My Halloween Post

This is my Halloween post.  You might not be aware of this but I’m an anime lover, and in my anime perusals I found this video which I think perfectly fits the Halloween mood.  It’s an AMV from an anime called Soul Eater, uuuuh it’s actually an anime I haven’t watched.  It’s the music of the video that really tickles my fancy, it’s a cover version of the opening song of the movie Nightmare Before Christmas “This is Halloween” done by Marilyn Manson!  So wickedly cool!!!! Turns out a couple of years ago Disney re-released the Nightmare Before Christmas soundtrack called Nightmare Revisited, but each song has been re-sung by well known bands. Its such fun, Flyleaf and Amy Lee do covers.

If you’re wondering, the song used for the credits is also off the Nightmare Revisited soundtrack – it’s Finale-Reprise by Shiny Toy Guns. Truthfully the best part of the song is the intro.

And this is Halloween decorations in Disney Paris, it’s a Stitch-o-lantern! So cute! Totally my new favourite site.


2 thoughts on “My Halloween Post

  1. Holy Lord that video is badass!! I’ve heard of Soul Eater but never got it. Man now I wanna watch it 😀 And the song is awesome too!!!

  2. Yeah, the anime looks sooo wicked in the AMV, and the song totally makes it, but like most anime, its based on an ongoing manga series, so it most probably has a real fail ending. but im addicted tothe song 🙂

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