Walking in the Air

So I know Christmas is over, but I think we can carry on the festive season a little longer. When I was little my mom made tapes of kiddies music videos and TV programs for me to rewatch. Walking in the Air music video was one of them. As a child I found this song magical and haunting, still do.  Now this is from the animated short The Snowman made in 1982 based on the book by Raymond Briggs. The story is about a lonely boy who makes himself a Snowman on Christmas day and he comes to life. I don’t think I ever saw the short in full, but I do have posters of it somewhere? The animation style seems to be based on the writer’s own illustrations. In fact by the looks of it, they copied his style to a T.  The song was specifically written for the animated short, by Howard Blake and performed by St. Paul’s cathedral choirboy Peter Auty. The song is very popular, and many cover versions have been made, I particularly like Nightwish’s version of the song.


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