The Karate Kid

Tsk, i wrote this over a week ago, but essay deadlines and crappy internet connections keep on coming between me and this blog, i promise some little fun entries soon.

I love this poster

I loved the original Karate Kid movies, especially the one with Hilary Swank, she was just so cool, funny and awesome. One of the major ups of the Karate Kid remake is that for once, our main character is playing his own age!!! Ralph Macchio who played Daniel-san in the original series was 22 in the first film!!!! Ha ha ha. So yeah great move.

A friend of mine pointed out that there is a great difference between karate and kung-fu, and that this movie focuses on Kung-fu not karate. Karate originated from the small island of Okinawa, Japan. (i did an oral on karate in junior school) Kung-fu is a Chinese form of martial arts. I guess they had to change the style of martial arts to that of the nationality of Jackie Chan. Does it matter? It still looked cool. (oh i sound so ignorant)

I thought it was very clever to move the premise of the story from America to Beijing. It brought a wonderful cultural heritage to the film. i really enjoyed seeing Beijing as a modern city, not as a period movie set, it’s a wonderful mix of modern and ancient that gives the movie this rich environment and culture to enchant the audience. I thought Mister Han’s run down home so quaint and pretty, i wish i could live in a house like that. Im sure a lot of people thought that by setting the film in Beijing the film makers would focus on sweeping visuals of the wall of china and not focus on the story itself. That is not so, the culture and architecture add to the visual aspect of the movie, but the story itself was just as strong, and made totally awesome by the setting 🙂

Jaden Smith is a really good actor. I must admit my friends and i kept on saying “aaaw he’s so CUTE” throughout the movie. He is so much like his dad, i am seriously looking forward to seeing what this kid will produce in the future. Apparently he did most of his own stunts and took to kung-fu like a fish to water.

I found this movie far more plausible than the original. I felt that the bullying in the original was unbelievable, and forced, but then a bully doesn’t really need a reason to be mean i guess. Ok maybe the actors were just really bad. I just felt this movie was far more natural. And big props to Jackie Chan’s portrayal of Mr Han / Miyagi. Like the original, the Master gets drunk and tells his heart breaking story of loss, during which Jackie Chan was amazing, it touched me. Ok yes i admit I was crying. I can be a bit of a wet sometimes.

I also loved Dre’s love interest, Meiying. She is so CUTE. And she has such an awesome hairstyle.

My only issue with the movie, and it’s very minor, is Dre’s final kick that wins him the match at the end. Up until this moment in the movie, there has been no indication of wirework or fancy stunts of any kind, and then suddenly, out of nowhere, comes this kick, which looks like something out of Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon. It just didn’t fit. But other than that i loved the movie.


2 thoughts on “The Karate Kid

  1. I heard something like they could only get the rights to the movie (i.e the remake, and name “The Karate Kid”) if they kept the name just that. Havent seen the movie, but not sure why they couldn’t just have made it karate to tie in with the name. There is a huge diff between karate and kung fu (I only know this because of my brother who is kung-fu obsessed and trains every day)…but I dont get how they describe it as kung fu… but market it as karate. Either way…

  2. hmmm, that makes sense, but the thing is they wanted it to be a remake of the karate kid. otherwise they wouldnt have bothered to make the basics of the story rememble the karate kid, they would have just made a differnet movie. meh im not making sense.

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