EPIC!!!!!! the trailer

I remember reading the synopsis for this film a couple of years ago. It sounded too cool to be true.

I must say the trailer doesn’t look ‘epic’ but it does look exciting.  For me I reserve the term ‘epic’ for sci-fi and action films, like Star Trek or Avengers or How to Train Your Dragon.  I think the title it lazy, but the film looks promising.  Little humming birds with saddles, SO CUTE.  If you are going to have a fantasy movie that reminds people of Thumbelina, Narnia, The Spiderwick Chronicles (yeah it reminds me of that movie, strange fit), Arthur and the Invisibles, give it a fantasy type name.  The only other issue I have is the main guy looks like Flynn Rider aka Eugene.  Come on at least make the guy blonde, or a red head, or black or green, but must it be the same shade of brown along with the same facial structure?!

Had my gripe.  I look forward to watching this next year MAY!!!!!!!  Why must they torture me so?



So I have a couple of new film trailers that made me squeal.

Firstly Perfect Pitch, it looks like fun, the music sounds good, and I love Fat Amy, all the giggles I got from this trailer were caused by her. My favourite scene is the ending scene. Hysterical. Anna Kendrick seems to be working solidly, I hated her in Twilight, but I’ve started to warm up to her, she was quite funny in Scott Pilgrim versus the world, and I really enjoyed her performance in 50/ 50, although I’m still not sure why I watched that film.

Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 2

YES finally a decent trailer! Well looks like a fun, action packed conclusion to the franchise. I can’t remember any vampires being able to manipulate water, so think I may have to read the second half of Breaking Dawn to refresh myself. Really long wait for the conclusion.

Resident Evil Retribution

I’m deathly afraid of zombie films, they give me nightmares. That being said, I love the Resident Evil franchise. It is such fun, and Milla Jovovich is so awesome. I only found the first one scary, the rest I just view as action films. So this trailer is awesome, it looks like all characters who died in previous instalments are alive! YAY Carlos and Alice can get a second chance J and Rains alive, she had such potential.

Monster University

I thought this was a rumour! Monsters Inc is one of my favourite movies and I am very excited for a sequel, what saddens me is that Boo isn’t in this film, but, this trailer shows me that even without Boo Monster University is going to be a wild ride!

Wreck-It Ralph

So I’m not a gamer, my sister and I need a walkthrough just to finish a game. We don’t have a ‘gamer brain’ as I like to call it. We are inept. That being said, a lot of my friends are gamers in some form or other, so often they’ll give me long in depth discussions of the games they are playing. Which I love, computer games/ playstation/ xb0x games sound so creative and exciting from the outside. Final fantasy is my favourite game, even though I haven’t played the games, the storylines are fantastically complex and original and different, and boy do they look good. so it’s understandable that I’m excited for Wreck it Ralph. Its different for Disney, it looks fun, and there’s a small army of video game references. It would be so awesome if Cloud from Final Fantasy ran across the screen, although highly doubtful.

Another highlight for me is that Jane Lynch is voicing a kickass space babe, and while I can’t say I’m a huge Glee fan, and find Jane Lynch’s Coach Sylvester a horrible mean bully, I must admit she can be funny and she fits this character perfectly. I also hate hate hate John C Reilly, I hate the type of comedy he does. I was subjected to Step Brothers, it was horrendous, and I’m scarred for life. That being said, his Ralph looks like a sweetie.

That little girl in the Candy land game looks like Agnes in Despicable Me. I think Disney should have tried a bit harder with her character design. And then there’s the zombie. Zombies give me nightmare, ridiculous I know but we are all afraid of something and mine would be the zombie apocalypse. But I find the zombie in Ralph’s support group oddly endearing.

Well this movie excited me, something decent to watch in the latter half of this year.

Chun Li from Street fighter in the left corner

Zangief from Street Fighter and Doctor Robotnik from Sonic the Hedgehog I dont know who the monster is.


I feel that name should be yelled, I think it’s an awesome word to yell, with an inflection of horror in your tone.  Like Frankenstein, of which Frankenweenie is a parody.

In the beginning there was Tim Burton’s original live-action short film – Frankenweenie, filmed in 1984, in black and white, while Tim Burton was still working for Disney.  Disney in fact fired Burton for wasting their money on projects like this because they deemed them too scary for children.  I agree, Frankenweenie is not appropriate for children, but that doesn’t mean that adults can’t watch it.  Frankenweenie was not released by Disney until the DVD release of Nightmare Before Christmas, along with Burtons stop-motion short, Vincent.  Both shorts are utterly ridiculous, macabre and downright inspired.  They perfectly complement Nightmare Before Christmas.  Now Tim Burton is taking his half-hour short and turning it into a stop-motion film.  Personally I don’t think it is necessary, since the live-action short was magnificent because it was live-action.  But, the story does lend itself nicely to animation, and since stop-motion and 2D animation are dying arts, I’m excited to see it.  Stop-motion lends itself nicely to Tim Burton’s ‘style’, which I think is becoming a genre in its own right.  Who doesn’t want to see a new Tim Burton stop-motion film?  We haven’t had one since The Corpse Bride, which was good, but to me I found it fell a bit short of Nightmare Before Christmas.

