Sorcerer’s Apprentice

I seriously can’t understand why people are being so mean about this movie. I’ve heard that it’s terrible, that it’s just a Nicholas Cage movie (which is it) the acting’s bad, blah blah woof woof. Seriously people, don’t you just want to go watch a movie and have fun? Were the action’s cool, stunts and effects impressive and the movie has some storyline? When did going to movies stop being fun and start being “oh it didn’t have this or it lacked that”? Honestly i just wanted a magic movie, pure and simple, and although i do feel that with all Disney could have done with the concept of the Sorcerer’s Apprentice, it’s not half bad.

First, a little bit on enlightenment. Have you watched Disney’s Fantasia (1940). For the half that said yes, I’m ecstatic, for the half that said no, i shall beat you with a stick. Fantasia is one of Disney’s unsung gems, and also unavailable on DVD at the moment, go download it. Basically Fantasia is Disney animators showing off. It’s beautiful. They took pieces of well known classical music, and animated scenarios to them. One of my favourite is the Sugar Plum Fairy music from the Nutcracker, where they animate all these little fairies. Tinker bell eat your heart out. But I’m veering off topic. One of Fantasia’s most famous pieces is the “Sorcerer’s Apprentice” written by Paul Dukas, where Mickey Mouse is the hard working apprentice to a Sorcerer with an awesome magical pointy hat with stars on. After finishing a spell the Sorcerer goes to bed, leaving his pointy hat on a table. Mickey the apprentice, who is busy fetching buckets of water from the well to clean the floor, decides to try his master’s magical hat. He uses the magic on his broom, and orders it to do his work. He then falls asleep and has a dream where he is commanding the ocean. Mickey wakes up to find that the mop is flooding the workshop, so Mickey, unable to stop it, chops it up!! But this only makes matters worse because the broom then multiplies and starts to flood the workshop even more! Just as a huge whirlpool starts to form and is about to suck Mickey down, the Sorcerer wakes up and makes all the water disappear. Mickey gets a swift kick in the behind for being lazy, and thus ends one of the most iconic pieces of Disney animations. Still today Disney uses the image of Mickey Mouse is his Sorcerers hat.

With such stunning source material to work from, it’s a bit sad that Disney didn’t make Sorcerer’s Apprentice an animated movie. I do like what they did with the live action story, with the nod to Fantasia; I just feel that they could have done more. Pirate of the Caribbean is definitely Disney’s success story, creating such a fully fleshed out world and complex story around one of Disney’s oldest and popular rides.

The effects were downright amazing, the characters likeable, and the story interesting enough not to bore me. All in all not a bad evening.

Heres the actual video:


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