Despicable Me

As you know, I was greatly disappointed in the trailers shown at cinema’s here, I also couldn’t find anyone to go see Despicable Me with me.  (3D movies are just ridiculously expensive, and now they expect us to bring or rent the glasese, and yet they still charge the same price as when the glasses were included in the entrance fee).  The minute exams ended I dragged an old animation buddy to see the movie with me.


I think my first favourite thing in the movie, is Kyle the dog?  What a strange creature. And next the minions, in the trailers they give the distinct impression of being very irritating, but in the movie they are stunning, I loved the way they communicated with each other, and their manic laughs.  Ok those are my top favourite things, and everything after that I love just as much.

The facial expressions and body language and movement are top notch.  And the 3D used in the movie was impressive.  I loved the rollercoaster scene, it was the perfect thing to do in 3D, it felt like I was on a rollercoaster, and I’ve done more than a few rollercoaster’s.

Earlier this year How To Train your Dragon made my top five, and now this movie has joined the list.  (shame all my classic Disney movies are being pushed lower down the list).

Despicable Me is just an amazing movie, and it most definitely appeals to both children and adults, as I heard a fair number of adults laughing in the movie.


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