Christmas Memories

Well I’m in a Disney/ Christmas mood, and I suddenly remembered a video I had when I was little which was sing-a-along Christmas carols to Disney cartoons. So I went looking for it and found them on Youtube. Oh it brings back fond memories, these videos made Christmas seem so magical and exciting.  Unfortunately Disney hasn’t released this on DVD so what you are seeing is some dedicated soul who copied their VHS copy. Which is such a pity, because this is classic Disney animation at its best, and you can’t see the finer elements because the quality is so-so. *sobs*

I think this is my favourite song, I wish I could see the cartoon that these clips are from in its entirety.

This song is so cute. And I love how the toys decorate the Christmas tree. Its so enchanting and fun.

Agh isn’t Rudolph the sweetest thing ever! Shame poor baby they were so mean to him.

This is such a sexy voice singing. Makes you want to snuggle up in front of a fire. Well I’d rather snuggle up in front of my aircon, its absolutely boiling!

Well this is definitely Disney A Christmas Carol.

It’s clips from Fantasia to Joy to the world, but it’s very appropriate to Christmas. I love these fairies.

And of course Jingle Bells. Aaaaw I love the bunnies who hitch a ride on the slay, it’s too dear.

I love Donald duck in this one, especially when he curls his hair.

DECK THE HALLS!!! I love this one; the idea of walking round a Christmas tree from the inside looks so magical.

And finally

Silent Night, my favourite Christmas Carol of all time. When I was in junior school it was the carol that the audience had to sing at our nativity, and I just loved hearing all the adults singing it, it wasn’t harmonious like this version, but it was still absolutely beautiful.


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