Stitch Trivia

So today How To Train Your Dragon opened in Theaters. I’m dying to see it, cause I have a deep and passionate love for Dragons! AND there is an added plus to this particular movie: Chris Sanders,  creator, writer, director and voice of Stitch is directing this movie!

*SQUEEE* runs around in fan girl heaven, my two favourite passions combined!

So, I have been sitting on this bit of trivia for a while courtesy of :

The dragon Toothless in How To Train Your Dragon was modeled to look similar to Stitch!

See the resemblance?


6 thoughts on “Stitch Trivia

  1. EEEEEeeeeeeeeeK! I LOVE this movie! Been wanting to rant to someone for a long while!!! Toothless is my new favorite animated character! He’s adorable and without even having reading about the movie before waatching it, I could actually point out that he’s the spitting image of Stitch and must have been by the same designers. Love him. They managed to make him look really aggressive when he wants to be (like Stitch) and absolutely adorable at other times. 🙂 very very well done to them! Definitely go watch it!

    • stitch and toothless posses a similair cranial shape and facial features. ok maybe it isnt as obvious in the example i have shown but its really obvious in the movie. When you can see more of Toothless, many of his mannerism’s and facial expressions are incredibly similar to Stitch, more so than the actual looks if i think about it.

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