I’M BACK!!! and i watched the A-Team :)

Hellooo hellooo it’s been a while. Well, to tell you the truth, I did go away, BUT i came back 2 weeks ago, or a little more, I’m not entirely sure? I went to America for two weeks and had an awesome time, unfortunately I missed the first week of lectures so pretty much was dumped into the deep end – with jetlag, I have 3 essays due in the next week and a bit, and a telephone book worth of reading to do. I wanted to save my first post back to talk about my awesome trip and my day at Comic Con. (YES I WENT TO COMI CON WHO WANTs TO TOUCH ME??????) Sadly I don’t have the time to spend uploading all my photos, and who wants to read a Comic Con post without pics? So please be patient.

But, i do have time to write a quickie movie review, or two.

So i went and saw Inception with my buds…… last week. TOTALLY FRIKKEN AWESOME!!!!! It had a The Matrix vibe going for it. Was totally blown away by the effects, totally loved the characters, entertained by the storyline, and totally stumped by the ending!!!!! So unfair!!!!

And now to the real reason for my post: I FINALLY SAW THE A-TEAM MOVIE!!! WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE.

Now i am a HUGE A-Team fan. I used to watch it when i was little and when the Series channel (on DSTV) started replaying it again i was thrilled. My mother and sister cannot understand why this ancient campy old series should appeal so much too me, and quite truthfully i can’t explain it either. All i can say is that the tv series is campy AWESOMENESS. There’s this marvellous innocence to the series which nowadays tv totally lacks. There is no swearing, there is practically no blood, people very seldom die, and the good guy ALWAYS WINS. (so far, i’m only on season 3 or 4) i loved Hannibal and his theatrics, Face and his philandering, B.A and his badass softy routine and Murdock and his madness. Totally awesome characters, who are a tight knit unit that are innovative, creative, and bat shit crazy!!!!

So when i heard they were going to make a movie, i was ecstatic. I was never really worried about who they were going to cast, but then truthfully i forgot and didn’t really monitor the movies progress until they released the first images for the movie. Liam Neeson as Hannibal was a fantastic choice, the similarities between him and George Peppard are astounding, i was quite pleasantly surprised. Now Bradley Cooper as Face was just inspired (and yummy). i missed Mr T, but Quinton “Rampage” Jackson made a wonderful BA, although i wish he had worn bling……. NOOOO I TAKE THAT BACK then he would have looked gangsta, and you don’t get ‘gangsta’ army rangers. And then there was Sharlto Copley as Howlin Mad Murdock. Firstly, Murdock is my favourite character from the series, secondly, i was so psyched that a salt of the earth South African (not some fakie South African like Charlize Theron, who hadn’t lived in SA for like 20 yrs when she got her Oscar) got a major role in an American block buster, and its made all the more sweeter because he only has one other movie to his name, the awesome South African Sci-fi District 9. (i loved the effects in that movie, and the way people blew up… so funny) ahem – yes i have quite a dark side. Sharlto Copley brought such a wonderful flavour to Murdock, i had been quite worried how anyone could possibly portray Murdock, he’s my second favourite crazy character after River from Firefly (now she’s just bug nuts crazy, and she can kill you with her brain!!!) i had such fun listening to his South African accent and hearing the occasional quip that was so totally local ‘n lekker 🙂 best parts of the movie, Murdock defibrillating an ambulance, and Murdock speaking Swahili (holy shit i spelt that right!!!)

And i haven’t even gotten to the action!! Words fail me, its just pure awesomeness, it’s exactly what the show would look like on the big screen. BIG AND EXPLOSIVE!!!!! AND BIG!  And best of all, i didn’t see any trailers that gave away the climactic battle scenes.

So, i had an awesome evening, which i’d only been waiting for an extra month!!! Yes, for some unknown reason all the awesome July movie releases are only just coming out now in South Africa!!!!! SOMETIMES LIVING HERE TOTALLY SUCKS!!! (it’s only one reason really) so still to come, the Karate Kid, The Last Airbender, Sorcerer’s Apprentice…

So for any of you who want to diss the A-Team, don’t, you’ll meet a mysterious and grizzly fate.

Oh and stay till after the credits!!!!