Red Dawn



So, they finally got this film off the ground!  It was filmed in late 2009 for a 2010 release, but then MGM hit financial difficulties, and didn’t have the money to release and promote it.  Considering the cast, it’s a pity; it would have brought them to the attention of the world a lot quicker.  We have the lovely, the handsome, the twinkly smiling THOR aka Chris Hemsworth, Josh Peck from Disney’s Drake and Josh fame, Josh Hutcherson who went on to star in Hunger Games with Liam Hemsworth – TEAM PEETA, Jeffery-Dean Morgan aka Daddy Winchester from Supernatural, Adrianne Palicki also from Supernatural, Isabel Lucas – Athena from The Immortals and Conner Cruise famous for being Tom Cruise’s adopted son.

So, Red Dawn is a remake of the 1984 movie of the same name. The original was about Soviet and Cuban troop’s invading Colorado, forcing a group of teens to become rebel freedom fighters – called the Wolverines.  It starred a young, very young, Patrick Swayze and Charlie Sheen and a cast of other well know young actors (I just don’t recognise them).  I know that Baby from Dirty Dancing is in it.  I really enjoyed the original, but it was a fairly bleak movie story wise, and not much character development happened, so sometimes, when the kids were all wearing the same army fatigues, you couldn’t tell them apart!  From the looks of the remake, that doesn’t seem to be a problem, but it also looks more sensationalised.  While in the original the Wolverines fight didn’t make a difference to the bigger picture, this version makes it appear that this small band of kids will save the day for all America!  Which is completely stupid.  It makes the film your typical Hollywood blockbuster. I hope I’m wrong.

Interesting fact, the original villain for the remake was the Chinese!  But because the Chinese are slowly taking over the world and because MGM want better box office sales for the China release, every Chinese symbol and reference was digitally removed, altered or dubbed, and the new villain is North Korea.  Which they should have just gone with from the beginning!

Now here’s an interesting fact from the original film that tickled my funny bone.  Apparently the Soviet T-72 tank replica made for the film was so accurate that while it was being transported to the set, two CIA officers followed it and wanted to find out who they got the tank from!


Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 1

Oh ugh, I spent two hours and 3 minutes watching Bella and Edward sucking face.  Well not a full two hours, thank goodness, at least something did happen.  That being said, this Twilight wasn’t so bad.  Cringe worthy as all hell, but the acting was at its best yet.  The film wasn’t so bad if you cut out everything from after the wedding to when Jacob finds out that Bella’s back.  I think what really ticks me off, other than Bella and Edward tonguing each other, is that Bella is the horny one in the relationship.  I just find it embarrassing.  Ok coy Edward was cute, for like a second, and then one begins to wonder whether he isn’t perhaps gay.  I know, I know it’s not how the story goes but it’s what I see.  I’m more interested in the second half of the book / movie, when we get all the excitement, like more vampires, Volturi threat, Bella’s first hunt, but the first part deserves some praise.

Bella’s dress was stunning, I loved the back, and I loved her hair clip, and those shoes were stunning.  One of my favourite little scenes in the book, is when Bella and Edward are waiting to tell Charlie that they’re engaged and Bella tells Edward to wait until Charlie has put away his gun.  I find the scene hilarious and wished they had put it in the film.  Although it doesn’t really fit anywhere the way the movies have been scripted.  *skips over Esme Island and all the smooching*  right onto Jacob and his angst.  I don’t think Jacob can really act, but hey he’s hot and doesn’t really wear much, so who’s complaining.  Come to think of it, Jacob and the rest of the pack have been remarkably clothed in this film.  😦   I also noticed that a lot of the conversations that the wolf pack have are done in human and not in wolf form.  Now I wanted to see them wolf speak more, but it was pointed out to me that the actors would want more face time, which makes sense, so I don’t object too much, they’re all just too gorgeous to waste!  I think the most amazing thing in this move is the special effects, especially how they aged Bella, and made her look like a skinny twig.  That was impressive, but what was absolutely amazing is when they reverse the effects at the end, when Bella is becoming a vampire, it was so natural, special effects have really come along way.  I was very interested to see how they would show Jacob imprinting on Renesmee.  It was nicely handled, not corny at all, unlike the scene in New Moon where Alice shows her vision of Bella being a vampire.  Oh crikey that was a corny scene.  What’s funny is that the director said that when he filmed it he thought it was perfect, and then seeing it in the final product he admitted to finding it extremely corny himself.  Back to the imprinting, nicely handled, and I loved getting an early look at Renesmee as she ages, especially seeing an older version of her, which apparently is a digital aging of the little girl playing Renesmee.  Wow she’s gorgeous.  My biggest question was how were they going to handle Renesmee’s birth, because it’s quite gory in the book.  Well it was impressive, they were very religious to the book, and dealt with it in such a way that it was tense but not too gruesome.  We don’t see much, which is quite the opposite to a lot of films out there.  I’m thinking of horror movies, ones I have and haven’t seen, and considering this is Twilight they couldn’t really be too graphic otherwise they won’t be able to get a low enough age restriction.

