*GASP* look what finally came out!  I have been watching the worlds worst preview trailer of this movie for months!   I give you Disney’s Tangled,  their first 3D Disney Princess and the official herald of the end of Disney’s traditional 2D animation department. As much as I would love to loathe this movie for the mere fact that it’s not 2D, I can’t help it, this movie looks like fun! It’s the “Disney” version of Rapunzil and it looks really good. If you look at the horse you may notice that he has an uncanny resembalnce to Achilles, the horse in Hunchback of Notre Dame. (I pratically dissected that movie in 1st year animation so I know it very well).



2 thoughts on “Tangled

  1. Man I think this looks great! A few corny catch phrases but so what which movie doesn’t have em. I like that the main character looks like Tulio from The Road to Elderado a little anyway. They translated the classic Disney style of 2d into 3d very well and that Chameleon looks bad ass!!

  2. yes, there’s a definite “classic disney” look which is great, but if they could do it in 3D why not 2D, LAZY!!! i love the chameleon, it looks like its going to be a fun character. i also feel kevin kline would have been a brilliant choice to do the voice of the male lead, considering that so many mannerisms of the male character are like his other characters he has done voices for.

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