More Tangled

Ok, so I found two more Tangled trailers that I just have to share. Also, I found this wonderful Disney fan site that keeps you informed on the House of Mouse, and this stunnig site just made a mega post of Tangled, high-res, production stills. Now, I dont have the time to actually load a couple on here, but here is the link, check the site out:    (its like the 2nd or 3rd page)

oh wait I have a poster:

Isn’t the horses expression stunning? His name is Maximus, and the chameleon’s name is Pascal. Who names a chameleon Pascal…… oh wait….. no I dont get it??

WOOPS nearly forgot to post the trailers 🙂


5 thoughts on “More Tangled

  1. The more I look at it, the more beautiful I think the 3d in this movie is. I would hate to be the animators who had to animate that hair. Although there’d be like some insane rig to do it, but still. Yeeeessshhhh!!!

  2. WAAAAH…. Looking soo forward to seeing Tangled… Such a well written script and the characters seem like such a lively bunch. Looks like alot of fun!! Cant wait!!

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