Puss In Boots

I am allergic to cats, that being said, I still love them.  From a distance.  Cats know when you’re allergic to them and they go out of their way to try getting luvvies from you.  Every time I spent the night at my friends house, I would  wake up with her super fluffy cat sitting on my chest!  I own two Siamese cats with marvellously neurotic unique personalities.  Indigo and Gimli.  Gimli has this lovely deep ‘wong’ meow, your typical Siamese cat, all angular and pointy.  Indigo is this round yet skinny fluffy white fur ball that is addicted to my sister.  She has this pitiful wobbly meow, and pines for my sister when she leaves the house, even if it’s only to go to class for an hour or two.

Puss in Boots was cute.  I enjoyed it, it was light and fluffy, an easy watch.  It didn’t have the same tongue in cheek quality of the Shrek movies, but then the Shrek series is dripping with comedians, and that’s bound to rub off on the final product.  (Although I never watched the last Shrek and have only watched the third movie once.)  But then Puss in Boots isn’t trying to be like the Shrek films, it is merely placing itself within the Shrek universe.

I really loved Puss’s back story, seeing him as this oh so cute kitten.  I squealed at his cuteness.  There’s not much I can really say about the movie.  It was enjoyable, the animation was impressive, the story simple, the characters colourful.  I loved the cat nightclub, but the dance to the death sequence was a tad too drawn out, although funny, except for that ridiculous part where they’re dancing on the ceiling and then against each other’s feet in mid-air.  I loved the cat that does the ‘Ooooh’ response to certain gags, he had a stunning expression.  I loved Jack and Jill, they were lovely villains, and Jack was especially sweet wanting to raise a family, be a stay at home dad, and raise the kids all nice and evil.  So cute.

Yeah, Puss in Boots was a fun outing, nothing outstanding, but an enjoyable watch considering I haven’t been to many movies lately.


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