Final Fantasy 13


GASP!!!!!!!!! So last night was Genshiken’s Annual Box event. The Box is this gaming place next to Cavendish, where they have rows of booths with flat screen TV’s hooked up to X box 360’s so people can play the games and not have to buy them, and also, they can play multi-player games. So my friend and I decided to go. We suck at actual gaming, she’s more into puzzle computer games and I need cheat codes so I don’t die and a walk through! But we wanted to play Final Fantasy 13, the latest Final Fantasy games only available for Xbox and Playstation 3.    

IT’S SO PRETTY!!!!!!! *drools a bit* I want this game so badly, it’s so pretty. The resolution is just mind blowing for a game, Playstation 3 is HARDCORE GRAPHICS. I love Final Fantasy, I can’t play it, I only have 2 of the games, but I love collecting the figurines. I have Yuna from 10-2, Yuffie and Kadaj from Advent Children and a little Zidane from…… actually I don’t know, I just know he was one of the earlier games, maybe 6. I aspire to owning at least 3 of 13’s characters. One is the main character Lightening, the other two are Vanilla and Hope, personality wise they’re absolutely useless characters, but they look so pretty!    


 I had such fun playing. We didn’t get very far, only played for 2 hours. We got stuck at this giant crystal engine that had rotating arms and we kept on dying so it was a good time to give up and go home. I left my fellow Genshiken members to play Gears of War 2, which is fascinating to watch, as they are all multi-playing and we got to see the game from 5 different views. Eeew that game is violent, I would often look up to the sound of a chainsaw as it could cut up really weird looking beasties, blood flying everywhere. ick!    



3 thoughts on “Final Fantasy 13

  1. Kyaaa! it was so awesome 😛 and so pretty 😀 and I mastered the ‘sneak’…hehe
    though, next time, I will so be up for trying whatever multi-player killing-spree game is around 😛

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