So I saw Kick-Ass this weekend, and I have to say, that’s one awesomely fucked up movie! Unlike my friends, I went into this movie knowing a bit about it. I make it my business to know what comic series Marvel releases, so I knew vaguely what to expect.
Kick-Ass was one of Marvels imprint series published by Icon. It was released in 2008 and was written by Mark Miller and illustrated by John Romita Jr. Kick-Ass was part of Marvel’s “MAX” line which means it was a PG 18 comic with all the swearing and violence a little comic nerd could dream of, and I don’t do violent titles. No let me rephrase that, I don’t do excessively violent titles, unless the artwork is reeeaaaaalllly pretty, like X-Force. So Kick-Ass was out there on the periphery of my comics reading world, but very occasionally I would come across a blog post with a review and some artwork which I would read. Lemme tell you, if you thought the movie was violent, full of swear words and strangely dark and funny, the comic is even more so!
Kick-Ass is about Dave Lizewski, an ordinary guy who decides he wants to be a superhero! One problem, in Dave’s world there are no super powered people flying about doing heroic deeds. Unfortunately his first foray into the superhero business doesn’t go too well and he ends up in hospital after being severely beaten, stabbed and then hit by a car! But this doesn’t seem to deter Dave, because as soon as he is better he sets out again! (what a moron). Along the way he meets two more heroes, Hit-Girl and Big-Daddy, a crime-fighting father-daughter combo. Unlike Dave though, these two take their job seriously, using violent means to make the world a better place. Well there’s more to it than that but I’m not telling!
I think the most awesome thing about this movie (apart from seeing people donning ridiculous costumes) is Hit-Girl. This kid is awesome, she is a tiny little mini assassin! Best scene in the movie, Hit-Girl taking on a mob-boss’s goons – AND WINNING! This kid is 13 yet she swears like a sailor and completely kicks ass!

Kick-Ass is like a combination of Boondock Saints, The Punisher and a store full of comic nerds!


Clash of the Titans

So on Saturday my movie group and I went to go watch Clash of the Titans. And although we enjoyed the movie, we ultimately agreed that this movie is flawed. Now I haven’t watched the original, I started to watch it, and I plan to finish it, but right off the bat when watching the remake I could tell they weren’t going to be religious to the original.

When I was younger I loved Greek mythology, I don’t remember much of it now, but I have a vague sense and am able to sense when something is disregarding the original lore. I knew it with Troy (woof stunning men in that movie, but I could feel that they were taking liberties with the myths), if people had issues with Troy, they’re going to scream in agony with Clash, even the Percy Jackson series is more faithful to Greek mythology than those two movies. Please don’t ask me to identify the story changes, I can’t. Just know that they are there.

Other than the glaring liberties they took with the original movie and the mythology, Clash was a fun movie. I’m so grateful my cinema played it in 2D and 3D; we could see that Clash in 3D would have been a waste of money. Yes I could see where they could have used 3D to their advantage but in total it would have been a waste because a lot of their action scenes are filmed in the hand held camera style, so a lot of the effects and action is lost because the camera is moving so much. And that wouldn’t have translated well into 3D.

I hate the hand held camera technique in action movies. One of the first movies I can remember that heavily adopting this technique was the second Bourne Supremacy movie. Lord, I could barely follow what was happening in that movie, the camera jerked so much, totally put me off the Bourne movies, that and they killed his girlfriend off in the first 15 minutes of the movie, and I liked her!

I’m really getting sick of the whole 3D gimmick, especially since my cinema doesn’t give you a 2D option like some cinemas do. And considering you’re paying an extra R30 to see a 3D movie, when all the latest blockbusters are in 3D, it gets pricey. I have something like 8 pairs of 3D glasses, I don’t see why the cinema’s can’t allow people to bring our own pairs of glasses and let us pay the normal amount. Every time we are paying for a pair of glasses that we don’t necessarily need to buy. This whole 3D thing is not cost effective for the movie goer. Well in South Arica anyway, in other countries watching movies is cheaper, here it’s cheaper just to download the bloody movie than to go see it at the cinemas. I remember a time when I used to pay R26 for a movie! Lord I feel old.

In conclusion, I had a fun day with my friends. Clash of the Titans, is a flawed story totally manipulating Greek mythology to suit the American blockbuster making machine, but when watching, it is a fun awesome action adventure. I’m totally becoming a Sam Worthington fan girl. Plus Liam Neeson as a god is just awesome.

Movie Trailers

Some new Last Airbender Trailers have come out! They have more clips from the movie, especially more bending. And yes, before you ask, the one is in Japanese, but look at all the cool clips the Japanese get!

and then there is the trailer shown at the Nickelodeon Kids choice awards, if you watch closely you can see them riding Appa!

So here are a couple of cool trailers for movies coming out this year. Yeh they look awesome, I can’t wait to see them.

Firstly we have the A-Team movie. YES!!!!! I loved the series when I was little, and I love rewatching it now!

Liam Neeson plays Hannibal Smith, wow the similarities are uncanny! And Sharlto Copley plays Howling Mad Murdock. He played Wikus Van De Merwe in District 9, our own local talent now in a huge American blockbuster, so proud.

