Tangled, the way it should be

Now as you know, earlier i posted the first official trailer for Disney’s Tangled, the movie that marks the official end of Disney’s production of traditional 2D animated movies. Well it appears i’m not the only one who feels that this movie could have easily have been done in 2D.

so here is the original piece in its 3D glory:

i present this lovely piece by lpdisney:

Now this is what Tangled should look like. If a fan of traditional Disney can pull this off, why on earth couldnt Disney itself?!?!?!?!?!?

check out her deviant art account for more awsome artwork : http://lpdisney.deviantart.com she has an awesome style that is obviously influenced by Disney


Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Preview

 I think this is one of the first official Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows movie posters, and it looks totally epic. Book 7 is one of my favourite Potters, after Azkabam and Goblet of Fire. Actually i like the last 200 pages of the 7th book, most exciting pages EVER. Truthfully, the 7th book is a tad toooo long and a bit too much nothing happening between plot points. But look at this poster, i love the look of Hogwarts, so to see it in ruins is just AWESOME.

ooooooo look at this, i found the proper trailer for it!!! 🙂 Its a trailer for both parts one and two, and by the looks of the scenes used (and my awesome memory of what happens in HP 7) it seems to all be events from the latter half of the book. Hmmmm i wonder where the first movie will end – according to the book???????? Im hoping that they dont spoil the whole movie by putting the whole movie into the trailer! Like they did with Harry Potter 6’s trailer, if you want to see the movie just watch the trailer! *seethes quietly, loathing the 6th movie*

So who’s excited!  This looks good.


Jacob and Bella are standing on the top of a mountain, waiting for the coming battle between the pack and the Cullen clan versus Victoria’s newborns. Jacob has finally gotten Bella to admit that she is in love with him. They kiss. In the silence of the cinema someone yells “SKANK”. *ahem* what can I say, the opportunity was too good to miss 🙂

So yes I admit I have a love hate relationship with the Twilight Series. I find the books fluffy, the writing bad and the vampire lore just insulting. Sparkling vampires!? Glittery Vampires!? Dear God, I’m from the generation that grew up on Buffy The Vampire Slayer, this generation will grow up believing that vampires are meant to sparkle. *gags* as I was saying the Twilight books are fluffy, in what it’s about, in that fact that their poorly written, and yet Stephanie Meyer has managed to brainwash the world! MYSELF INCLUDED! In the books practically nothing happens, and then some action happens in the last 40 pages of the book.

Anyway, the movie is just sop. Even the worst romantic comedy is better than this drivel, and yet it is so addictive. But what made watching the movie fun (apart from getting to watch half naked guys for 2 hrs and 4 min) was the running commentary my friend and I kept up during the movie. What’s more fun than dissing what ur watching? 🙂 The movie, nay the series is incredibly corny. At the moment I’m having such fun reading a message board thread on imdb.com entitled: “Funny things people said in your theatre” go read it, there are some beauties.

P.S. I’m Team Jacob 🙂

Toy Story 3

So I was a bit of a moron this week and arranged to go to movies with friends last night. My sister and I book the tickets online with our credit cards and our friends pay us back. It’s a nice system; we miss the ticket queues and get more time to chat before the movie. Anyway I messed up, I didn’t realise that last night was the 30th of June (I’m on holiday, dates don’t really matter) if I had bothered to pay attention I would have realised that Twilight: Eclipse started last night! Now I have no issue with movies starting, but I try to avoid the opening of the Twilight movies, that’s just plain insanity! The movies were packed! Filled with little Twilighters! (actually I can’t be too mean, I’m going to see it next week.) so there was this ridiculously huge, long queue, which we jumped ahead of because my little posse was going to see Toy Story 3!

Toy Story 3, what I am assuming is the final chapter in the Toy Story franchise, was absolutely AMAZING! I love the beginning of the movie.  Like the second movie, it is our favourite toys acting out their adventures. In the first movie we see Andy playing with them, in the second we see Buzz in action, only to find out its Rex playing a Buzz Lightyear computer game. Well the third movie starts off with a classic train heist spear headed by the evil Mr Potato Head, and culminating in a giant MONKEY BOMB!!!!!! (this won’t make sense until you watch the movie).

 I’d actually like to pay some attention to the MONKEY BOMB. From someone who has worked with a 3D computer package and knows a little about what they can do, I will readily admit that Toy Story 3, like its predecessors pushes their capabilities to the max! With the first Toy Story it was the sheer fact that you could make a full feature length computer animated movie, with the second it was the development of newer and better special effects and rendering and animation techniques. With each movie Pixar learns and develops new ways of using 3D, Toy Story 3 pushed the envelope as well, in the sheer size of their sets, props and backgrounds. I assume you have all watched Wall-E (I love that movie) well Wall-E was amazing because of the sheer size of the junkyards! I had a group of friends who were trying to make a junkyard in Maya (that’s the 3D package we use) it totally killed them having to model all sorts of different shapes and objects to contribute to their junk piles. What I’m trying to say is that the scope of their movie is huge, from the giant Monkey Bomb, to the multitudes of toys at Sunnyside Day Care, to a climactic scene at a junk yard……… but I can’t say more than that, just that it is a thoroughly amazing scene.

I totally loved the new additions to the cast, especially my childhood favourite toys, Barbie and Ken. Complete airheads who are designed to automatically fall in love with each other. Then there’s Big Baby, your classic girls baby doll, but this baby doll is just downright disturbing as it plays the role of the muscle, a cooing baby that’s intimidating, made even more disturbing by having a broken eye. Well this doll made me want to cry throughout the entire movie. I wanted to go home and hug my own baby doll. (yes I still have my first baby doll, her name is Candy and she has a broken finger and I will never ever ever be too old to love her, and need to give her away)

My favourite part in the entire movie is when Buzz gets reset, (you see it in the trailer) and is set to Spanish!!!! Totally the most hysterical thing ever, especially when he tries to woo Jessie. The animation of buzz in that scene is just brilliant! Who knew that a space toy could move so rhythmically and elegantly!  Here’s the trailer, look out for Spanish Buzz.