Transformers 3 The Dark of the Moon

Well I was pleasantly surprised by the twig, she wasn’t so bad, not that she had do much other than look sexy and scream ‘SAM’, which she pulled off with natural ease.  I think opinions are mixed on whether people enjoyed this movie or not.  I discovered that I have a blind spot for any movie that has large scale destruction, whether they have major plot holes or implausible action I seem to be blind to it and only focus on the glorious destruction. (oh god I sound like a monster).

I feel that they got fairly close to the same feel that the first Transformers had, which was a perfect blend of action, sarcasm, romance, drama, and  muted not over the top gags.  This was all blown to hell in the second film.  What horrifies me is that the script writers, Robert Orci and Alex Kurtzman, of the first Transformers wrote the second, which was just embarrassing, and they were responsible for Star Trek script.  The co-created Fringe with JJ Abrams, worked on Alias and the new Hawaii 5-0 which are all amazing shows.  They are brilliant writers, but what on earth happened with the second film?  How can you drop the ball that badly?

So Transformers 3 the Dark of the Moon, yay, we have more of a storyline.  I don’t want to summarise it because I have read some summaries which give away the plot twist that sets up the second half of the film, and I don’t want to be one of those people.  I enjoyed the larger cast of Transformers, but like the flaw in the second film, there isn’t enough interaction between them and the humans.  I’m pretty sure that people are watching Transformers for the giant talking alien robots rather than watching Sam and his life fall apart, again.  I must admit I rather enjoyed the character of Carly for one reason, she is modelled as the perfect girlfriend, it’s almost a jab at Megan Fox, that Michaela was the one who couldn’t accept Sam and so broke up with him.  Carly is the perfect girlfriend, the male ideal, she loves Sam and all his flaws, she’s super hot, she earns a very good wage, is respected, and completely loyal to Sam.  (Actually I think men have difficulty accepting that their partner earns more money than they do).  Basically they are subtly saying indirectly to Megan Fox,  HAH  WE  FOUND  A  CHARACTER  BETTER  YOU  HA HA HA.

I found the comedy far more acceptable in this movie, don’t get me wrong I found the second movie hilarious, but slap-stick physical gags used in the second film just do not fit with the kind of movie Transformers is.  What I found hilarious was Sam continually stressing out and having panic attacks, he get’s squeaky and hysterical and it’s just so funny, and when he screams like a girl, I love that.

The story itself has enough in it to keep you interested;  it’s not as aimless as the second film. There were more Autobots in this instalment and they had unique looks and with little screen time still managed to convey personality and individuality.  Thank goodness they got rid of those  hillbilly twin Autobots, they were absolutely horrid, an embarrassment, and I couldn’t always understand what they were saying.

Favourite character of the movie:  Dutch played by the hilarious Alan Tudyk.  I have loved Alan Tudyk since Firefly, the most stunning and stunningly short sci-fi series ever to grace TV.  Alan Tudky plays the quirky funny man extremely well, until Dollhouse, where he played crazy awesomely, which was a surprise.  In Transformers 3 he plays the gay assistant to Simmons, who is blessedly less painful in this movie.  Dutch is surprising to say the least, and I will say no more.

Oh I also enjoyed McDreamy playing McEvil in this film.

As usual the effects in Transformers The Dark of the Moon are just AMAZING, I take my hat off to all those poor animators who were chained to their computers creating these incredibly detailed robots and then putting them into jaw dropping action sequences.  I don’t think those poor guys saw daylight for months.

So not a bad movie, a lot darker than the previous 2, not necessary to see in 3D, it’s epic without it.


2 thoughts on “Transformers 3 The Dark of the Moon

  1. i thought carly’s role was annoying and kinda offensive to me as a woman because her ‘character’ is basically there to be ogled and i don’t think she is so much, as you say, “the perfect girlfriend,” as “the boy’s unrealistic and selfish dream of a girlfriend.” totally devoted to and accepting of sam even though he never ever proves that he deserves it within this story, even though he’s jealous and whiny and unnecessarily rude and dismissive towards her. it’s a boy fantasy movie, but i guess the giant robots already gave that away.

  2. i totally agree, i accept that this franchise is aimed at guys so there will always be eye-candy in it, and that said eye-candy has no skill other than screaming and looking scared and wearing very little clothing. i just wanted to see if a super-model could act 🙂 i love Transformers solely because it’s got giant alien robots destroying property. Explosions make me happy.

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