There is a Japanese version of lilo and stitch! WHY????????? There are already 3 movies and a tv series, why let the Japanese remake it?!?!?


Ok, so I’m not really insulted by it, for one really shallow reason: MORE STITCH! plus the Japanese make merchandise out of anything which means ………. MORE STITCH MERCHANDISE 🙂


Introduction (sounds so formal)

Hello, this is Stitch’s page. No my name isn’t Stitch, when I made this page I was unsure whether I wanted to use my real name or not. I still haven’t decided yet, so for now I’m Stitch. Hi!

The creation of this blog is actually a project for a class in digital media. When we started the class we were asked whether we had a blog. The reason I have never had a blog up until now was because I viewed a blog as I view a diary, something you have to continually maintain. Which for me was a problem because most of the blog/ diary entries I would write, I would pre-plan in my head, and rehearse and rephrase until I realise that the catharsis one would feel when writing down ones thoughts is now gone because I had thought it out in my head and no longer felt the need to write it.

(did that make sense? I hope it made sense)

 So now I have a blog. I’m not new to the world of blogging, I am a veteran internet surfer and therefore I have lurked on many a blog page. Sometimes to find the best pics n previews you need to find a blog :).

The Aim of this blog:

Well that’s the question isn’t it? My interests are vast and varied, and I can’t just choose one because I cannot view myself as an authority on any one topic, just opinionated. So this blog will cover comics, TV series, movies and books all of them sci fi and fantasy. I do not deal with the reality of the world. I prefer living in my own little bubble. I don’t read newspapers ( except for the movie section ) and the only way I stay informed is when my sister tells me the state of the world according to what she read on News24.

My other aim with this blog is to learn how too change the CSS thingy. (yes that sounds very intelligent) I want to be able to create backgrounds and headers and just basically customize my blog. This means I have to learn how to write everything in html. Which will be interesting.

So welcome to my rambling mind!