At the end of the day, Breaking Dawn is the most ridiculous book I’ve ever read, vampires having ‘gentle’ sex with humans and then producing a half-human half-vampire baby immortal whose mothers’ best friend, who has been totally in love with her, but was in actual fact in love with her ovaries, and is the soul mate of her child.  It must have been very difficult to turn the book into a script without making it look absolutely ridiculous, but it was well handled.

Puss In Boots

I am allergic to cats, that being said, I still love them.  From a distance.  Cats know when you’re allergic to them and they go out of their way to try getting luvvies from you.  Every time I spent the night at my friends house, I would  wake up with her super fluffy cat sitting on my chest!  I own two Siamese cats with marvellously neurotic unique personalities.  Indigo and Gimli.  Gimli has this lovely deep ‘wong’ meow, your typical Siamese cat, all angular and pointy.  Indigo is this round yet skinny fluffy white fur ball that is addicted to my sister.  She has this pitiful wobbly meow, and pines for my sister when she leaves the house, even if it’s only to go to class for an hour or two.

Puss in Boots was cute.  I enjoyed it, it was light and fluffy, an easy watch.  It didn’t have the same tongue in cheek quality of the Shrek movies, but then the Shrek series is dripping with comedians, and that’s bound to rub off on the final product.  (Although I never watched the last Shrek and have only watched the third movie once.)  But then Puss in Boots isn’t trying to be like the Shrek films, it is merely placing itself within the Shrek universe.

I really loved Puss’s back story, seeing him as this oh so cute kitten.  I squealed at his cuteness.  There’s not much I can really say about the movie.  It was enjoyable, the animation was impressive, the story simple, the characters colourful.  I loved the cat nightclub, but the dance to the death sequence was a tad too drawn out, although funny, except for that ridiculous part where they’re dancing on the ceiling and then against each other’s feet in mid-air.  I loved the cat that does the ‘Ooooh’ response to certain gags, he had a stunning expression.  I loved Jack and Jill, they were lovely villains, and Jack was especially sweet wanting to raise a family, be a stay at home dad, and raise the kids all nice and evil.  So cute.

Yeah, Puss in Boots was a fun outing, nothing outstanding, but an enjoyable watch considering I haven’t been to many movies lately.

Avatar – The Legend of Korra first trailer

So, I’m terribly behind in movie reviews, I’m lazy – what can I say, BUT I’ve just made an EPIC discovery that must be shared!

BEHOLD the first trailer for Avatar – The Legend of Korra.


On the downside, we have to wait until 2012 to see more 😦 *weeps bitterly*

As far as I know Korra happens 60 or more years after the first, and by the looks of it a lot of modernising has happened in the four nations.  The fashion in one or two shots looks incredibly contemporary, I’m very excited to see what this new world will be like.

