Transformers 3: Dark of the Moon

Well I Suck!  The other day my sister came home after movies and told me excitedly about the Transformers 3 trailer.  To me this was seriously old news, unfortunately I had not put it on my blog!  What an idiot I am, how could I forget to put up the new trailer.  (In my defence I have been very busy, and had a bit of computer troubles, eh not really an excuse, ok ok I forgot).

Heeee doesn’t that look fun.  I love the whole linking it back to the first man on the moon thing, like when they linked the first movie to the first Mars probe.  And you will notice that the space ship the astronauts went into was full of dead Transformers!  Yeah I missed that the first time too.

Well, I love Transformers, the first movie the most, the second was good, but there was something about it that did irk me, I think it was those Cajun twin cars *shudders*.  The trailer doesn’t really give us much, but it’s a hell of a lot more than most teaser trailers.  I have absolutely no clue how this movie is going to work (I have a knack for figuring out my storylines before I finish a book, TV series, movie.  So it’s nice not being able to predict what will happen.)  I can’t believe Megan Fox was stupid enough to insult Michael Bay.  He’s a movie making powerhouse, she could get herself blacklisted, stupid wannabe.  Just because you’re hot doesn’t mean you’re going to get the role, acting and personality do count.  And I can’t say I’m thrilled with her replacement, the girl’s a bloody twig!  Actually, I think she is skinnier than Megan Fox. Seriously, the character of Sam Witwicky is a nerd, there is no way on earth TWO super models are going to hook up with him!!!

Transformers 3 will be out July 1st.


Stitch Awesome

So today is my birthday. No I will not mention my age EVER.  But I thought I might share one of my gifts.  It’s a Stitch figurine, but a very special one, it’s a ………………..


 He was bought when we went to Disney, earlier last year.  Disney owns the rights to Star Wars, and they have a Star Tours ride, and loooooooooots of Star Wars merchandise.  But the fun thing about Disney is that they inserted their characters into the movies, so you could buy a Minnie Mouse Princess Leia and a Luke Skywalker Mickey.  There was a  Jedi Stitch, but he was in a two-pack with Goofy (the Disney character I loathe the most).  I would have bought it, but then I found Sith Lord Stitch, just the most awesome thing EVER.  Stitch as a Sith Lord Darth Sidious is just so appropriate to his personality, cause we all know Stitch has a bit of an evil streak.  ( he was originally an ‘evil’ experiment).


Happy New Year!!! Sorry I was a bit lazy, didn’t feel like posting.

But look at this trailer.


It’s very reminisce of Dark Angel, I love the idea of child warriors.  And I loved Saoirse Ronan in City of Ember, and I have heard she was brilliant in Lovely Bones (too chicken to watch it though, it sounds like an intense tear-jerker). This trailer looks absolutely awesome.