About me

i am a student. i have an advanced diploma in animation. i do not act my age. i’m left handed. i like drawing and painting (although i’m a bit rusty) i love disney, in any form or flavour 🙂 i love sci fi and fantasy. i was raised on star wars, star trek and lethal weapon. i love to read books and comic books, watch tv and watch anime. the X-men rule!


One thought on “About me

  1. Well Stich, it sounds like you’ve really done your homework on Fairytales. Did you pick up on the remake of Beauty and the Beast with a paranormal twist? I kidd, of course you did. It’s called Twilight, very cleverly written by Stephenie Meyer. I enjoyed your post about once Upon a Time. Did you know it garnered 14 million viewers for it’s debute? And it was up agianst the world series and an NFL game, most impressive. Peering into my crystal ball (ya, crystal, ha ha), I would predict that you have a future in writing, art and entertainment. Cudos!

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