Its the end of the world!…….again!

Because today is the end of the world, again, I thought it appropriate to show these two trailers.

Now Transformers 3 is very much an end of the world themed trailer. Ooooooh I’m getting excited, I pray this one is better than Transformers 2 (I like to pretend that movie never happened).

However, what does not bode well for this movie is Megan Fox’s replacement. The few scenes in which the twig is shown, in this trailer, do not make her look good. I mean yes, she looks super hot, but that’s not helping the utterly stupid expression she has on her face, I’ve seen cows with better facial expressions than this girl! Hell they should have stuck with bitchy Megan Fox, she may have bad mouthed Michael Bay, but at least she had some acting talent. Just look at the first shot we see of the twig (shame I know the girl has a name, but its long, and she’s a supermodel, I take issue with Sam dating 2 supermodels) her face is getting mushed in Sam’s hands, and the expression on her face isn’t even remotely scared, terrified, deer in front of head lights like, it’s the kind of expression an airhead who can’t act would make! If you want to see a supermodel who can act go watch anything with Milla Jovovich, now she can act and she was a supermodel. Even Devon Aoki can act – her acting isn’t great but it’s acceptable and she is a model.

Now Harry Potter 7.2 isn’t technically an end of the world themed movie, but the trailer sure makes it look like one, plus it is the LAST Potter movies, so technically you could say the world is ending. I’ve tried to avoid trailers for this movie because I could see that they interpreted the battle of Hogwarts differently to how it is depicted in the book. I’m not nitpicking here, Voldemort and Harrys big duel happens in front of everyone, in the main hall of Hogwarts. So why are they duelling alone? I’m greatly vexed. But that gripe aside this movie looks soooooo EPIC. Cannot wait to see it on the big screen.


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