Next its The Losers. From what I understand it’s based on a comic book 🙂 which I have heard of, but I never followed the series so I don’t know how closely related they are. However, this movie looks frikken awesome, and it has Jeffery Dean Morgan from Supernatural in it (totally in love with him) , Chris Evans from The Fantastic Four and Cellular (who is such a babe) and Zoe Saldana who played Uhuru in the new Star Trek movie.

Also this movie seems to have the same kind of storyline set-up to the A-Team.

Then there is Scott Pilgrim vs. The World, another movies based on a comic book. This guy finds the girls of his dreams, but in order to be together he has to defeat her 7 evil ex’s! This movie looks awesome, almost like a video game.

On the subject of comic book adaptations, I guess I should mention Kick Ass. It’s a series from Marvel’s Max line, which is the really hardcore, bloody, sex, language, really screwed up comics. It’s almost a parody of super hero comics, I’m not entirely sure because I don’t follow this series, but what I do know that the comic is reeeeeaaaaaallllllyyyy bloody. Not my cup of tea. But my friends want to see it, and the movie does look good.

 There’s also Clash of the Titans, it comes out this month I think. ooooo looks so cool.

hmmmmmm Sam Worthington seems to be tha action hero of the moment. The song used in the Trailer is by The used, called The Bird and the Worm. Such a cool song.

And I can’t possibly forget Iron Man 2, which comes out in May. Apparently this is the most looked forward to movie of the year, beating Eclipse and Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 1!

And for the really nerdy among us, Samuel L. Jackson playing Nick Fury. SQUEEEEEEEEEEELL. (Nick Fury is this hard ass who runs S.H.I.E.L.D. When Marvel brought out their Ultimate series’ they based Nick Fury on Samuel L. Jackson, and how epic is it that he will now be playing Nick Fury?) *yes i can tell most of you have no clue what I am saying!*

And last but not least is Tron Legacy. It’s the sequel to the Disney movie Tron (1982). From what I understand this movie was ground breaking in the advancement of CGI and shooting on green screen and such. I want to watch the original before I see the sequel because I want to compare how much technology has advanced.

Well that’s all the movies I’m looking forward to this year. See any you like?

How To Train Your Dragon

So on Wednesday night I finally got to go see How To Train Your Dragon. I’m floored; I seriously don’t know how to properly describe how much I loved this movie.


Now that’s a movie! These weren’t crappy dragons like in Eragon (only reason I watched that movie was for the dragon and I was sorely disappointed with it). Actually, can you think of any movies with dragons in them? There was that one movie 14 or more years ago called ……. Dragonheart? Sean Connery did the voice of the dragon. Erm, there are the dragons in Harry Potter but they don’t have much screen time (the bastards). Oh there’s a dragon in the Merlin series.

Right – back to the How To Train Your Dragon.


*slaps self* (CALM YOURSELF WOMAN). As you can tell, I am still on a high. So the movie starts off with a bang and doesn’t lag at all. Now for some reason I have never associated Vikings with dragons. But it really works well. They have some stunning Viking characters. First there’s Hiccup who is absolutely useless as a Viking but continually tries to slay a dragon and fails, always resulting in some form of destruction to the village. Then there is Stoick his father, who represents everything a Viking, is. This dude is hard core, he fights dragons with his bare hands and wins! Then there is the hysterical one-armed, one-legged blacksmith that Hiccup works for, Gobber. Then there are the other young Viking warriors that Hiccup trains with: Ruffnut and Tuffnut (twins that just don’t get along), Fishlegs (who knows the power ranking of all dragons), Snotlout (your classic cowardly cool guy) and Astrid (his crush). Don’t they have wonderfully ridiculously gross names? And then there are the dragons. Holy Moley aren’t they awesome! There’s the Nightfury (which is super cool, and deadly, and called Toothless), the Deadly Nadder (blue and spiky), the Gronckle (big fat green thingy), the Monstrous Nightmare (a firebreather, sets its body on fire), the Hideous Zippleback (two headed), and the Terrible Terror (the smallest of them all and so cute.)

 The cuteness level of this movie is off the charts, I mean look at this clip:

DAAAAAAAW ITS SOOOOO CUTE!!! (and oddly enough reminds me of my puppy).

The thing that really stands out for me in this movie is the airborne scenes. Now in Avatar they were on the right track on how to show an aerial battle with those alien dragon thingies, but How To Train Your Dragon did it right! They allow the viewer to feel like they’re the one flying Toothless, and if you’ve watched this in 3D it’s even better. That’s another point I wanted to make, like a lot of animated movies at the moment, there is this great need to have it in 3D, and then do nothing with it. How To Train Your Dragon is one of those few exceptions where they use the 3D to their advantage, whereas everyone else use’s it because it’s the new craze. Also, the 3D gives the flight scenes that added depth and dimension.

Ok I am actually struggling to tell you just how awesome this movie is, all I can say is WATCH THE MOVIE!!!! And don’t watch any of the newer trailers, they have spoilers in them. But you can watch this one: