Stitch is back!

Aaaand I’m BACK!  Yes, exams were terrible.  But here are a few exciting things I have found.

First, a bit of awesomeness, the first teaser trailer for Kung-fu Panda 2 which comes out next year.

Skadoosh (my favourite word to come out of that movie).

So this little teaser trailer is just adorable.  The graphics make me drool, and even though it’s a super short trailer, I totally love Po’s staring game, those minute facial movements are an amazing feat of animation.  It just shows you how much control one has when animating a 3D model nowadays.

Another trailer, a movie called Gnomeo and Juliet.  I’m interested because it’s different to the animated movies we have been getting lately, and one always wonders whether those suspicious garden gnomes are actually real or not.  I feel like they do watch us.  Plus, it looks funny and sweet.

AAAAAAND most exciting, a line test has surfaced for the new Avatar series, Avatar The Legend of Korra.  By now I’m sure you have caught on that I am a HUGE fan of Avatar The Last Airbender, so I am totally psyched that there is a sequel to this awesomely epic series.  Now Korra is a mini series apparently. 🙂  If I’m getting Avatar I want more than half a season or 6 plus episodes.  This series will take place 60 years after the original series, Aang’s son will train Korra in airbending.

So cool, I can’t wait to watch the series.