Mirror Mirror

This movie is definitely an acquired taste. It’s what I call a ridiculous fantasy, and more often than not, films like this miss the mark, like Ella Enchanted. (they butchered my favourite book in the entire world) Having said that, I really enjoy Mirror Mirror, while it was a ridiculous fantasy, I found it enjoyable. In my opinion the comedy was good, the characters likable, and the costumes and sets lavish and colourful, a tad over the top but in a way that works.

The film is by Tarsem Singh who has made a name for himself directing movies that are visually very colourful and detailed, and fairly surreal. He directed The Cell, with Jennifer Lopez, The Fall, which I plan to watch, but it looks amazing, and The Immortals, which as I have said is remiss to 300 and people died in it in a beautiful explosively gory way.

Mirror Mirror is a loose interpretation of the Snow White fairy tale, which I like. It doesn’t follow the typical Snow White story arc, which means you can’t exactly predict where the story is going to go, and gives the story a uniqueness.

As Snow Whites go Lily Collins was nothing special, in fact I think she’s pretty much the Disney version come to life, albeit a less squeaky version. When they announced Lily Collins as Snow White I looked her up and didn’t find her looks very memorable. Interesting how dying her hair darker made her look beautiful! Now I find her stunning! Oh wait there she goes back to her normal hair colour, never mind.

(I am so mean, she’s the daughter of Phil Collins, I should be a bit nicer.)

The love interest was hot, very dashing, very nice teeth. He was so funny as a love sick puppy.

The highlight of this film was Julia Roberts, she was hilarious, she looked gorgeous in all those beautiful over-the-top frilly dresses and she was just so cute when she was evil! The Evil Queen’s magic and her mirror were also an interesting take on magic.

And let’s not forget Nathan Lane. It was enjoyable to watch him suffer at the hands of the Evil Queen especially his misadventures as a cockroach. (no that is not a spoiler, it was in the trailer!)

Finally the dwarves. Firstly, they didn’t have the Disney names, YAY! They were an enjoyable group, they had a natural lively friendly dynamic with each other, and they were so sweet around Snow White. The worst Seven Dwarves cast were the ones in Kristin Kreuk’s Snow White: The Fairest of Them All. Ok they weren’t great, but they were bumbling, and I can’t stand bumbling when done badly. I found these dwarves to have the most personality ever in a Snow White film that I have seen.

I really loved the prologue in the film, it’s 3D animation of porcelain puppets, I just love the style. It like the prologue in Hellboy 2, with the wooden puppets; or the Deathly Hallows tale that was done with shadow puppet styled animation. It has this eerie disturbed quality to it that I just love.

I think my friends enjoyed Mirror Mirror, it wasn’t great but it was fun, unfortunately that all ended when they began singing at the end of the film! My one friend put her head in her hands and began to moan over and over again ‘No, no, no’, and the other exclaimed that the film had suddenly become a Bollywood film. I think audiences would have enjoyed the film more, of thought more kindly towards the film had the director not put that Bollywood number in. It was just plain WRONG!

Unfortunately I suspect I was the only person who really enjoyed this film, but then I like ridiculous colourful fantasy films like this. I mean I love Speed Racer, and I have yet to meet a person who saw it, let alone liked it. I can’t even begin to think why I love Speed Racer so much and watch it so often, although I suspect it’s the colourful ridiculousness of it. Mirror Mirror is a fun, colourful, ridiculous movie.


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