X-men First Class

I’m a bit behind on my movie reviews, so I’m working backwards from most recent to oldest.

As I said earlier, I wasn’t very excited about this movie.  I really can’t understand why, usually any remote mention of X-men has me frothing at the mouth.  All I can say is that I got snobbish, which was something I never wanted to happen when it came to movies based on comics.  It’s a common problem with comic fans considering how difficult it is to translate comics to film and make it appear plausible.  In the old days comics just did not translate well to the screen.  It is movies like Iron Man and Thor and the earlier X-men movies that show that we are now capable of creating a realistic environment for our rather ridiculous comic book worlds.

Onto the movie.  I thoroughly enjoyed it!  I had to condition my mind a bit before going to see it, I had to remind myself that the X-men movies were creating their own lore and were not directly representing my beloved comics.  With that out of the way I was happy to accept that Mystique was raised by Xavier, that Beast had a crush on Mystique and that Havok, the younger of the Summers brothers would appear in a movie which is set in the Kennedy era and thus making him older than Cyclops in this X-men reality.  Brian Singer is again involved with the X-men franchise, helping to write the script.  While Singer claims that First Class should be viewed as a prequel to X-men, there are some problems with the continuity of First Class other than the whole Summers debacle that makes it difficult to believe.  My major problem is that if Mystique was like a sister to Xavier, especially with the kind of relationship they had in the movie, then there is no way she would have poisoned Cerebro in order to hurt Xavier in the first movie.  In fact Mystique of the movies is warm and cuddly compared to the comics.  My only other qualm with First Class was Emma Frost.  The chick had no curves!  She had no hips and no boobs, what’s the point of having Emma Frost prance around in her underwear if there’s nothing to admire? She was also fairly bland, the Emma Frost I know and love would imbed disturbing images in your head for just thinking that word in her presence!

When I first heard that James McAvoy was going to play a young Charles Xavier I just could not picture it, same with Michael Fassbender playing a young Magneto.  Actually I think it’s difficult for most avid X-Men fans to imagine either character as young, of Xavier with hair for that matter.  I really enjoyed the two, there was good character development although I feel that the relationship between Xavier and Erik (Magneto) needed to be over a couple of years, they have a solid bond in the movie, but it’s too solid for the short time frame the movie is set in (also Xavier and Magneto knew each other for years before they had their big fight in the comics).  The only thing that bothered me (and I wasn’t the only one to notice this), and I really don’t want to mention it because then other people won’t be able to look at the film the same way, was the ‘bromance’ between the two.  Now I may have only noticed this because I’ve read manga that have weird intimate relationship between men.  It bothered me, at one point I wanted to yell at the screen ‘Just kiss already!!’  It was worse than the bromance in Lord of the Rings.

All in all X-men First Class was a brilliant movie; it had a complex and engaging storyline which kept the plot moving forward.  The special effect in this film were brilliant, it seems that filmmakers have finally figured out how to pull off a proper super powered battle.  This film alone gives me great hope for next year’s Avengers movie (even though both films are produced by different companies).  I absolutely loved X-men First Class, especially the guest appearance of Wolverine (the hunky Hugh Jackman), that little scene made me howl with laughter, and even now still brings a naughty giggle (I’m sure someone had been sitting on that idea for years).


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