Despicable Me

I saw the trailer when i was in Amerca in July and thought it was so cute and quirky. Now that its starting here this Friday, I’ve been trying to get my friends to go see it with me. No takers. Then i realised that it was because the cinema’s here were literally playing the worst trailers for the movie.

This is a teaser trailer, it doesn’t even qualify as a trailer, it tells you nothing about the story. I found that my friends were actually put off the movie because of this trailer!

Now this trailer is what they should have been playing in my cinemas. (actually they did play this trailer, but on the TV’s behind the food counter, so no one heard the audio).

My favourite part is right at the end when the little girl has her giant unicorn, and she says ‘it’s so FLUFFY!!’ that just tickled me 🙂

It kills me that in this country they play the worst version of movie trailers, the short ones that tell you nothing about the film, they’re not even teaser trailers. Words fail me they’re so bad. There’s no build up, or suspense, no climax, they just throw a scene at you. It’s sloppy marketing. By the time trailers hit South African cinemas I’ve watched 7 different versions online, and i get excited about my friends seeing these awesome trailers, and then we are shown these trailers that are so lazy, and uninformative, that i have to show them the decent version to get them interested.

I want more effort put into trailers screened here!

I also want to see Despicable Me!


2 thoughts on “Despicable Me

  1. OMG how cute Agnes….. She’s totally adorable ♥
    I absolutely LOVE the part when she’s holding the giant unicorn “Its so FLUFFY”

    Definitely one of my favourite animations for 2010

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