The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey Part 1

NEXT DECEMBER!  Seriously?   Why do they feel the need to dangle this in our faces a full year before the FIRST film comes out!  That’s just plain mean.

I love the Lord of the Ring’s films.  I try to watch them at least twice a year, the extended editions, they’re far better than the theatrical versions, except for the first film, they butchered it in the extended edition, especially in the introduction of Hobbition, and they lost the charm.  Now I haven’t read the Hobbit, my sister did, and she did not enjoy it.  She gives me this terrified look every time I mention the movie, she found the book either painful or boring to read.  I’m the opposite, I’ve only read the first Lord of the Rings Book, and my it was long!  But Peter Jackson made some truly magnificent movies, so I’m psyched to see The Hobbit.  Martin Freeman plays young Bilbo, you may know him as Arthur Dent in Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy (I absolutely love that movie), or as Dr Watson from the BBC’s modern retelling of Sherlock Holmes – Sherlock Series, apparently it’s really good.

Apparently Evangeline Lilly’s elf character, Tauriel, was created to join the Hobbit’s ‘fellowship’ because otherwise there would be no female characters.  I don’t have any objections to having no female characters, but I also have no objections to adding a character in that was not proper LotR canon, just don’t tell me.  LotR needed some girl power, which we got with Eowyn, so I’m happy we are going to get a kickass female elf, if the rumours are true…..

Anyway, new adventures from Middle Earth, can’t wait.


Wrath of the Titans

Yeah I prefer Sam Worthington with a buzz cut.  Suited him better.  Apparently, due to scheduling conflicts, Alexa Davalos won’t reprise her role as Andromeda, but will be replaced by Rosamund Pike.  Andromeda was the princess in the first movie who was going to be sacrificed to the gods, was saved by Perseus, offers herself and her kingdom to him, and he turns her down!

This film appears to be dripping in special effects;  in fact it looks more like one giant special effect and less like a movie.  I’m being mean.  Clash of the Titans was pretty thin on storyline, and it was missing something, it lacked something that I still can’t quite place.  I expected more from the first movie, and was disappointed so I’ll lower my expectations for the second.  Maybe by expecting less, I’ll enjoy it more.  The music used in the trailer is killer.  The trailer for the first film used the song by The Used called The Bird and the Worm, and the song used in this trailer is Marilyn Manson’s cover version of Sweet Dreams are Made of These;  I love the song, original and cover versions, there’s a particularly good one by Emily Browning in Sucker Punch.

Liam Neeson has such a sexy narrator’s voice.

The Dark Knight Rises

WAIT WAS THAT A FLYING BATMOBILE?!?!?!  I quite honestly have no clue what this particular Batman is going to be about!  I’m not an authority on Batman, but from the characters chosen it feels kind of garbled.  Anne Hathaway as Catwoman should be interesting, from what the trailer shows us she’s a lot saner than Michelle Pfeiffer’s Catwoman was, but more vengeful almost, which makes her just as scary.  Which is worse, a slightly insane Catwoman or vengeful and sane Catwoman?

I don’t know who Bane is, what I know about him was gained from the George Clooney Batman & Robin.  This Bane looks less ridiculous, downright Hannibal Lecter in appearance and definitely more brains than the previous Bane.  I’m unsure who Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s John Blake is supposed to be.  The character Miranda Tate does ring a bell, but I can’t say who she is.  I’m not about to go and look up their comic book counterparts because I’ll most probably read something that could spoil the movie.

This is the official synopsis for the Dark Knight Rises:

Eight years after the events of The Dark Knight, the terrorist leader Bane arrives in Gotham City, pushing it and its police force to their limits, forcing its former hero Batman to resurface after having taken the fall for Harvey Dent’s crimes.

If they are trying to imitate the chaos and insanity of the Dark Knight I don’t think they’ll succeed.  The Joker, was just absolute chaos, this film looks more like war than chaos.  Not that I’m complaining.  The Dark Knight Rises looks cool.  Can’t wait to see how this goes.

