Clash of the Titans

So on Saturday my movie group and I went to go watch Clash of the Titans. And although we enjoyed the movie, we ultimately agreed that this movie is flawed. Now I haven’t watched the original, I started to watch it, and I plan to finish it, but right off the bat when watching the remake I could tell they weren’t going to be religious to the original.

When I was younger I loved Greek mythology, I don’t remember much of it now, but I have a vague sense and am able to sense when something is disregarding the original lore. I knew it with Troy (woof stunning men in that movie, but I could feel that they were taking liberties with the myths), if people had issues with Troy, they’re going to scream in agony with Clash, even the Percy Jackson series is more faithful to Greek mythology than those two movies. Please don’t ask me to identify the story changes, I can’t. Just know that they are there.

Other than the glaring liberties they took with the original movie and the mythology, Clash was a fun movie. I’m so grateful my cinema played it in 2D and 3D; we could see that Clash in 3D would have been a waste of money. Yes I could see where they could have used 3D to their advantage but in total it would have been a waste because a lot of their action scenes are filmed in the hand held camera style, so a lot of the effects and action is lost because the camera is moving so much. And that wouldn’t have translated well into 3D.

I hate the hand held camera technique in action movies. One of the first movies I can remember that heavily adopting this technique was the second Bourne Supremacy movie. Lord, I could barely follow what was happening in that movie, the camera jerked so much, totally put me off the Bourne movies, that and they killed his girlfriend off in the first 15 minutes of the movie, and I liked her!

I’m really getting sick of the whole 3D gimmick, especially since my cinema doesn’t give you a 2D option like some cinemas do. And considering you’re paying an extra R30 to see a 3D movie, when all the latest blockbusters are in 3D, it gets pricey. I have something like 8 pairs of 3D glasses, I don’t see why the cinema’s can’t allow people to bring our own pairs of glasses and let us pay the normal amount. Every time we are paying for a pair of glasses that we don’t necessarily need to buy. This whole 3D thing is not cost effective for the movie goer. Well in South Arica anyway, in other countries watching movies is cheaper, here it’s cheaper just to download the bloody movie than to go see it at the cinemas. I remember a time when I used to pay R26 for a movie! Lord I feel old.

In conclusion, I had a fun day with my friends. Clash of the Titans, is a flawed story totally manipulating Greek mythology to suit the American blockbuster making machine, but when watching, it is a fun awesome action adventure. I’m totally becoming a Sam Worthington fan girl. Plus Liam Neeson as a god is just awesome.


2 thoughts on “Clash of the Titans

  1. That is why it is so useful having a Discovery/Clicks/Edgars clubcards depending on where you’re watching movies. Slashes a fair amount off movies or I know I wouldnt be able to afford half the 3D movies I’ve seen. But you’re right it makes no sense why we cant bring our own glasses in, and have the option of buying when you buy your ticket – it adds so much to the movie price! Its not like they installed special things for us to view the movie (did they…?).

  2. i have no clue, i think they have to have a special projector to do so, otherwise at cavendish there would be multiple 3D movies playing at the same time in different cinema’s, not one specific cinema playing only 3D. maybe i should look into a clicks card, mmmmmmm.

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