The Trap Door

This was one of my favourite childhood series. My mothers as well. Looking back at this show I realise just how dark it really is. Talking skeleton heads, evil monsters comming out of a trap door. The set is just stunnig, and the fact  that its stop motion adds to this lovely creepy theme that when you watch it you dont realise just how dark the theme of this series really is.

watch the intro its stunning:


2 thoughts on “The Trap Door

  1. Something about Stop Motion that gets me every time. I wonder if it would have been considered that dark back in its day? If so, why was it aimed at children? Although if i think back, some of the shows I used to watch growing up dealt with some harsh themes like death and whatnot, but not in an obvious way. Oh well, my useless two cents.

    Speaking of old shows, Pirates of Dark Water, there’s a great old show.

    • Eeery one talks about that show, but I have never ever ever watched it! I feel like ive been deprived of something important. Well I also never saw the X-men series when I was a child which I dearly wished to, but then I eventually got into comics so X-men and I were always meant to be together.

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