Jacob and Bella are standing on the top of a mountain, waiting for the coming battle between the pack and the Cullen clan versus Victoria’s newborns. Jacob has finally gotten Bella to admit that she is in love with him. They kiss. In the silence of the cinema someone yells “SKANK”. *ahem* what can I say, the opportunity was too good to miss 🙂

So yes I admit I have a love hate relationship with the Twilight Series. I find the books fluffy, the writing bad and the vampire lore just insulting. Sparkling vampires!? Glittery Vampires!? Dear God, I’m from the generation that grew up on Buffy The Vampire Slayer, this generation will grow up believing that vampires are meant to sparkle. *gags* as I was saying the Twilight books are fluffy, in what it’s about, in that fact that their poorly written, and yet Stephanie Meyer has managed to brainwash the world! MYSELF INCLUDED! In the books practically nothing happens, and then some action happens in the last 40 pages of the book.

Anyway, the movie is just sop. Even the worst romantic comedy is better than this drivel, and yet it is so addictive. But what made watching the movie fun (apart from getting to watch half naked guys for 2 hrs and 4 min) was the running commentary my friend and I kept up during the movie. What’s more fun than dissing what ur watching? 🙂 The movie, nay the series is incredibly corny. At the moment I’m having such fun reading a message board thread on entitled: “Funny things people said in your theatre” go read it, there are some beauties.

P.S. I’m Team Jacob 🙂


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