Jack the Giant Killer

Fairytale’s appear to be really big in 2012.  This film looks like fun, and its got Ewan McGregor, whom I love!  (Team Obi One!)  Jack is played by Nicholas Hoult who we recentaly saw in X-men First Class playing Hank McCoy.  He was also in Clash of the Titans, which I didn’t know.  Jack’s got some big names, Stanley Tucci, Bill Nighy, and Ian McShane.

I hereby dubb 2012 the year of the Fairytale.

Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 1

Oh ugh, I spent two hours and 3 minutes watching Bella and Edward sucking face.  Well not a full two hours, thank goodness, at least something did happen.  That being said, this Twilight wasn’t so bad.  Cringe worthy as all hell, but the acting was at its best yet.  The film wasn’t so bad if you cut out everything from after the wedding to when Jacob finds out that Bella’s back.  I think what really ticks me off, other than Bella and Edward tonguing each other, is that Bella is the horny one in the relationship.  I just find it embarrassing.  Ok coy Edward was cute, for like a second, and then one begins to wonder whether he isn’t perhaps gay.  I know, I know it’s not how the story goes but it’s what I see.  I’m more interested in the second half of the book / movie, when we get all the excitement, like more vampires, Volturi threat, Bella’s first hunt, but the first part deserves some praise.

Bella’s dress was stunning, I loved the back, and I loved her hair clip, and those shoes were stunning.  One of my favourite little scenes in the book, is when Bella and Edward are waiting to tell Charlie that they’re engaged and Bella tells Edward to wait until Charlie has put away his gun.  I find the scene hilarious and wished they had put it in the film.  Although it doesn’t really fit anywhere the way the movies have been scripted.  *skips over Esme Island and all the smooching*  right onto Jacob and his angst.  I don’t think Jacob can really act, but hey he’s hot and doesn’t really wear much, so who’s complaining.  Come to think of it, Jacob and the rest of the pack have been remarkably clothed in this film.  😦   I also noticed that a lot of the conversations that the wolf pack have are done in human and not in wolf form.  Now I wanted to see them wolf speak more, but it was pointed out to me that the actors would want more face time, which makes sense, so I don’t object too much, they’re all just too gorgeous to waste!  I think the most amazing thing in this move is the special effects, especially how they aged Bella, and made her look like a skinny twig.  That was impressive, but what was absolutely amazing is when they reverse the effects at the end, when Bella is becoming a vampire, it was so natural, special effects have really come along way.  I was very interested to see how they would show Jacob imprinting on Renesmee.  It was nicely handled, not corny at all, unlike the scene in New Moon where Alice shows her vision of Bella being a vampire.  Oh crikey that was a corny scene.  What’s funny is that the director said that when he filmed it he thought it was perfect, and then seeing it in the final product he admitted to finding it extremely corny himself.  Back to the imprinting, nicely handled, and I loved getting an early look at Renesmee as she ages, especially seeing an older version of her, which apparently is a digital aging of the little girl playing Renesmee.  Wow she’s gorgeous.  My biggest question was how were they going to handle Renesmee’s birth, because it’s quite gory in the book.  Well it was impressive, they were very religious to the book, and dealt with it in such a way that it was tense but not too gruesome.  We don’t see much, which is quite the opposite to a lot of films out there.  I’m thinking of horror movies, ones I have and haven’t seen, and considering this is Twilight they couldn’t really be too graphic otherwise they won’t be able to get a low enough age restriction.

At the end of the day, Breaking Dawn is the most ridiculous book I’ve ever read, vampires having ‘gentle’ sex with humans and then producing a half-human half-vampire baby immortal whose mothers’ best friend, who has been totally in love with her, but was in actual fact in love with her ovaries, and is the soul mate of her child.  It must have been very difficult to turn the book into a script without making it look absolutely ridiculous, but it was well handled.

