Pixar’s Brave

OH MY GOSH OH MY GOSH OH MY GOSH it’s the next Pixar movie!  I didn’t realise we were so close too seeing previews for their next movie.  It’s only out in 2012, and most probably a June/ July release, but still EXCITING.  It’s about a Scottish princess, Merida, who defies her parents by pursuing an interest in archery, and inadvertently jeopardizes her father’s kingdom in the process.  The story sounds exciting, different to the usual Pixar, when I say different I mean ………… crud I don’t know.  If we look at what Pixar has previously produced, this movie is different because firstly it’s not about toys, insects, animals, monsters, cars or superheroes.  Brave will be Pixar’s second fully human cast, fourth movie to have humans (Monster’s Inc, The Incredibles and Andy in Toy Story 3).  This movie will also be different because it is drawing on cultural history.  If you look at the worlds which Pixar has created, most of them are in nature, the ocean of Nemo, the rocky mountains of Cars, the anthill in Bugs, they have not used places or things that possess a cultural history, except maybe Barbie, she has a history.  Brave’s story seems to follow a more Disney approach, that of a fairytale, although one could say that Brave is different because it could be viewed as something imitating a myth or a legend rather than a fairytale.  But I’m getting waaaaaaayy ahead of myself, let’s just look at the trailer and artwork for now and squeeee at its awesomeness.

……..are you excited yet? 🙂


Up comming TV series

Falling Skies

Now I’ve been sitting on this trailer for ages, and keep on forgetting to post it.  I’m really excited to watch it; I think the potential for an alien invasion TV series is immense.  We are used to alien invasion movies, with a beginning, middle and end, where the time frame is sped up, and mankind somehow manages to save the day at the eleventh hour.  Falling skies is an alien invasion series that takes place 6 months after the initial invasion which they lost.  Now we get to see the prolonged effects of man versus alien, in a situation where mankind lost the initial fight.  We get to see our characters develop over a series of episodes instead of two hours.  And the effects don’t look half bad for a TV series.  Ooooh and it’s produced by Steven Spielberg.

And here is a whole slew of new TV series starting in America in the fall. (Whenever that is, why can’t they say June/July / August).

Terra Nova

Now I would watch this because it is a sci-fi and because it’s ALSO produced by Steven Spielberg, the dinosaurs are a plus.  Hmm the premise is a bit silly, going to prehistoric past to recolonise earth, uuh you then rewrite all of earths history!?  But looks interesting.


Oooo now this looks mysterious, although truthfully this isn’t something I would watch on a weekly basis, it’s something I would marathon, so that I don’t forget the intricate nuances of the series.

The River

Well this just looks plain scary, and yet I am intrigued, I don’t go for movies like this so why would I go for a tv series?   Uh, things make me curious and I just have to know the story, that’s why I Wikipedia horror and exorcism supernatural like movies, you know the seriously creepy scary ones.

Once Upon a Time

This one has gotten me excited;  I love fairytales so this is right up my alley.  I like the crossing over of the fairytales into the modern world, especially because the two worlds are so different that they can’t possibly work.  It reminds me of this comic series called Fables, which I have read bits of.  It’s about all the fairytales being forced to leave their ‘enchanted land’ and integrate into the human world, it’s a cool series which I plan to read in full….. one of these days.


Meh, it looks far more fairytalish buuut I’d say Supernatural interests me more.  But I’ll still give this series a go.


Hmmm this is interesting, but like I said for Alcatraz I think I’ll marathon it.  It has potential but I feel it will be one of those series that keeps the mystery running for too long, like Prison Break, gave up watching it after the first season when they hadn’t figured out who put Lincoln in prison.  I think I’ll monitor this series from a distance.

Charlie’s Angels

HELL YEAH!!!  I totally loved the remake movies, absolutely my favourite movie, full of colour and fun.


HAH this looks funny, I don’t watch many comedy series, but this one looks quirky and funny, it has potential.

Day One

Now this one has a sad story behind it.  Day One was intended for a 2010 release, but the network (NBC) never picked it up, they thought the premise could be held believably in a tv series, and said that they would make it into a 6 part miniseries and then a 2 hour movie and then poof! nothing they just didn’t want to pick this show up.  WHAT WERE THEY THINKING!!!  This series has serious potential. *sob* this is right up my alley.

(ug the quality of this trailer is heartbreaking, there’s only one version of it available online so the quality isn’t gonna get any better than this).