This is quite ironic coming from me considering I cannot STAND the comic book character. When the first Iron Man movie came out, Tony Stark was on my hit list. He (the comic book character) had just created a Super Hero registration initiative where all the super heroes had to reveal their secret identities to the government, thus causing a rift in the hero community, those who agreed with the law and those who opposed it. Which meant that all the super heroes started fighting each other! Yeah, I didn’t much agree with the idea of superheroes signing up with the government, it’s not right. So I was seriously anti-Iron Man, but because of Robert Downey Jnr I don’t mind the comic character quite as much.

So to the movie. I saw the sequel on Saturday, which ironically enough was also the same day as Free Comic Book Day. How awesome is that? Oh, for those not in the know, FCBD is held on the first Saturday of May every year, and it is a move by the comic publishers to promote comic books to those who otherwise don’t read them. Each publisher produces a special free issue which all the comic stores then offer. Everyone gets to choose a free comic and then shop the comics stores around the world, which hold sales, raffles, costume competitions etc. Its great fun, and promotes comic books to the public while rewarding its followers with sales etc. Unfortunately, this year, because of that bloody volcano in Iceland, the free comics didn’t ship in time, so Readers Den had only a few of the titles and had to offer left over stock from previous years. 😦

Back to Iron Man 2. It was good, it can’t compete with the first, but what sequel can? It was successful in carrying the story forward, and, in showing how the characters have evolved and changed since the last movie, not only introducing new characters. Hey, who was psyched to see Samuel L. Jackson play Nick Fury? Again for those not in the know, there are two versions of Nick Fury in the Marvel Universe, the original bad ass, and then the Ultimate Marvel time line bad ass Nick Fury. The Ultimate comics are like a retcon, a revamp of all Marvel comics but setting them in current times and making them even more hardcore than the originals. So there is Ultimate Spiderman (which is hysterically funny and action packed awesome), Ultimate X-men (dropped after they started doing weird things with the characters), Ultimate Fantastic Four (very well written with awesome artwork), and Ultimate versions of Daredevil, Elektra, Avengers, Thor, Iron Man etc. So in the Ultimate X-men series, Ultimate Nick Fury was based on Samuel L. Jackson. No clue why, but hell he looks cool. So I’m sure you can imagine all the little nerds (myself included) having an absolute field day when watching the little clip after the credits of the first movie.

Classic Nick Fury Ultimate Nick Fury

So the effects in this movie were, yet again, top notch. I also liked that they took the interactive 3D tools that Stark had in the first movie and put them on speed. Who how cool are his toys? I want holographic computers that you can play with :(. Yet again Iron Man is a tightly told story with no meandering, and ideas that are hinted at and yet not expanded upon, which is often a problem with movies based on comics. I just had 2 problems with that movie. 1. Rhodey was not played by Terrance Howard, but was replaced by Don Cheadel. This is because the bastard got greedy and demanded more money and was dropped. I like continuity in who plays my characters. 2. Sam Rockwell is frikken irritating! I know he did it on purpose, he is meant to be a wannabe Stark, but that still doesn’t stop me from wanting to cream him!

So Iron Man 2 is a bad-ass movie go watch.

P.S. stay till after the credits for some comic nerd squealing!


2 thoughts on “Iron Man = AWESOMNESS

  1. I love Robert Downey Jr- he is so hot but in a really quirky way.. my kinda guy! I really loved the Iron man movie.. I still want to watch the sequel though, I like the idea of Scarlet J being in the movie, I think she’s definitely got that superhero vibe going on: she’s totally gorgeous, but not in a flimsy kind of way, and she has spunk…. Robert Downey Jr……. sorry, I got distracted there for a sec 😉

  2. Iron man 2 is an awesome sequel. cant hold a candle to the first but as a sequel goes its very good. robert downey jr is so funny in this one, and as yummy as ever. as a nerd it was a very pleasing movie, but some nerds werent happy with it. i cant remeber why. hey im happy when they make movies based on comic books, i like the x-men movies, unlike some. although i admit i wanted more mutants. robert downey jr…….mmmmmmm yummy thoughts. if they dont make a 3rd ill be shocked and very dissapointed.

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