Wrath of the Titans

Yeah I prefer Sam Worthington with a buzz cut.  Suited him better.  Apparently, due to scheduling conflicts, Alexa Davalos won’t reprise her role as Andromeda, but will be replaced by Rosamund Pike.  Andromeda was the princess in the first movie who was going to be sacrificed to the gods, was saved by Perseus, offers herself and her kingdom to him, and he turns her down!

This film appears to be dripping in special effects;  in fact it looks more like one giant special effect and less like a movie.  I’m being mean.  Clash of the Titans was pretty thin on storyline, and it was missing something, it lacked something that I still can’t quite place.  I expected more from the first movie, and was disappointed so I’ll lower my expectations for the second.  Maybe by expecting less, I’ll enjoy it more.  The music used in the trailer is killer.  The trailer for the first film used the song by The Used called The Bird and the Worm, and the song used in this trailer is Marilyn Manson’s cover version of Sweet Dreams are Made of These;  I love the song, original and cover versions, there’s a particularly good one by Emily Browning in Sucker Punch.

Liam Neeson has such a sexy narrator’s voice.


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