Mirror, Mirror

Wow isn’t this great, Mirror Mirror’s Trailer released too!  Now I can compare both Snow White trailers! 🙂  Firstly, wow, great sets and costumes, Lily Collins looks more like your typical Snow White, as opposed to Kristen Stewart, but then maybe it’s because we actually get to see what kind of a character Mirror Mirror’s Snow White is.  Mirror Mirror looks like a dark comedy that’s more surreal and ridiculous than Snow White and the Huntsman.  We also get two different kinds of evil queen, I like both Julia Roberts and Charlize Theron’s portrayals of the Queen, but I’d say Charlize is the more evil of the two. Actually I dont think Julia Robert has an evil or mean bone in her body, I dont think her face is even capable of sneering. Now that I think about it, she’s just so CUTE in the trailer, especially the crinckels scene, it was adorable.

The movie looks fantastic, the scene with the puppy love was hysterical……………….(I’m pretty sure I’ve come across that gag somewhere before).  Mirror Mirror has Julia Roberts and Nathan Lane, both of whom I love, and who look absolutely hysterical in this trailer, and Snow White seems to have more spine than the Disney version.  Ever watch the Hallmark Snow White movie, with Kristin Kreuk?  That was a really good adaption too.

On a random side note, the editing of this trailer was brilliant!


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