So I saw Kick-Ass this weekend, and I have to say, that’s one awesomely fucked up movie! Unlike my friends, I went into this movie knowing a bit about it. I make it my business to know what comic series Marvel releases, so I knew vaguely what to expect.
Kick-Ass was one of Marvels imprint series published by Icon. It was released in 2008 and was written by Mark Miller and illustrated by John Romita Jr. Kick-Ass was part of Marvel’s “MAX” line which means it was a PG 18 comic with all the swearing and violence a little comic nerd could dream of, and I don’t do violent titles. No let me rephrase that, I don’t do excessively violent titles, unless the artwork is reeeaaaaalllly pretty, like X-Force. So Kick-Ass was out there on the periphery of my comics reading world, but very occasionally I would come across a blog post with a review and some artwork which I would read. Lemme tell you, if you thought the movie was violent, full of swear words and strangely dark and funny, the comic is even more so!
Kick-Ass is about Dave Lizewski, an ordinary guy who decides he wants to be a superhero! One problem, in Dave’s world there are no super powered people flying about doing heroic deeds. Unfortunately his first foray into the superhero business doesn’t go too well and he ends up in hospital after being severely beaten, stabbed and then hit by a car! But this doesn’t seem to deter Dave, because as soon as he is better he sets out again! (what a moron). Along the way he meets two more heroes, Hit-Girl and Big-Daddy, a crime-fighting father-daughter combo. Unlike Dave though, these two take their job seriously, using violent means to make the world a better place. Well there’s more to it than that but I’m not telling!
I think the most awesome thing about this movie (apart from seeing people donning ridiculous costumes) is Hit-Girl. This kid is awesome, she is a tiny little mini assassin! Best scene in the movie, Hit-Girl taking on a mob-boss’s goons – AND WINNING! This kid is 13 yet she swears like a sailor and completely kicks ass!

Kick-Ass is like a combination of Boondock Saints, The Punisher and a store full of comic nerds!


5 thoughts on “Kick-Ass

  1. Really really really really really desperate to see this movie.
    Saw the trailer and I was like BAM! if I don’t see it this could mean immenent death soon…for some random stranger…beware random strangers? Anyways, if you are comparing to The boondock Saints then it must be amazing. Must see movie. Swearing 13 year old, pish posh, the kids here do it from the craddle.

  2. This movie was COOL! 🙂 Even with all the violence, Hit girl was the best character throughout the whole film. If it wasn’t for her I think the movie would have flopped. No offense. I’d love to read the actual comic now that i’ve seen the movie.

  3. Okay, I will admit… I didn’t like the movie. I absolutely love Boondock Saints and the Punisher. But this was not my cup of tea. It reminded me of Watchmen – like when the guy blows up in Watchmen and you have the arm hanging from the ceiling. And then in Kick Ass, a guy is put into a big microwave, and goes splat! EW!

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