I suck and the X-men

Ok I seriously suck, it’s been a VERY long time since I posted. I apologise, it was a mixture of laziness and other activities.

So first up:

The X-Men: First Class trailer has just been released, and I must say, it looks cool.  BUT I’m pissed with this movie, and here’s why:

THIS IS NOT THE FIRST CLASS OF X-MEN!!!!!!!!  Firstly, the original X-men were Jean Grey, Cyclops, Beast, Iceman and Angel (Warren Worthington).  This movie has Xavier (sporting hair) and Magneto with Beast, Emma Frost (who was only introduced as a villain when Uncanny X-men debuted in 1963), Angel Salvadore (who has only existed for the last 10 year,s and was by no means a pleasant character) and a mish-mash of other characters, villain and hero alike, which just don’t mix.  Just looking at the character line-up leaves me speechless.  What the hell are they up to?  One of my peeves is that they’re introducing Havoc, aka Alex Summers, little brother of Scott Summers aka Cyclops, the problem is that this movie time wise predates Wolverine Origins where we get a young Cyclops.  This movie seems to be set in the time of Kennedy, which is I don’t know when!?

Just looking at the characters I feel this movie could be a possible disaster, I don’t know how it will work, but the trailer looks damn cool.

AND some more X-men. This time its X-men the anime!!!!!!!!  KAAAAAAYYYYY SO COOL.  This year a lot of the Marvel stuff has been turned into anime.  Iron Man was the first, it looks pretty good but I haven’t found the time to watch it; now there’s Wolverine.  The preview trailer made me shriek in horror and I can’t bring myself to watch further than the first 5 min of the first episode. Wolverine looks too pretty, it’s just not natural.  The X-men anime looks awesome.  I was worried that they would take the idea of the X-men and totally deviate from what it is, but it looks like X-men, smells like X-men, hey maybe it will even taste like X-men.  I can’t wait to see Storm’s look, she’s got her modern punk hairdo, from Ultimate X-men.

X-men the anime teaser

Iron Man Teaser

I think this was just a demonstration of what they could do, what their style would look like.

This is the opening intro for the anime:


Waaaaaaay too pretty, this is the opening intro to the anime, which is a hell of a lot better than the teaser, which still makes me cringe.

I honestly don’t know what they were trying to do with the character here.

RIGHT onto more goodies from Marvel:

Next up the second Thor Trailer:

HooooWeeee this looks AWESOME!!!!!  I especially loved the bit with the taser, that was hysterical. As I’ve said before, I had serious doubts about a Thor movie, but this looks INSANE.


Well actually it’s just a TV Spot, not a full on trailer. 🙂  This looks good, but I have a small problem with them using Chris Evans.  Firstly he’s already in a Marvel franchise; he plays the Human Torch in the Fantastic Four.  Secondly he’s too funny an actor to play such a straight laced Boy Scout.  It’s like taking a comedian (can’t think of a good example) and making him Batman!!!!  Or Superman!!! These particular characters are so straight laced and up-tight do-gooders, comedy just isn’t their strong point. That’s why they have sidekicks.

Still I can practically taste the future Avengers movie.  That had better be epic.  What am I saying – it’s Joss Whedon on the script and directing, it’s going to be AWESOMLY EPIC!!!!!