I must admit, since the Lion King in 3D came out in August there hasn’t been any movies I’ve wanted or needed to see.  The ones that looked remotely watchable, like The Three Musketeers, were only available in 3D, and 3D movies are too expensive an excursion if you’re unable to go on half price day, which we are unable to do during term time.  This week we finally had time to go to see a movie, it had been so long that we didn’t even know what was showing, so we chose a movie blind and sat down to watch the Immortals.  I hadn’t read up about the movie, and I had only seen the first trailer when it released about half a year ago, so I really didn’t know what to expect, which was quite nice for a change.  I went in not expecting anything.  All I knew was that it looked like the 300 version of Clash of the Titans, which I didn’t have an issue with.

Immortals looks like 300, the use of the colour pallet, a similar fighting style, special effects, cinematography, and the same sort of bloody deaths, although Immortals takes it one step further.  I have never seen so many heads explode because of the sheer force with which they have been hit.  This is totally a guy movie.  I’m not even going to bother with story on this one, it was simple and easy to follow, and the acting wasn’t bad, but Immortals is purely a visual feast.  I particularly enjoyed the masks worn by Hyperion people, they were very dark and warped, my favourite was the man who was in charge of the falcon, he had this awesome leather feathered mask and shoulder pads, it just looked so cool.  What I did not enjoy was the torture tools used;  I hate the concept behind that giant metal bull.  If I hadn’t seen it in Red Riding Hood earlier this year, I would not have immediately understood what it was when they first showed it in the film.  It’s a barbaric contraption.

What I love most is the gods, though I do have an issue with how they are presented.  My major complaint is this:  THEY’RE TOO YOUNG!  Yes, I admit that when you depict gods, especially the Greek gods, they are going to be super hot, which they were in Immortals, but these young super hot actors were just far too young, they were babies trying to play adults.  You can’t act brave and wise and godlike when you’re under 25!  Maybe it’s just how I’ve always imagined the Greek gods to be, beautiful but of an age where they show wisdom as well.  I especially have an issue with the kid who played Ares, Daniel Sherman, boy was that a bad bit of casting.  You don’t get Kellan Lutz to sign on and then make him Poseidon!  He has the perfect musculature and build for Ares, and Daniel Sherman would have made a better Poseidon, he is too lithe for the role of Ares.  Actually the perfect Ares would have been Mickey Rourke, but he plays a good villain.  Back to Poseidon, that is the most ridiculous headgear/ crown I have ever seen!  He’s wearing a bloody goldfish on his head!  Seriously, they could have tried a little harder.


My only major problem with the film was the Virgin Oracle.  She can see the future, but if she has sex, she loses her visions.  So what does she do?  She decided to have sex with the hero, before they set out on their quest that will eventually lead to a major battle!  Practically, tactically, it’s the stupidest move you could make!  Why give up your biggest tactical advantage i.e. seeing the future, the ability to predict the movements of the enemy!   But no, the Virgin Oracle wants to give that all up, so she can sleep with a guy once, get pregnant and never have sex again!  Gee that was worth giving up the ability to see the future for!

I also had a problem with the action, it was good, but they failed to show the impact when someone gets hit or stabbed and explodes in a gory mess.  They were trying for the 300 level of violence, but they missed the mark.  What made 300 battles feel real, made the audience wince and feel the blows, was the soundtrack coupled with the sound effects.  The tempo of the soundtrack complemented the impact of the hits, coupled with very loud thumping ‘oofing’ sound effects.  Immortals action missed the mark in that regard.

An interesting side note, the director is Tarsem Singh, he directed Jennifer Lopez’s The Cell (2000) which looked stunning and had a disturbing story, The Fall (2006) which I have yet to watch, but also has his trademark style, and he is the director for Mirror, Mirror!  I think he has a good eye for cinematography and aesthetic.

In conclusion:  TEAM POSEIDON!


Pixar’s Brave New Trailer

You can’t see it, but I’m jumping up and down with excitement.  YES, THIS MOVIE IS GOING TO BE AWESOME!!!!!!  Would you look at Merida’s hair!!!!  (That’s the princess)  It looks fantastic;  wow 3D animation is improving in leaps and bounds.  And those wee little bears, just so CUTE!!!!  And it’s a new Disney princess more awesome and capable than any we have seen. Tiana and Rapunzel were very capable, but look;  we finally have a princess that has a proper weapon!  Also very impressive is the fact that the cast isn’t American;  it consists of top British and Scottish talent.  Kelly Macdonald does the voice of Merida, she’s Scottish, and we know her as Helena Ravenclaw from the Harry Potter franchise.  Emma Thompson does the voice of Queen Elinor, Robbie Coltrane aka Hagrid does the voice of Lord Dingwall, Kevin McKidd from Grey’s Anatomy voices Lord MacGuffin (I didn’t know he was Scottish!?), we also have Julie Walter aka Molly Weasley, Craig Ferguson the voice of Gobber from How To Train You Dragon (I loved Gobbers voice in HTTYD) and last but not least the one the only, the epic BILLY CONNOLLY as King Fergus.  Billy Connolly has such a magic Scottish accent, he hasn’t done nearly enough voice acting in my opinion.  To have such top notch UK voice talent in an American created and produced film is quite unusual, usually American films take on other countries and cultures films, and place American accents within.  Like Kevin Costner’s nonexistent British accent in Robin Hood.  (love the movie anyway)  This is a very clever movie by Pixar, by having the correct accents it adds character to the story telling, plus it’s written by Pixar, so the story is going to be original and multilayered, and comedicly brilliant.  I am so excited for this movie;  I’m frothing at the mouth!

