Its the end of the world!…….again!

Because today is the end of the world, again, I thought it appropriate to show these two trailers.

Now Transformers 3 is very much an end of the world themed trailer. Ooooooh I’m getting excited, I pray this one is better than Transformers 2 (I like to pretend that movie never happened).

However, what does not bode well for this movie is Megan Fox’s replacement. The few scenes in which the twig is shown, in this trailer, do not make her look good. I mean yes, she looks super hot, but that’s not helping the utterly stupid expression she has on her face, I’ve seen cows with better facial expressions than this girl! Hell they should have stuck with bitchy Megan Fox, she may have bad mouthed Michael Bay, but at least she had some acting talent. Just look at the first shot we see of the twig (shame I know the girl has a name, but its long, and she’s a supermodel, I take issue with Sam dating 2 supermodels) her face is getting mushed in Sam’s hands, and the expression on her face isn’t even remotely scared, terrified, deer in front of head lights like, it’s the kind of expression an airhead who can’t act would make! If you want to see a supermodel who can act go watch anything with Milla Jovovich, now she can act and she was a supermodel. Even Devon Aoki can act – her acting isn’t great but it’s acceptable and she is a model.

Now Harry Potter 7.2 isn’t technically an end of the world themed movie, but the trailer sure makes it look like one, plus it is the LAST Potter movies, so technically you could say the world is ending. I’ve tried to avoid trailers for this movie because I could see that they interpreted the battle of Hogwarts differently to how it is depicted in the book. I’m not nitpicking here, Voldemort and Harrys big duel happens in front of everyone, in the main hall of Hogwarts. So why are they duelling alone? I’m greatly vexed. But that gripe aside this movie looks soooooo EPIC. Cannot wait to see it on the big screen.



Now I’m not a big fan of the comics, I find Thor to be a bit like Captain America, big blond infallible guy with virtually no personality. Actually I’m not being fair, Thor’s not so bad, he’s actually quite interesting, or maybe he’s interesting because of all the characters that surround him. Whatever, I don’t know.

So I was really looking forward to this movie, I really wanted to see how on earth they were going to turn Thor from a fantasy comic book, into a realistic movie, set within the reality of the Marvel live action film franchise. I also wanted to see how they were going to pull off Thor’s helmet, which has wings on the side. Personally I didn’t see how they were going to pull off Asgard, or a fight scene between gods, I didn’t think movie special effects were advanced enough.

Well don’t I feel stupid.  Just visually Thor is a triumph, we are now technologically capable of pulling off proper super hero movies. Yes there have been several super hero movies before Thor that have rather big gobsmacking special effects, but I mean a full on power brawl, liiiiiiike those double comic page  spreads where everyone is throwing energy balls and lightening. Yeah, I’m sounding like an idiot, shutting up now.


So Thor, great movie, wish he had taken his shirt off a bit more. WHOA BABY what a bod. Perving complete. I really enjoyed the movie, like I said, I was curious to see how they were going to pull Asgard off, like the rainbow bridge that connects Asgard to Earth, or what Volstagg would look like, (such a sweet, huge character in the comics) how they would do all those Norse helmets, I mean they look great in the comic but how the hell do you make helmets look cool in a live action movie. Heimdall is super awesome in the movie, has such an awe inspiring look, he looks so much cooler than in the comic, my sister is totally in love with him and thinks he should have his own film.

I really enjoyed Anthony Hopkins as Odin the All-father, god of gods, he just had the right aura and gravity for the part, properly portraying an ancient ruler who has ruled for millennia and is wise and all powerful.  That’s where Liam Neeson failed in Clash of the Titans, but to be fair, it was a bad script and Zeus is a fairly juvenile, petulant, stupid, cocksure god who got totally owned by Hades. So Odin/ Anthony Hopkins = awesome god.

Loki, an emo god. They didn’t really explain Loki’s personality to the viewer. What I know from the comics is that he is a trickster (duh everyone knows that) what I mean is that his mischievous ways show more, whereas in the film he’s more……….. sadistic? unhinged? He’s definitely less light-hearted than the comic version of him .

Thor, woof what a bod, he should have been shirtless throughout the movie. I don’t think they had enough time in this movie to properly show the changes that happen to Thor, he’s just suddenly – after one night – nice and humble.  The changes should have occurred far more subtly and over a greater period of time, but it is a movie and one does have time constraints.  I think Chris Hemsworth did a pretty good job of portraying the all-powerful, vain, pigheaded god. Exactly how I would imagine one. Also, he was in the Star Trek movie, as Kirk’s daddy, he dies in the first 10 minutes, but what an awesome 10 minutes. My sister and I cried the first time we saw it (and several time since, what and emotionally charged scene).

I had a couple of fan-girl squee moments. One of the most exciting moments for me is when Thor’s breaking into the SHIELD compound and Agent Coulson calls for some eyes in the sky, and out comes HAWKEYE!!!!! WOOOOOOOOOOT Hawkeye is played by Jeremy Renner. I like Hawkeye, and it got me really excited because, featuring him in the movie, even if it is an unaccredited 3 minutes,  just makes the Avengers movie that much closer to a reality. They’ve been setting up the Avengers movie since Iron Man in 2008, all those little after the credit clips that set the fans foaming, most epic of them all was the Iron man one which has Samuel L. Jackson playing Nick Fury. (I mentioned in my Iron Man 2 review how the Ultimate Marvel series based their Nick Fury on Jackson). Anyway the after credits scene for Thor was very exciting, it had THE COSMIC CUBE. Here’s the funny thing, I have no clue what it is exactly, it was part of a very big Captain America story arc a couple of years back, like it was seriously epic, and I followed blogs on it vaguely, but I cant say more cause it will spoil Captain America: The First Avenger  (I think).

So Thor was a very satisfying movie, amazing special effects, stunning sets, killer helmets, an awesome bod, and some really good gags. Thor was a really pleasing movie, in fact it left my sister wanting to go read the comics, and she’s never said that about any other comic book based movie we have watched together ergo, VERY GOOD MOVIE!!!!

OOOOOOOOOOO and since Thor is setting up Captain America and The Avengers here’s the new Captain America: The First Avenger full trailer. I’ve been meaning to put this up for a while. I’m getting very excited for this movie, it looks fun.