G.I. Joe 2: Retaliation

Unlike many, I really enjoyed the first GI Joe movie.  It was fun, with great action, a little romance, and some corny but fun one liners.  I also have a fan girl crush on Snake Eyes!  I know it doesn’t make much sense to crush over a guy whose face is always covered, but it’s the mystery behind the awesomeness that makes him appealing.  Also, the actor playing him is Ray Park aka Darth Maul, super hot Sith badassness, what’s not to love.  That aside, the sequel looks fun as well.  No surprise Storm Shadow’s alive, the way his death was set up in the first film, it was so obvious he was going to come back.  Plus, with a bod like that, it would be such a waste to kill him off permanently.  From the little we are shown in the trailer, poor old Duke (Channing Tatum) doesn’t live very long.  Now I’m not an authority on the GI Joe comics, I’ve only just started being interested in them, and only because a specific artist I like worked on the series.  The character of Duke is pretty much synonymous with the GI Joe franchise, the same goes for Scarlett (not appearing in this film), Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow.  I’m sure there are others, but the GI Joe team is huge, like over 100 characters, but they’re back-up singers.  Without certain characters this film just looks like a Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson film.  Not that I don’t like him, you just don’t kill off Duke.  Not that I’m saying I like Channing Tatum, his acting is like a talking piece of wood!  BUT Bruce Willis playing the Original Joe, and his little quip about his cholesterol, fantastic.  The stunts looks awesome, but what a waste to have a ninja fight hanging on the side of a mountain,  you could pose and frame them far more dramatically on a flat surface, the scene looks a bit, erm, gangly?  Not as graceful as a ninja show down should be.

On another note, the trailer itself isn’t very dynamic.  The first one was quite an exciting, well edited piece, with lots of quick successive shots, and I love the song that was used in it.  This trailer is almost mellow compared to the first movies trailer.  (Actually I’ve just realised that I’ve only seen one version of the first movie trailer, it was the first released and I consider it the best and works well in interesting the viewer).

Still, very excited that there’s a sequel.  Please let it not be in 3D.

GI Joe Rise of the Cobra

Puss In Boots

I am allergic to cats, that being said, I still love them.  From a distance.  Cats know when you’re allergic to them and they go out of their way to try getting luvvies from you.  Every time I spent the night at my friends house, I would  wake up with her super fluffy cat sitting on my chest!  I own two Siamese cats with marvellously neurotic unique personalities.  Indigo and Gimli.  Gimli has this lovely deep ‘wong’ meow, your typical Siamese cat, all angular and pointy.  Indigo is this round yet skinny fluffy white fur ball that is addicted to my sister.  She has this pitiful wobbly meow, and pines for my sister when she leaves the house, even if it’s only to go to class for an hour or two.

Puss in Boots was cute.  I enjoyed it, it was light and fluffy, an easy watch.  It didn’t have the same tongue in cheek quality of the Shrek movies, but then the Shrek series is dripping with comedians, and that’s bound to rub off on the final product.  (Although I never watched the last Shrek and have only watched the third movie once.)  But then Puss in Boots isn’t trying to be like the Shrek films, it is merely placing itself within the Shrek universe.

I really loved Puss’s back story, seeing him as this oh so cute kitten.  I squealed at his cuteness.  There’s not much I can really say about the movie.  It was enjoyable, the animation was impressive, the story simple, the characters colourful.  I loved the cat nightclub, but the dance to the death sequence was a tad too drawn out, although funny, except for that ridiculous part where they’re dancing on the ceiling and then against each other’s feet in mid-air.  I loved the cat that does the ‘Ooooh’ response to certain gags, he had a stunning expression.  I loved Jack and Jill, they were lovely villains, and Jack was especially sweet wanting to raise a family, be a stay at home dad, and raise the kids all nice and evil.  So cute.

Yeah, Puss in Boots was a fun outing, nothing outstanding, but an enjoyable watch considering I haven’t been to many movies lately.