Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1


Finally the Potter movies grew up!  I was very worried about how the 7th book would translate into a movie, especially after HP6 the Half-Blood Prince, a pivotal if slightly boring instalment in the HP series, was absolutely useless as a movie.  But, to be fair, I only read the 6th book once and saw the movie 1 ½ times.  Plus I think the main thing that put me off movie 6 was the absolutely random, useless scene when the Burrow is attacked and burned down by Death Eaters.  IT NEVER HAPPENED IN THE BOOK!!!! So why was it put in the movie?  Unless they weren’t going to have the wedding in the 7th movie, also, by having the Death Eaters burn down the Burrow in the 6th movie, it means they know where Harry will be in the 7th movie, which means what was the point of that whole scene at the beginning of the 7th movie when they’re discussing when Harry will be moved because it’s so obvious where he will go!  Hmm maybe I over thought this?

So onto HP 7.1.

It didn’t really feel like a movie but more like an episode. Which isn’t a complaint.  The handling of book seven has been done very well so far. I especially enjoyed the little moment at the beginning when the Harry, Hermione and Ron are all psyching themselves up to leave.  Hermione erasing her parent’s memories was heartbreaking, I loved it.  I loved the polyjuice potion scenes.  The three adults that the trio turned into were brilliant!  Each were able to capture the mannerisms and facial expressions of the trio.  Oh and the original actors voiceovers didn’t hurt either.  A truly hysterical scene.  Also, at the beginning of the movie when everyone turned into Harry.  I loved Fleur/ Harry being embarrassed in front of Bill. Especially when that duo leave on the flying horse thingy (I think it was a Thestral), Fleur/ Harry snuggles against Bill.  SO FUNNY!!!!  One strange thing did happen to me during the movie.  Now I managed not to cry during Hedwig’s death, but Dobbies death got to me, (and I can’t stand Dobbie), so when Luna come over to Harry who’s holding Dobbies dead body, she closes his eye’s and says:

Luna Lovegood: [after Dobby dies] I think we should close his eyes, don’t you?
[Harry nods, she does it]
Luna Lovegood: There, now he could be sleeping.

The five guys in the row in font of us laughed!?!?  They laughed?  What was so funny about how or what Luna said?  I found it incredibly sweet, and incredibly sad.  If anyone can think of the reasoning behind those guys laughing please tell me, because all I can think is that they’re stupid and couldn’t connect with the scene.

The seventh book was a bit of a long read, with great big chunks of walking and being angsty, tired, and absolutely clueless.  All of which was nicely summed up.  Although they didn’t get nearly as far as a I would have liked. When I was reading the book I knew exactly where the first movie should end, and that is when they escape Gringots on the dragon.  They’ve left themselves a sizable chunk of book still to cover, and the last 200 pages alone are crammed full of information.  I have a book mark that symbolises the no turning back point – chapter 28, page 446, when they arrive at Hogsmeade,  if you start reading you will not be able to but the book down until you have finished, that’s about two hundred pages and takes a full day to finish.  I truly believe that Snape’s big reveal alone needs at least 15 minutes (ok maybe 10).

I loved the animated sequence about the Deathly Hallows.  I personally think it’s quite difficult to cross over from live-action to animation and have the two to fit together.  I loved the animation style employed, very much like shadow puppets.  Very dark and creepy.  Totally stunning and awesome.

I must say I’m really happy they weren’t able to make the first part 3D, it would have been an absolute waste.  The movie wasn’t really action packed enough to need it, and I know we all freaked out when the snake (repeatedly) jumped at the camera.  

All in all, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1 was a satisfying movie, well acted, beautifully filmed and great special effects.


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