Mirror, Mirror

Wow isn’t this great, Mirror Mirror’s Trailer released too!  Now I can compare both Snow White trailers! 🙂  Firstly, wow, great sets and costumes, Lily Collins looks more like your typical Snow White, as opposed to Kristen Stewart, but then maybe it’s because we actually get to see what kind of a character Mirror Mirror’s Snow White is.  Mirror Mirror looks like a dark comedy that’s more surreal and ridiculous than Snow White and the Huntsman.  We also get two different kinds of evil queen, I like both Julia Roberts and Charlize Theron’s portrayals of the Queen, but I’d say Charlize is the more evil of the two. Actually I dont think Julia Robert has an evil or mean bone in her body, I dont think her face is even capable of sneering. Now that I think about it, she’s just so CUTE in the trailer, especially the crinckels scene, it was adorable.

The movie looks fantastic, the scene with the puppy love was hysterical……………….(I’m pretty sure I’ve come across that gag somewhere before).  Mirror Mirror has Julia Roberts and Nathan Lane, both of whom I love, and who look absolutely hysterical in this trailer, and Snow White seems to have more spine than the Disney version.  Ever watch the Hallmark Snow White movie, with Kristin Kreuk?  That was a really good adaption too.

On a random side note, the editing of this trailer was brilliant!

The Hunger Games

Well apparently this is the new ‘Harry Potter’ / ‘Twilight’!

I really don’t see how they can make that comparison; by the looks of it Hunger Games is a completely different kind of story to the previous two. I think what they mean is the next ‘global phenomenon’. Seriously can we just have movies, they really don’t have to be billed as huge blockbusters, just let them become huge; don’t tell us they are going to be huge.

Sorry, I’m rambling.

Well Hunger Games looks good, it looks exciting and action filled, and the story seems a interesting. I look forward to watching this.

Snow White and the Huntsman

Aaaand I’m back!  Sorry for the silence, I have been super busy since August;  Captain America was literally the last outing I had.  I’ve been busy writing essays since then.  So firstly, YAY exams are over and I’m on holiday.  Hot off the presses FINALLY the first trailer for Snow White and the Huntsman!

2012 is the Year of Snow White.  Well, it started a bit earlier with the TV series Once Upon a Time, which follows the lives of Snow White, Prince Charming and characters from all other fairytales who are sent to the real world and denied their happy endings.  I’ll talk about the TV show later, back to the Snow White movies, of which, as I said, there are two. Snow White and the Huntsman stars Kristen Stewart as Snow White, Charlize Theron as the Evil Queen, Chris Hemsworth as the Huntsman (WOOHOOO the hotness of Thor) and some kid called Sam Claflin who plays Prince Charmant.  The other Snow White movie is called Mirror Mirror – it only received an official title recently, and stars Lily Collins as Snow White, Julia Roberts as the Evil Queen and some guy called Armie Hammer as Prince Andrew Alcott.  Oh and it appears Sean Bean will play the King.

I love the retellings of fairytales, and I’m especially excited about these two films because of how different the approaches are to the same subject matter.  Snow White and the Huntsman is an action adventure, a gritty battle epic, very Lord of the Rings.  I like it when my fairy tale princess’s grow a backbone and actually have a personality (remember this I’ll get back to it).  Mirror, Mirror is a more fantastical version, less gritty fantasy than Huntsman, more comedic, a far more colourful affair.  Both movies look absolutely stunning, and present two incredibly different stories so it’s very exciting.

So here’s the major bone of contention with Snow White and the Huntsman:  Kristen Stewart’s in it.  I’m sorry but my sister and I came to the realisation after witnessing the MTV movie awards the year Twilight came out, that Kristen Stewart can’t act!  She just plays herself!  She has absolutely no presence.  Since I have only seen her in The Twilight films (which I love/hate) and her small role in Zathura (2005) and a movie I’ve watched bit of called The Cake Eaters, where she plays a girl with some debilitating disease.  I really want to see if Kristen Stewart can play anything other than Bella.  So it really ticks me off that the first trailer for the film doesn’t show us any scenes of her speaking!  Of all the luck.

Other than that I can’t wait to watch this film.  WOO TEAM THOR!

For more pictures from both movies:

Mirror Mirror:

Snow White and the Huntsman: