Stitch Awesome

So today is my birthday. No I will not mention my age EVER.  But I thought I might share one of my gifts.  It’s a Stitch figurine, but a very special one, it’s a ………………..


 He was bought when we went to Disney, earlier last year.  Disney owns the rights to Star Wars, and they have a Star Tours ride, and loooooooooots of Star Wars merchandise.  But the fun thing about Disney is that they inserted their characters into the movies, so you could buy a Minnie Mouse Princess Leia and a Luke Skywalker Mickey.  There was a  Jedi Stitch, but he was in a two-pack with Goofy (the Disney character I loathe the most).  I would have bought it, but then I found Sith Lord Stitch, just the most awesome thing EVER.  Stitch as a Sith Lord Darth Sidious is just so appropriate to his personality, cause we all know Stitch has a bit of an evil streak.  ( he was originally an ‘evil’ experiment).


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