Doesn’t Frankenweenie look amazing!  The dog looks like the dog in Brad Bird’s animated series Family Dog, which I vaguely remember from my childhood.  Shame that poor dog had a horrible family;  he was even more longsuffering than Courage the Cowardly Dog!  (my favourite animated dog, and cartoon).   I have just read that Tim Burton was the character designer on the Family Dog series.  I love the Igor looking kid in Frankenweenie, his teeth, his face; he just looks so ugly he’s actually adorable!  I love those teeth.  My only gripe is that Vincent Frankenstein, Frankenweenie’s master/owner looks too similar to Victor from Corpse Bride.  That being said, I suppose the main protagonists look is another Burton trademark.

Since we are on the topic of zombies, the supernatural and stop-motion, there’s another film coming out this year called ParaNorman. ParaNorman is being released by Laika, the company that made Coraline.  ParaNorman is about Norman, a boy who can talk to the dead, who is the only line of defence for his hometown when they come under siege by witches, ghosts and ghouls.  It looks fantastic, weird and quirky.  This promises to be a highly original and entertaining film.

I love the first trailer, the song Season of the Witch by Donovan creates this really surreal, supernatural feeling.  I also love the zombie toothbrush, it’s just stunning!

The second trailer gives you a better idea about the film, what our characters are like, the mood of the actual film rather than the mood created by the music used in the first trailer.  It appears to be more comedy based.

Puss In Boots

I am allergic to cats, that being said, I still love them.  From a distance.  Cats know when you’re allergic to them and they go out of their way to try getting luvvies from you.  Every time I spent the night at my friends house, I would  wake up with her super fluffy cat sitting on my chest!  I own two Siamese cats with marvellously neurotic unique personalities.  Indigo and Gimli.  Gimli has this lovely deep ‘wong’ meow, your typical Siamese cat, all angular and pointy.  Indigo is this round yet skinny fluffy white fur ball that is addicted to my sister.  She has this pitiful wobbly meow, and pines for my sister when she leaves the house, even if it’s only to go to class for an hour or two.

Puss in Boots was cute.  I enjoyed it, it was light and fluffy, an easy watch.  It didn’t have the same tongue in cheek quality of the Shrek movies, but then the Shrek series is dripping with comedians, and that’s bound to rub off on the final product.  (Although I never watched the last Shrek and have only watched the third movie once.)  But then Puss in Boots isn’t trying to be like the Shrek films, it is merely placing itself within the Shrek universe.

I really loved Puss’s back story, seeing him as this oh so cute kitten.  I squealed at his cuteness.  There’s not much I can really say about the movie.  It was enjoyable, the animation was impressive, the story simple, the characters colourful.  I loved the cat nightclub, but the dance to the death sequence was a tad too drawn out, although funny, except for that ridiculous part where they’re dancing on the ceiling and then against each other’s feet in mid-air.  I loved the cat that does the ‘Ooooh’ response to certain gags, he had a stunning expression.  I loved Jack and Jill, they were lovely villains, and Jack was especially sweet wanting to raise a family, be a stay at home dad, and raise the kids all nice and evil.  So cute.

Yeah, Puss in Boots was a fun outing, nothing outstanding, but an enjoyable watch considering I haven’t been to many movies lately.

Legend of Korra

This is the poster made for Legend of Korra and used at Comic Con this year.  I tried to load it with the trailer but failed.  Then I visited my favourite artist’s page and GASP OMG he has the poster on his page – NO  WAIT  HE  ILLUSTRATED  IT!!!!!!!!!  And I totally failed as a fan girl because I can spot Josh Middletons artwork a mile away.  I am so ashamed.  But let us admire The Legend of Korra poster in all its glory.

see more of Josh Middletons gorgeous art here: http://www.joshuamiddleton.com/

Pixar’s Brave

OH MY GOSH OH MY GOSH OH MY GOSH it’s the next Pixar movie!  I didn’t realise we were so close too seeing previews for their next movie.  It’s only out in 2012, and most probably a June/ July release, but still EXCITING.  It’s about a Scottish princess, Merida, who defies her parents by pursuing an interest in archery, and inadvertently jeopardizes her father’s kingdom in the process.  The story sounds exciting, different to the usual Pixar, when I say different I mean ………… crud I don’t know.  If we look at what Pixar has previously produced, this movie is different because firstly it’s not about toys, insects, animals, monsters, cars or superheroes.  Brave will be Pixar’s second fully human cast, fourth movie to have humans (Monster’s Inc, The Incredibles and Andy in Toy Story 3).  This movie will also be different because it is drawing on cultural history.  If you look at the worlds which Pixar has created, most of them are in nature, the ocean of Nemo, the rocky mountains of Cars, the anthill in Bugs, they have not used places or things that possess a cultural history, except maybe Barbie, she has a history.  Brave’s story seems to follow a more Disney approach, that of a fairytale, although one could say that Brave is different because it could be viewed as something imitating a myth or a legend rather than a fairytale.  But I’m getting waaaaaaayy ahead of myself, let’s just look at the trailer and artwork for now and squeeee at its awesomeness.

……..are you excited yet? 🙂