YES IM BACK – Prince of Persia review


Actually my exams ended last week and i was just vegging for a bit before i got my ass into gear and started posting again. 🙂

Prince of Persia.

I must admit going into this movie i didn’t have very high hopes. In my mind this was my half way through exam treat.

Prince of Persia was one of this year’s “hype” movies. Like Clash of the Titans and Alice in Wonderland, it was a big budget fantasy extravaganza, and although i enjoyed both Clash and AiW, i was ultimately disappointed in both. PoP looked to be the same, working the public into a frenzy of anticipation and then WHAM clean up at the box office but fail to satisfy the audience. Don’t get me wrong there were plenty of other movies i looked forward to and wasn’t disappointed, but then (other than Iron Man 2) all the others weren’t being as vigorously promoted. Or so i think, here in South Africa one can never be sure, they don’t promote movies here as heavily as they do overseas.

When i was in America 2 years ago The Mummy 3 and the Dark Knight came out while i was there. Now i didn’t spend much time in my hotel room, but whenever i did watch some TV, every single ad break, they would play the trailers for BOTH movies, at the start of the ad break and at the end, and in the middle, MacDonald’s meals, and toys in cereal. It was sensory overload. The worst thing was that when i finally got back home, i had to go through it all over again for another two weeks, because our cinema releases are a few weeks after they open in America, so AGAIN i had to sit through The Mummy 3 and the Dark Knight trailers. Thankfully here in SA movie promotion doesn’t seem to be as big.

Back to Prince of Persia. It’s based on a series of games. Many games, with a very big, hardcore fan base. In fact one of my movie buddies has played some of the games. My opinion on movies based on games: it might fail. Although truthfully the only movies based on a game i have watched (or know to be based on games) were Doom; which was ok; and the Resident Evil movies. I’m not into zombies and gore, but damn i love Resident Evil, it’s so cool. Mila Jovovich is just awesome.

So the PoP trailer sold you on this epic, Persian tale, of action, romance and time-travel, but in recent times the trailer is usually the best part of the movie. Also if you’ve watched the trailer, you’ve pretty much watched the movie! That is not so with PoP. Yes the movie follows the classic storyline, hero is heroic, hero gets framed, hero goes on the run with beautiful but irritatingly wilful princess, hero has object everyone wants, betrayal, sexual tension and skimpy outfits, death, hard core evil killers sent after them, more death, hero saves day and gets the girl. It’s a pretty generic story. But sometimes the most generic story can feel so amazing and exciting and original that you don’t really care that you’ve seen this film or read the book in a billion different ways.

Prince of Persia is fun. It has amazing costumes, props and locations, with some stunning special effects and stunts. If this movie doesn’t make back what was spent to make it, then …… well that won’t happen, it is after all a Disney movie, produced by Jerry Bruckheimer the man that brought us Pirates of the Caribbean.

Now the tricky bit: TimeTravel. I can say i have watched very many “time travel” movies, i’ve watched a lot of time travel in sci-fi TV series and most of the time they are able to pull it off, because they have the space of a season to set it up, and make alterations blah blah. They have more space and “time” to move around in. Movies on the other hand are a bit more squished. Truthfully i can only think of 2 other time travel movies off hand, Nicholas Cage’s Next, and the Tenth Star Trek. Now for any of you who have not seen Next, do yourself a favour, DONT. Its 96 minutes of my life i will never get back. It’s all about a man who can see a minute into the future and how the government wants his help to find and atomic bomb and stop Armageddon. Which he doesn’t want to, he just wants to finally meet the girls of his dreams, who he has foreseen, for months. Well the movie was ok up until…..




He saves the girls, infiltrates the bad guys layer, oh wait we missed something, world ends, and he wakes up, half an hour into the movie again. Basically rewinding everything we have watched from that moment! I might have been able to handle this if he hadn’t walked off into the sunset with the government followed by the credits! SERIOUSLY could you make it any more obvious you want a sequel? Now that is why Time Travel in movies does not work. Because it is expensive and they don’t have enough time.

PoP works because even as you are watching, you forget he has the ability to rewind time, even if it’s only by a minute, you can watch people die and be saved and still feel scared or heart broken when one of them dies. You forget that rewinding time is an option.

The characters are wonderful in this movie. Even the smallest parts have more depth than most movies. Depth or maybe its personality. My favourite character was the weird Sheik Amar. He was played by Alfred Molina which totally shocked me. I sat through the entire movie saying “i know this guy”. He was just such a strange character.

It is interesting to note that on the web that there seem to be two opinions on this movie: you either completely love it and think it’s the best movie ever OR you loath it’s very existence and must rant. A bit like Twilight.


2 thoughts on “YES IM BACK – Prince of Persia review

  1. Oh my word I LOVED this movie! I hadn’t seen a trailer, vaguely knew it was based on game, but I’d never played it or knew anything about it. But my gosh it was fantastic. I don’t like action, and haven’t been a fan of fantasy yet I have no idea what captured me with this film. It was so wonderful and exotic! I loved the story and each scene was just aesthetically so beautiful 🙂 Its actually a movie I could watch again, which is big coming from someone who doesn’t watch movies twice. Basically – loved it!

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