…..

Anyway, new adventures from Middle Earth, can’t wait.