Kung-Fu Panda 2 New Trailer

Wow, pure chance that I found this. Kung-Fu Panda is such a funny movie, an original and different concept; I can’t wait to watch the sequel. While the first movie we don’t get to see Po’s kung-fu awesomeness until the end, this movie gives us more of Po’s kung-fu awesomeness. WOOPIE!!!! I howled with laughter right at the end of this trailer when Po’s says: ‘Ah my old enemy’…. ‘Stairs’!!!! I found it hysterical; it’s a reference back to the first movie and Po’s never ending battle of getting thrown down the mountain and having to run up it again. Cannot wait to see this movie.

Sorcerer’s Apprentice

I seriously can’t understand why people are being so mean about this movie. I’ve heard that it’s terrible, that it’s just a Nicholas Cage movie (which is it) the acting’s bad, blah blah woof woof. Seriously people, don’t you just want to go watch a movie and have fun? Were the action’s cool, stunts and effects impressive and the movie has some storyline? When did going to movies stop being fun and start being “oh it didn’t have this or it lacked that”? Honestly i just wanted a magic movie, pure and simple, and although i do feel that with all Disney could have done with the concept of the Sorcerer’s Apprentice, it’s not half bad.

First, a little bit on enlightenment. Have you watched Disney’s Fantasia (1940). For the half that said yes, I’m ecstatic, for the half that said no, i shall beat you with a stick. Fantasia is one of Disney’s unsung gems, and also unavailable on DVD at the moment, go download it. Basically Fantasia is Disney animators showing off. It’s beautiful. They took pieces of well known classical music, and animated scenarios to them. One of my favourite is the Sugar Plum Fairy music from the Nutcracker, where they animate all these little fairies. Tinker bell eat your heart out. But I’m veering off topic. One of Fantasia’s most famous pieces is the “Sorcerer’s Apprentice” written by Paul Dukas, where Mickey Mouse is the hard working apprentice to a Sorcerer with an awesome magical pointy hat with stars on. After finishing a spell the Sorcerer goes to bed, leaving his pointy hat on a table. Mickey the apprentice, who is busy fetching buckets of water from the well to clean the floor, decides to try his master’s magical hat. He uses the magic on his broom, and orders it to do his work. He then falls asleep and has a dream where he is commanding the ocean. Mickey wakes up to find that the mop is flooding the workshop, so Mickey, unable to stop it, chops it up!! But this only makes matters worse because the broom then multiplies and starts to flood the workshop even more! Just as a huge whirlpool starts to form and is about to suck Mickey down, the Sorcerer wakes up and makes all the water disappear. Mickey gets a swift kick in the behind for being lazy, and thus ends one of the most iconic pieces of Disney animations. Still today Disney uses the image of Mickey Mouse is his Sorcerers hat.

With such stunning source material to work from, it’s a bit sad that Disney didn’t make Sorcerer’s Apprentice an animated movie. I do like what they did with the live action story, with the nod to Fantasia; I just feel that they could have done more. Pirate of the Caribbean is definitely Disney’s success story, creating such a fully fleshed out world and complex story around one of Disney’s oldest and popular rides.

The effects were downright amazing, the characters likeable, and the story interesting enough not to bore me. All in all not a bad evening.

Heres the actual video:

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Preview

 I think this is one of the first official Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows movie posters, and it looks totally epic. Book 7 is one of my favourite Potters, after Azkabam and Goblet of Fire. Actually i like the last 200 pages of the 7th book, most exciting pages EVER. Truthfully, the 7th book is a tad toooo long and a bit too much nothing happening between plot points. But look at this poster, i love the look of Hogwarts, so to see it in ruins is just AWESOME.

ooooooo look at this, i found the proper trailer for it!!! 🙂 Its a trailer for both parts one and two, and by the looks of the scenes used (and my awesome memory of what happens in HP 7) it seems to all be events from the latter half of the book. Hmmmm i wonder where the first movie will end – according to the book???????? Im hoping that they dont spoil the whole movie by putting the whole movie into the trailer! Like they did with Harry Potter 6’s trailer, if you want to see the movie just watch the trailer! *seethes quietly, loathing the 6th movie*

So who’s excited!  This looks good.